Keep A Fitted Sheet Snug On An Adjustable Bed

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

Do you struggle with keeping a fitted sheet on your sleep number bed?

Fitted sheets haven’t changed much since they were invented. And back then, they weren’t designed with adjustable beds in mind. They didn’t even exist yet, so there was no need.

But it’s a problem that anyone with an adjustable bed faces.

Fitted sheets don’t mold very well to adjustable beds. If you can even get the sheet to stay on at the head or foot of the bed, the sides still come off where the mattress bends. And you’re usually stuck fixing the sheet every morning.

When you look at an ad for an adjustable bed, they never mention this, do they?

You just see a picture of a happy couple on their now-adjusted bed, with a fitted sheet in place. But they don’t tell you they had to keep the fitted sheet in place using safety pins, or something similar.

You don’t find out until you get the bed home and actually sleep on it. Then it all unravels – literally!


How To Keep A Fitted Sheet On An Adjustable Bed

The problem with most fitted sheet fasteners is that they attack the corners. But the edges of an adjustable bed are where the problem is. That’s where the tension causes the problem! So any solution would have to keep the fitted sheet snug along the edges, where the mattress bends.

The best solution for this problem that we have found, is the Bed Scrunchie Sheet Holder.

a bed scrunchie package on display


Unlike other fitted sheet fasteners, the Bed Scrunchie works for adjustable beds, because the straps go along the mattress, and then underneath. So you get coverage all around.

Most of the work is done before you put the sheet onto the mattress, and there isn’t much lifting involved. It’s easy to install and remove – so it’s effective and simple.

Pro tip: For an extra-tight fit, add a few more clips to the Scrunchie. They snap on and off with a button, so you can add as many more as needed.

a Bed Scrunchie clip



How To Use The Bed Scrunchie

The Bed Scrunchie installation is pretty easy and quick.

And once you get the basics down, it won’t take more than a minute to two to place your fitted sheet onto your adjustable bed. Just make sure to do the first step before you cover your bed with the fitted sheet.

There are 3 basic steps.


video showing fitted sheet going on a mattress



Step 1:

First, place your fitted sheet on top of your bed, with the elastic side facing you. The Bed Scrunchie has 8 clips. Place the clips onto the elastic, evenly around the sheet.

a women placing bed scrunchie clips on to a fitted sheet


Step 2:

At this point, the Bed Scrunchie will be hanging from the elastic band of the fitted sheet. So, place the sheet over your mattress like you normally do.

a woman placing a fitted sheet onto a mattress with Bed Scrunchie attached


Step 3:

Finally, pull the Bed Scrunchie’s draw-cord to tighten.

a woman pulling the drawstring of a Bed Scrunchie

That’s it – that’s the installation!

The Bed Scrunchie works so well because you have 360° clip-coverage all around the mattress. The clips distribute evenly throughout the fitted sheet and don’t focus just on the corners.

The drawstring tightens the sheet against the mattress – again, not just on the corners, but all around the mattress. So your fitted sheet stays snug, even as your mattress bends.

And best of all, you don’t have to lift or remove your mattress. You just place your fitted sheet on your mattress like you normally do.


an infographic highlighting how a Bed Scrunchie works


How To Remove The Bed Scrunchie

Removing the Bed Scrunchie is easy – just go in reverse.

First, holding the black tab of the drawstring, move the white button inside towards you. This will release the tension, and you can then move the black tab forward.

Once the tension is released, just undo all of the clips. Again, this is easier done once the sheet is off of the bed.

the drawstring tab of a Bed Scrunchie


Frequently Asked Questions

If we don’t cover your questions here, feel free to send us a message!


Can I leave the Bed Scrunchie on when I wash my sheet?

No, you should definitely remove the Bed Scrunchie. The elastic inside of it doesn’t handle heat too well and will get damaged from being washed.

Do I need to lift my mattress to install the Bed Scrunchie?

No, you don’t.

The Bed Scrunchie doesn’t go underneath the mattress cross-wise. So, you don’t need to lift any more than you normally would.


Will the clips damage my sheet?

The clips go on the elastic that goes around the bottom of the fitted sheet. The elastic is soft and stretchy, so the clips won’t damage your sheet at all.

hands around the elastic portion of a Bed Scrunchie



Can I use this on a mattress pad?

Mattress pads also have a hard time staying on an adjustable bed. Yes, a Bed Scrunchie will work just as well with a mattress pad. If you don’t already one, we suggest a mattress pad with anchor bands.

They work much better with an adjustable mattress.


Can I use this with a flat sheet?

The clips don’t grip the fabric as well as they do with the elastic around the fitted sheet. So this will work with a flat sheet, but not as well.


Can I use more than one Bed Scrunchie at a time?

Yes, you can use more than one, for full coverage all around the mattress. Or maybe a separate Bed Scrunchie for your mattress pad.


The Problem With Sheet Fasteners

The problem with traditional fitted sheet fasteners is two-fold:

1.) They go underneath the mattress.

2.) They only go around the corners.

bedsheet fasteners on a fitted sheet running under the mattress

And they definitely work well with normal beds. But they fail miserably with an adjustable bed.

The bends and angles of a Sleep Number bed, for example, create too much tension for these fasteners to handle. And they usually only have 4 clips, so there just aren’t enough pressure points.

You definitely need tension around the sides, where the bends are. The installation can also be a chore.

Most fitted sheet fastener systems require you to lift the mattress – which isn’t easy to do for most people. Lifting a mattress once might be doable, but if you wash your sheets weekly, then it’s just not as realistic

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