We Tried the CBD Pillow And It’s Surprisingly Effective!

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

Could a CBD pillow be the answer?

CBD products have really become a staple in the health and beauty category. The stigma surrounding CBD is no longer what it once was.

Most people today are comfortable with CBD – and for good reason. There are a lot of innovative products available, as well as research to back them up.

Is sleep anxiety an issue for you? Do you find it hard to fall asleep – or maybe even stay asleep? CBD could solve your problem!

If anxiety keeps you up at night, or if it prevents you from enjoying a full night of sleep, you should try the CBD pillow.


The CBD Pillow, which features a pillowcase infused with CBD.


If you love your current pillow, you can also just purchase the pillowcase by itself. That’s where all of the CBD is anyway.  You don’t notice when or how – but a relaxing feeling just starts to waft through your mind.

As the relaxing sensation does its magic, it gets harder and harder to focus on stress and anxiety – which really is a beautiful thing!

Before we get more in-depth about the CBD pillow, let’s quickly discuss what CBD is. Then we’ll take a deeper look at the pillow, and discuss why CBD it’s so effective at treating sleep anxiety.



What exactly is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a major compound and component of the cannabis plant.

Cannabinoids (cannabis compounds) can interact easily with your body’s endocannabinoid system, which is composed of signaling molecules.


an infographic showing the CBD molecule


These molecules alert cells throughout the body of changing conditions or states. This helps your system to maintain an ongoing state of homeostasis or overall stable balance.

Since CBD does not have psychoactive properties, it does not create a “high” or feelings of euphoria like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) does. CBD provides varied health aids, such as pain relief, reduction of seizures, and sleep improvement.

The use of CBD for sleep anxiety is currently a frequently recommended treatment. Knowing that using CBD when you can’t sleep is safe and effective brings welcomed feelings of relief from anxiety.



What Causes Insomnia or Poor Sleep Habits?

As a widespread sleep disorder today, insomnia can cause difficulty in falling asleep. It can also cause interrupted or light sleep and in some cases, sleepless nights.

Individuals with insomnia frequently sleep restlessly and awaken feeling tired with prolonged low energy levels and moods.

While some people experience short periods of insomnia due to excessive demands and stress in their lives, others may deal with ongoing, long-term, or chronic insomnia.


a woman with sleep anxiety


Whether this is a primary health condition or due to another medical issue, it can cause major problems in daily life. The use of CBD when you can’t sleep can bring reliable, healthy relief.

Common causes of insomnia and restless sleep include the following:

  • Stressful events, traumatic incidents, or a hectic lifestyle
  • Frequent international travel causing jet lag or light sleeping cycles
  • Irregular working shifts that require changes in sleeping hours
  • Uncomfortable or noisy sleep environments
  • Full meals eaten right before bedtime
  • Ongoing anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), chronic pain and respiratory illness or disorders
  • Excessive use of caffeine, alcohol, or nicotine



Back To The CBD Pillow

We know what CBD is, and what causes sleep anxiety. Now let’s put the two together.

The CBD pillow itself is a blend of shredded memory foam and plush microfiber. You might enjoy the pillow, you might not. Either way, it’s a moot point, because all of the action happens in the pillowcase.

As we mentioned earlier, if memory foam isn’t really your thing, that’s totally fine – you don’t need the entire pillow – just the pillowcase. The pillow itself contains no CBD.


The CBD Pillow's CBD-infused pillowcase



How it works

The removable pillow case is embedded with millions of CBD capsules – which contain an average of 150 mg of CBD. The CBD in these capsules is released from heat and friction, which you then absorb through your skin and hair follicles.

Regardless of your sleep position, the CBD pillow will work for you. Since the CBD is absorbed by the skin, and not through your breath – it doesn’t matter whether you’re facing the pillow or not.

Over time, the CBD gradually wears out – about 3-6 months depending on your movement while you sleep.

Once the CBD wears out, you just simply replace the pillowcase with a new one.



Can you wash it?

Yes, you can.

Because CBD is heat-activated, you’ll need to wash it in cold water and let it air dry afterward.

a freshly washed pillow being air dried outside



Wait. Is this pillow legal?

Yes, the CBD Pillow (and the pillowcase) are legal in all 50 states. The Farm Bill in 2018 made hemp-derived CBD legal across the country.



Can I get some more pillow specs?

The pillow is actually quite comfortable.

It measures 30″ x 20″ x 5″, and has a zippered rayon cover and the pillow is customizable to your preferences – you can take out as much fill as you’d like. 

The fill is a blend of shredded memory foam and microfiber.


a cross section showing the inside of the CBD Pillow



The Effectiveness of CBD as a Sleep Aid

Results of the following clinical studies by experts have shown that cannabidiol can be an effective and reliable sleep aid for individuals with insomnia or poor sleep due to different causes:

National Institutes of Health (NIH) –  Research study results published by the NIH in 2019 proved that CBD can be effective for improving sleep as well as reducing anxiety. In a group of 72 subjects, 47 had symptoms of anxiety and 25 complained of poor sleep.

All subjects ingested 25 milligrams (mg.) of CBD daily as a capsule. Within less than one month, 79.2 percent of these study participants experienced lower levels of anxiety. At the same time, 66.7 percent had improved sleep.


Frontiers in Pharmacology – Research results published in this medical journal in 2018 revealed evidence that CBD does soothe and alleviate bodily pain. This study also concluded that by aiding in the reduction of chronic pain, CBD promotes better sleep.


a couple sleeping peacefully on the CBD Pillow


Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics – Research findings published in this clinical journal in 2014 noted that cannabidiol helped control symptoms of the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep behavior disorder RBD.

Individuals with this disorder often enact segments of their dreams, experience nightmares and have poor sleep patterns.


Current Neuropharmacology – Research discoveries reported in this clinical journal in 2014 showed that CBD may reduce grogginess, a common daytime symptom of insomnia, and promote wakefulness during the day.

This encourages better nighttime sleep and is another example of the successful use of CBD for sleep anxiety.



Forms and Recommended Dosages of CBD for Use as a Sleep Aid

There are different methods of using CBD for sleep anxiety and to promote better sleep patterns. It is currently available in several other forms, including vape concentrates, pills or capsules, oils/tinctures, or gummies and other edibles.

CBD oil is produced when cannabis is infused in a carrier oil. A CBD tincture is formed by soaking cannabis in a mixture of alcohol and water.


a vial of cbd oil


Most experts agree that CBD is absorbed into your system the most rapidly when using the vaping method. However, vaping may result in respiratory issues for some users.

The CBD pillow is a great alternative for people who don’t want to vape, and/or don’t want to bother rubbing oil or ingesting pills.

It’s a very low-maintenance CBD method!



How much CBD do I need?

The majority of clinical studies of CBD use and sleep have been based on dosages of 25 mg to 1,500 mg per day. As mentioned above, the CBD capsules in this pillowcase contain 150 mg of CBD

Keep in mind that when using CBD for the treatment of anxiety and sleep problems, you may not notice any significant change during the first few uses.

If you’re a first-time user, it might take your body up to 2 weeks to build-up to the CBD.

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