Where to Find the Cumulus Top Cover From Standard Textile

Last Updated on May 6, 2022


If you’ve stayed at popular hotels or motels like Sheraton, Courtyard, Marriott, Best Western, etc., you’ve probably come across the Cumulus top cover manufactured by Standard Textile.


And if you’re reading this, you’re probably trying to find out where you can buy one. (You’re in luck, I do have two locations for you).

Cumulus top covers used to be available for sale on sites like Amazon, eBay, etc. However; in 2017, Standard Textile stopped selling to Amazon/eBay sellers.

As their products aren’t labeled for re-sale, they have also asked 3rd party bedding websites to stop selling their products in single quantities – they want their products used strictly for commercial applications.

In other words, while you’ll find Standard Textile products for sale on various websites, you’ll have to buy them in case packs (bulk order). For a Cumulus top cover, that means buying 24 of them at a time. Who needs 24 top covers?

With that in mind, here are two places to check if you’re trying to buy a Cumulus top cover:


1.) Standard Textile’s store on Amazon

You won’t find the Cumulus top cover offered in their store year round. This store is strictly for overstocked or discontinued products. You might find one this month, and not again for the next six months (or ever). Click on the blue link to find out what they currently have in stock.

It’s worth checking however, because you just might get lucky. If they don’t have it in stock, #2 on this list will…

2.) The Shop Courtyard store

You might pay a few more dollars at the Shop Courtyard store, but they definitely carry it year-round!

Courtyard by Marriott is one of the hotels that features the Cumulus top cover. Standard Textile manufactures the Cumulus top cover for Courtyard, but these covers are produced with Courtyard labels. The cover itself is identical – just with Courtyard markings. They call it the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel Rippled Coverlet



You probably didn’t find these before because doing a Google search for “Standard Textile” or “Cumulus top cover” won’t return these as a result. But, they are the same cover, with the same rippled texture – just a different name.



The one convenient thing about purchasing from the Shop Courtyard store on Amazon is that they also carry the matching shams (in Standard, Queen, and King). You won’t find these anywhere else; they’re exclusive to Courtyard.


That’s it – that’s the list.

If you find these anywhere else currently, and they’re new, you’ll have to purchase them in case packs of 24. And if you find them in single quantities on eBay – chances are, they’ve been used. If the cover in the picture shows a rippled texture – it’s definitely been washed.

Which reminds me…

If you are able to find one, keep in mind – these coverlets are wash activated. When you receive it, it will look like a plain wrinkled flat sheet (that’s how you’ll know you’re getting a brand new cover).

Don’t worry, you did receive the correct item. I can’t tell you how many times these covers were returned to me by customers thinking they received just a plain flat sheet!

Washing the cover using your hottest water temperature setting will activate the rippled texture.


What makes the Cumulus top cover so great?

When I had these for sale in my eBay store, they were one of my top sellers overall, and my best-selling product from Standard Textile. I couldn’t order fresh inventory fast enough!

Standard Textile offers these top covers in Full, Queen, and King – and oddly enough, the Full size sold just as frequently as the Queen and King.


They’re light

Cumulus top covers are essentially a heavy flat sheet. If you use them strictly as a decorative top cover, they’re a breeze to take off, or put back on.

If you use them more as a bedspread, they’re great for lightweight warmth during the summer months, or for warmer climates.

Many hotels in warmer climates use these as a substitute for blankets. The fabric itself is very light, and breathes – keeping you cool.

Unlike traditional bedspreads, Cumulus covers don’t have any down or polyester fill. The rippled texture provides the cover with a built-in mechanism to keep you warm.


They’re easy to wash and dry

The lack of filling makes these covers easy to wash, and quick to dry. Down can leak out, polyester batting tends to clump or after repeated washings. With no fill material to worry about, these covers offer maintenance-free use.


They’re soft

Go ahead and use these in place of a bedspread – they’re actually soft. They’re made using Standard Textile’s Centium Core technology.

Centium Core uses a blend of polyester and cotton. This produces fabric that is both durable, and soft. You won’t find the thread count listed, but they are equivalent to a 300 thread count sheet.


They’re bright

These covers are pure snow-white in color. If your room needs a splash of cool, it’s just perfect.



The interplay between the rippled texture, and the shadows that they create turns a plain white coverlet into so much more.


They’re stylish

Nothing says contemporary quite like a clean white bed. This cover pairs perfectly with grey and black tones, but the rippled texture gives it the versatility to handle other flashy colors like purple, aqua, etc.

To complete the look, I would recommend pure white sheets as well.


They’re durable

These covers are made for hospitality use. In other words, they’re made to withstand 300 wash cycles without tearing, or significant signs of wear.

Even with a weekly or bi-weekly washing, these covers should last anywhere from 6 to 12 years. Compare that with retail offerings that usually last for less than 5 years.


They’re unique

If you’ve gone shopping at your local department store, you probably haven’t seen too many bed sets offered with a rippled or puckered appearance.

And I can personally guarantee you that you won’t find these Cumulus top covers for sale at your local Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s. Which means that your bed will be super unique.

You won’t find this cover on your best friend’s bed!


They take up minimal room

These covers take up as much room in your closet as a standard flat sheet. Which means that you could presumably fit 5 of these top covers for every traditional coverlet or bedspread. Real estate in a closet is a precious thing – why not conserve as much as you can!


Final thoughts

Hopefully after reading this, you’ll able to find your Cumulus top cover – either in the Standard Textile store, or the Shop Courtyard. While you’re there, don’t forget about the pillow shams. They make the perfect addition.

Either way, I’m sure you’ll love your purchase, and enjoy it for years to come!

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