Where to Buy the Rippled Coverlets Found in Marriott Hotel Rooms

If you’ve stayed in a Courtyard by Marriott hotel room, chances are that you’ve probably come across the Rippled Coverlet featured on many of their beds – especially in warmer climate hotels.

Many people fall in love with the elegance and simplicity of these covers. The clean snow-white hue lends itself to classic interiors, but contemporary bedrooms as well.


If you’re reading this, you’re probably trying to figure out if you can buy one for yourself – you’re in luck, I do have a location for you!

You won’t find these coverlets in any retail store. You can’t walk into a Macy’s department store and pick one up off of the shelf. You’ll have to shop online for it.

Fortunately, that’s very easy to do, and they’re available year-round.



The Shop Courtyard store


Just visit the Shop Courtyard store on Amazon! They call it the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel Rippled Coverlet. Click on the blue link to check it out.

The classic white color on this coverlet allows it to mix and match with almost any room decor that you have. The unique puckered texture makes for a versatile top cover, making it refined enough for a classic bedroom, but stylish enough for the contemporary look.



You probably didn’t find these before because doing a Google search for “rippled coverlet” or “coverlet in Courtyard room” doesn’t reveal much. They don’t exactly promote or advertise these coverlets.

Most people who purchase these coverlets use them in a Courtyard hotel, and want to purchase them afterward. The hotel bed itself is the advertisement.

The one convenient thing about purchasing from the Shop Courtyard store on Amazon is that they also carry matching pillow shams. You won’t find these anywhere else; they’re exclusive to the Courtyard store on Amazon.


If you do purchase one of these coverlets, keep in mind – these coverlets are wash-activated. When you receive it, it will look like a plain wrinkled flat sheet (that’s how you’ll know you’re getting a brand new cover).

Don’t worry, you actually received the correct item. I can’t tell you how many times these covers are returned by customers thinking they received just a plain flat sheet!

Wash the cover in your machine’s hottest water temperature setting to activate the puckered texture.




What makes these Rippled Coverlets so great?


They’re light

These Courtyard rippled coverlets are essentially a heavy flat sheet. If you’re planning to use them as a decorative coverlet, the lightweight makes it super easy to take them off at night, and make the bed in the morning. Unlike bulky comforters, anyone can make the bed by themselves with these coverlets.

If you’re looking to use them as a bedspread, or as a blanket – they’re fantastic for the summer months when you’re looking for a lightweight cover. 

Many Courtyard hotels in warmer climates use these as a substitute for blankets. The 65% cotton/35% poly fabric breathes very well. Polyester fibers are naturally thinner than cotton. When you blend the two, it creates small gaps between threads to allow moisture to escape – providing you with reduced humidity, and a comfortable night of sleep.




Traditional bedspreads contain natural down, or synthetic polyester batting as fill material to keep you warm. The rippled texture provides the cover with a built-in mechanism to provide warmth. The puckered texture, like natural down, traps heat.

They’re easy to wash and dry

The lack of filling makes these covers easy to wash, and quick to dry. Natural down fill, and polyester batting hold on to water – and can be a pain to thoroughly dry. These rippled coverlets wash and dry just like a regular bed sheet.

With no down to leak out, and no polyfill to clump, they provide maintenance-free use for years.


They’re soft

You won’t find the thread count listed, since they are made of cotton-rich (cotton/poly blend), but they are equivalent to a 300 thread count fabric.

You can use these in place of a bedspread or blanket, because they’re actually soft. 

What makes this possible isn’t the type of material used to produce these coverlets, but the way the fabric is woven.

With traditional cotton and polyester blended fabric, cotton and polyester are spun around each other with each thread.

These rippled coverlets are made using “Centium-Core” weaving, where each cotton and polyester thread is kept separate when weaving the fabric:



Using this type of weaving method, they are able to take advantage of the strengths of polyester, like durability, while also ensuring that your skin comes mostly in contact with the cotton – giving the fabric its soft feel.

This weave pattern is also what makes moisture escape so easily, reducing humidity.


They’re bright

These coverlets feature a pure snow-white color. If your room needs a splash of freshness, this rippled coverlet is perfect.



The interplay between the puckered texture, and the shadows created by the ripples turns a plain white coverlet into so much more.

The polyester blended into the cotton fabric also adds a subtle sheen.


Versatility in styles

Nothing says contemporary quite like clean white tones. While this cover pairs perfectly with navy and black tones for that elegant classic look; the rippled texture gives it the versatility to handle contemporary colors, like grey, purple, aqua, etc.





These covers are made to be used in hotels. Using the Centium core weaving pattern shown above, allows them to withstand 300 wash cycles without tearing, or showing significant signs of wear.


rippled coverlets from courtyard by marriott are durable


With a weekly or bi-weekly washing which most of us do, these covers should last most people about 6 to 12 years. With most bedspreads or coverlets you find at the department store, you’re lucky if you get 5 years out of them.


They’re unique

If you’ve shopped at your local department store, you probably haven’t seen too many bed covers offered with a rippled texture. Maybe not even a single one.

I can personally guarantee you that you won’t find these Rippled coverlets being sold at your local Macy’s or J.C. Penney store.

Does your bed feel less special when you see your duvet cover or bedspread on everyone else’s bed? You won’t have that issue with these covers!


They’re closet friendly

Real estate in a closet is a precious thing. If you’re like most people, you try to conserve as much of it as you can.

Traditional bedspreads and coverlets contain polyester fill, which makes them bulky. While they are smaller than a comforter, they still take up their fair share of closet space.


a rippled coverlet does not take up much space in your closet

These rippled coverlets are thin, soft, and flexible. This means they can be folded however you’d like – and they take up a minimal amount of room in your linen closet.



Final thoughts

If you’re planning a complete make-over with one of these coverlets, don’t forget about the pillow shams – they make the perfect addition!

Also, while you’ll usually find these in hotel rooms that feature white sheet sets, don’t be afraid to try out different colors. I think these coverlets also match beautifully with soft colors, like a light grey, taupe, or turquoise.

Either way, I’m sure you’ll love this coverlet. Everyone loves sleeping in a hotel bed – and these coverlets create that hotel bedroom harmony at home.


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