What Can I Use Instead Of A Bedskirt?

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

The weak link of any fashionable bed is usually the bedskirt.

They always look ruffled and sloppy. They’re nice when you first take them out of the package. But after a few washes, they never look straight or sit flush.

They might get the job done, but the flimsy appearance makes your bed look so cheap.

You can put a lot of time and effort into crafting a beautiful bed, but it just takes one wrinkled bedskirt to screw it all up. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

And the only thing worse than an ugly bedskirt is an exposed box spring. So what can we do about this?


a messy and wrinkled bedskirt on a bed

Well, have you ever noticed that hotels don’t use bed skirts? Motels might, but a nice hotel bed will never have a bedskirt. The bed is the centerpiece of any nice hotel room – so why mess it up with a sloppy-looking bedskirt?

Sometimes you just have to use what the hotels use.


What Hotels Use Instead Of A Bedskirt

When in doubt, use what the hotels use, right?

As a general rule of thumb, it works to copy what hotels do. They have access to the best products, as well as the best designers. So, hotels are usually ahead of the curve when it comes to bedding trends and innovations.

And while hotels don’t use bed skirts, you also can’t see the box spring. It’s never exposed. It’s because they use the Circa Wrap from Standard Textile. You can also get it on Standard Textile’s website as well.

a bed featuring a wrap style bedskirt


A Circa Wrap is basically a bedskirt – except it’s not. Not in a conventional way. It has a sturdy fabric, with bamboo slats inside, so, it’s not flimsy. It stands straight, with no wrinkles or ruffles.

So it molds to your box spring, almost like how carpeting is installed onto the steps of a staircase. Everything looks, clean and tight – a tailored look. And the installation is fairly easy too.

It unrolls and then wraps around the box spring, giving the appearance of a platform bed frame. Then you adjust it to fit with the straps and buckles.

So, it acts like a bedskirt, and it has an elegant and tailored look, but it’s not a bedskirt – it’s a wrap.


a Circa Wrap in graphite grey color


The Circa Wrap is polyester, so it has a no-wrinkle finish, with bamboo slats inside to maintain the tailored look. The bamboo slats are thin, kind of like a placemat. So it maintains a thin and lightweight appearance.

It accommodates heights of 14″ to 16″. It’s adjustable – you just tuck the extra fabric inside between your mattress and the box spring. And best of all, you don’t need to lift your mattress off to install it.

That said, let’s discuss installation…


How To Install A Circa Bed Wrap

Installing a Circa Bed Wrap is a bit different than a traditional bedskirt. But it’s definitely easy, and will only take a few minutes. No tools, pins, or velcro straps are needed.

You also don’t need to remove your mattress like you normally do with a traditional bedskirt. There’s no center platform. The video below shows the wrap being installed with the mattress removed.

You don’t actually need to remove your mattress – but you may have to lift at the corners. That being said, let’s get to the instructions…

First, unroll, and wrap it around your box spring. Then, buckle the straps at the head of the bed. Next, if you have any excess fabric, fold it over onto the box spring.

Then, buckle the corner straps, and adjust the main straps for a tight finish. That’s it, you’re done!

short gif video showing how to install a Circa bedskirt wrap


Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s get your questions answered…


Can I wash a Circa Wrap?

No, this is spot clean only.


Do I need to iron it?

No need to iron. Since you don’t wash it, it doesn’t wrinkle. And the bamboo slats inside keep the fabric taught and straight.


Is the fabric smooth or textured?

This is a textured type of fabric. It has a variegated or heathered appearance. Look at the closeups below for reference…


What colors are available?

The Circa Wrap is currently available in Black, Graphite, Haze, Ivory, Rice Paper, Smokey Quartz, Sea, and White.


color swatches for Circa bed wrap


What sizes are available?

Currently, the Circa Wrap is available in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King sizes.

But you might need another size, like a Twin XL for example. If so, it’s important to remember that this is a wrap. The size that you order affects the overall length, not necessarily what size of mattress you have.

A King-sized wrap will work the same on a Queen, a Full, etc. So, if you don’t see your size listed, just order a larger size, and then just cut it to fit. Or fold it onto itself on the side of the bed facing the wall.


Will this work on an adjustable bed?

If the box spring stays flat, yes, this will work. If your box spring adjusts, then no, it will not work.


Will this work on a platform bed?

Yes, the Circa Wrap works on platform beds.


Does the wrap touch the floor?

It can if you want it to. Or you can raise it off of the floor to your preferred height.

The standard box spring height is 9″. The bed frame and caster wheels add another 3″ to 5″. So the average length from the floor to the top of the box spring is 12″ to 14″.  The Circa Wrap will fit lengths of 12″ to 16″.

So, as long as your floor-to-box spring length is 16″ or less, you can make it fit however you’d like.


Will I need safety pins to hold it in place?

The fabric gets folded over on top of the box spring and is held in place by the weight of the mattress. So, generally, it doesn’t move. But, if you anticipate having a lot of movement or “action” on your bed, a safety pin or two will certainly keep it from moving.



Can I still vacuum underneath the bed?

Yes, you can still vacuum underneath. 

The Circa Wrap is sturdy, but not stiff. It will move as you slide the vacuum underneath the bed. You might have to adjust slightly afterward, but it will work.

You won’t have to take it off and reinstall it every time.

Who makes the Circa Wrap?

Standard Textile makes the Circa Wrap.

They also manufacture many other products for hotels like sheets, pillows, towels, etc.

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