Where To Buy The Sheets From Marriott Hotels

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

When you stay at a Marriott hotel, the sheets on the bed stand out.

Whether it’s a regular Marriott hotel, or an upgraded JW Marriott location, the sheets in a Mariott hotel are always special. Marriott hotel beds seem to have a “signature” sheet set.

They’re soft, with a silky hand feel, but with an oddly satisfying crisp texture. And they have a sheen to them that your dull sheets at home don’t.

a bed in a Marriott hotel room

So, what is their secret? And, how can you get these same sheets for your bed at home?

Let’s answer those questions!


Where To Buy The Sheets From Marriott Hotels

Let’s look at the two places where you can buy Marriott sheets for yourself.

The sheets that you will find at Mariott hotels are the Centium Satin sheets made by a company called Standard Textile. For a full review, you can read more about Centium Satin sheets here.

You won’t find these sheets for sale in retail stores, but there are two places online where you can actually buy them!


The Standard Textile Store on Amazon

Centium Satin sheets are available on Amazon. They are available in Standard Textile’s Amazon store.


Standard Textile’s Website

You can also find Centium Satin sheets on Standard Textile’s website.

If you choose this option, look for the 15% off link. It’s usually in the bottom left-hand corner of the page and gives you a coupon code for 15% if you sign up for their email newsletter.




Why Do Marriott Hotels Use Centium Satin Sheets?

Marriott hotels are upscale hotels – especially the JW Marriott locations. So why are they choosing the Centium Satin sheets from Standard Textile?

There are a couple of reasons actually. In order for a sheet set to satisfy both the hotel (which is a business) and the customer (who is looking for a luxury experience), the sheets have to satisfy a few criteria, such as:

  • Quality
  • Feel
  • Performance
  • Durability

And those four aspects come from the materials and the weave that are used to make Centium Satin sheets.


The Cotton & Polyester Blend

We’ve come to expect that the best quality sheets are 100% cotton. We’ve been told that 100% cotton feels better, breathes better, etc.

But this is a myth, it’s just not true. Yes, 100% cotton sheets can be very nice. But they’re not the best. And polyester on its own is definitely a bad material choice. Polyester doesn’t breathe well. Polyester is definitely smooth, but it’s not “soft”.

But something magical happens when you blend cotton and polyester together. In the right ratios, a cotton/poly blend sheet combines the softness of cotton, with the smoothness, shine, and durability of polyester.

This is why Centium Satin sheets are a blend of 65% ring-spun combed cotton and 35% microfilament polyester.


The Centium Weave

The materials are half of the equation. The weave is the other half. And, if woven correctly, a cotton/poly blend actually breathes better than 100% cotton.

Centium Satin sheets aren’t the only cotton/poly blend sheets that you can find. A cotton/poly blend is also known as “cotton rich”. If you search online for “cotton rich”, you’ll find a handful of different options.

The difference, however, is in the weave. Cotton-rich sheets use threads that are cotton wrapped around polyester. Which doesn’t increase breathability.

Centium Satin sheets use threads that aren’t blended. The cotton threads go in one direction, while the polyester threads are woven through them, crosswise. This type of weave creates pockets that allow the fabric to breathe better than 100% cotton.

Do you struggle with a hot or muggy bed?

Do you need a cool environment so you can comfortably fall asleep? If your current sheets make you feel sticky or hot, then you probably slept like a baby in the bed of your Marriott hotel room.


Basic Information

Standard Textile’s Centium Satin sheets are a 65% cotton and 35% polyester blend. They have a 300-thread count. Sets include 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 standard pillowcases (1 for Twin/Twin XL). The fitted sheet fits mattresses up to 14″ deep.

They are currently available in 4 different colors: Flint Gray, Mist, Navy, and White.

As far as maintenance goes, you can machine wash and dry, using hot or warm water. But these sheets contain polyester, and bleach destroys polyester.

So, no bleach, or detergents that contain bleach. Heat is also not good for polyester, so dry on the lowest heat setting. If you maintain them properly, Centium Satin sheets should last a very long time.

What is a long time?

Centium satin sheets are rated for 300 wash cycles – which means 300 washes before they shred or tear. Assuming a weekly wash, they should last for up to 6 years!


Which Pillows Do They Use At The Marriott?

Did you also like the pillows at the Marriott hotel? Marriott hotel rooms usually have two varieties of pillows Рa down and feather pillow, and a down alternative option.

So, if you liked the down & feather pillows, those are Chamber pillows from Downlite. You can buy these pillows from our store as well.


A Chamber pillow from Downlite brand.


On the other hand, if you liked the down alternative version, those are the Enviroloft pillows from Downlite. We have these pillows in our store as well.


The Marriott Effect

So are these sheets actually nice, or did you just experience the Marriott effect? Did the sheets just feel nice because you were on vacation? Since you were away from the daily stresses of life, did these Centium Satin sheets just feel better than those that you have at home?

Or maybe they felt so nice because they were clean and fresh?

That might have had something to do with it.

Marriott hotels are fairly luxurious. They have a special way of making you forget about all of the clutter in your mind. They have a way of heightening your senses. You tend to notice how crisp or smooth a sheet is, much more so than you would on a random night at home.

You might notice how the sheets are soft, and smooth, whereas your cotton sheets at home feel rough and bumpy.

But then again, maybe they were as good as you remember.

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  1. Can I purchase sheets like these for twin adjustable XL adjustable mattresses that join under a king sized bed?

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