You’re Going To Love Standard Textile’s Cumulus Duvet Cover

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

If you’ve stayed at some national – and regional – hotels, you’ve probably come across the Cumulus top cover from Standard Textile.

It’s found in multiple Marriott properties like the Fairfield Inn, SpringHill Suites, etc., but also in hotels that you might never have heard of – like the Laurel Point Resort in Gatlinburg, TN, for example.

In other words, the Cumulus cover is really popular! It’s currently on thousands (maybe millions?) of beds across the country.

Hotels love the Cumulus top cover because it never needs ironing (imagine the time it takes to iron hundreds of covers!)

But at home, a top cover can be a bit redundant, particularly if you appreciate the minimalist design that the Cumulus cover brings to your bed. It’s too thin to use in place of a comforter, so you most likely take it off of the top of your bed before going to sleep.

If you like the minimalist look of the Cumulus top cover, and you’d also like to minimize the amount of bedding that goes on top of your bed, you’re going to love the new Cumulus duvet cover sets from Standard Textile!


a Standard Textile Cumulus Duvet cover set in Flint stripe grey color


The Cumulus Duvet Cover Set

The Cumulus duvet sets have the same look and textured feel of the Cumulus top cover, but in duvet cover form. This allows for a one-piece bed cover.

The Cumulus duvet acts as a decorative top cover when the bed is made, but also covers your comforter, so you can use it while you sleep.

The duvet cover has the same hassle-free “no ironing needed” maintenance as the top cover.

These duvet cover sets include the Cumulus duvet, and two matching pillow shams (1 sham for Twin sets). We showed the Flint Grey Stripe option above, but these sets are also available in White, Blush Pink Stripe, and Forever Blue Stripe.

The pillow shams for all 4 sets are solid white.


the different color options available for the Cumulus duvet cover set


What we love about the Cumulus duvet sets

Thousands of hotels nationwide – and internationally (The Cumulus covers are really big in Paris right now) – finish off their hotel beds with a Standard Textile Cumulus top cover.

What makes these so popular?

In my opinion, it comes down to its simplicity and minimalistic design, the peaceful feeling it evokes, the crisp and light texture, and it’s iron-free use.

The duvet cover sets take that up a notch by offering both a usable duvet cover, as well as four color options – allowing you to customize to your preferred color palette.

Let’s take a deeper look…

a folded Cumulus duvet cover highlighting the rippled texture


Minimalist bedding

Standard Textile’s Cumulus duvet speaks to minimalism from two different and separate angles.

From a visual perspective, you have the design itself – simple, clean, crisp. Whether you choose the solid white option or one of the colored and striped options, the appearance is visually minimal – while still being decorative.

From a utilitarian perspective, a duvet cover is a decorative piece, while also covering your comforter – which is an essential piece of bedding.

It’s not a purely decorative top cover that needs to be removed from the bed every night.


The tranquility it evokes

There is a certain peaceful and calming effect that the cloud-like appearance evokes.

The “cloudscape” rippled texture works like ASMR for the eyes. It’s visually soothing and calming – which is precisely what you’d want from your bedding.

the Cumulus duvet cover draped over the edge of a bed

A Zen bedroom relaxes you the moment you walk in. The lack of clutter, minimal accents, and soothing colors are all carefully coordinated to make you calm and relaxed.

This is why it’s so easy to drift off into a deep sleep in a hotel bed.

Hotel bedrooms are carefully crafted and curated using specific colors and designs to achieve the “zen” goal. Which explains why the Cumulus duvet covers are so popular in American and European hotels.


The versatility of the design

The simplicity of the Cumulus design also makes it super versatile. It’s cozy, yet chic.

It looks perfectly natural in either a beach house or a farmhouse bed. At the same time, it would also fit seamlessly into chic and modern bedroom decor – especially the Flint Grey Stripe version.

a bedroom featuring the Standard Textile Cumulus duvet cover

The color options just add to that versatility.

Solid white is a classic and can blend in almost anywhere, but some settings require a pop of color. The grey, blue, and pink provide the pop that certain decorative styles call for.


The weight of the cover

Your comforter already has a bit of weight to it. Most modern duvet covers add another handful of pounds to that equation.

Those extra pounds add up, and fairly soon you’re struggling to pull up the covers throughout the night. The fluffy and light texture of this cover means no struggling in bed.


No ironing needed

Cotton duvet covers (or top covers) need to be ironed after being washed – unless you prefer a wrinkled bed (or settle for it).

The seersucker Cumulus effect on the fabric hides wrinkling. This duvet cover can go straight from the dryer to your bed.

a closeup image of the Cumulus duvet cover's rippled texture

Wrinkles are welcomed on this duvet cover as they just heighten the puckering effect.

The visual appeal of the rippled texture comes from the shadows created from the low and high points. Wrinkles play beautifully into that dynamic.


Bonus – The pillow shams are included

With the Cumulus top cover, the pillow shams are sold separately if/when they are in stock.┬áThe duvet cover set includes pillow shams in the package – always a welcomed bonus!

a pair of Standard Textile Cumulus pillow shams


Activation needed

When you receive the Cumulus duvet cover from Standard Textile, it will appear as though it is regular cotton fabric. You won’t initially see the seersucker texture – but don’t worry.

In order for the cloud-like effect to come out, you’re going to have to wash and dry the cover first. Directions go like this:

  1. Wash the cover (and pillow shams) using your machine’s hottest water setting using your preferred detergent.
  2. Tumble dry on your dryer’s highest heat setting.

Depending on your washer and dryer’s heat setting, it might take two washes to activate the Cumulus texture. If the first wash and dry cycle don’t get the job done, run a second cycle.

For regular maintenance, wash using warm water, and tumble dry using low to medium heat. Use non-chlorine bleach (and only as needed).

Just for clarity, this is what the fabric will look like initially. It will appear to be regular fabric, but with weird indentations. Don’t worry, the magic happens during the wash and dry!

a Cumulus duvet cover before being wash-activated

Details and specs

The Cumulus duvet cover sets are 96% cotton and 4% polyester. They are machine washable and dryable.

Duvet covers feature button closure, and duvet ties in all four corners. Pillow shams feature a 2″ hem, and envelope closure.

Sizes available are:

  • Twin/Twin XL – 64″ x 90″
  • Full/Queen – 93″ x 90″
  • King/Cal King – 106″ x 90″


Want a discount?

If you’d like a 15% discount on your first order, scroll to the bottom of this page, and enter your email address. Standard Textile will send you a 15% off coupon code!


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