Where to Buy Sheraton Hotel Bedding


Hotels go to great lengths to create the most luxurious and comfortable beds possible. Hotels hire bedding and hospitality professionals to expertly craft the perfect bed – and the perfect sleeping experience.

A guest that sleeps well, will probably return to that hotel in the future.

If you’ve stayed at a Sheraton hotel lately, you probably agree with that sentiment. And if you’re here reading this, you might be trying to find a way to purchase the same bedding items you experienced during your Sheraton visit.

That’s actually a good problem to have…

And the solution is actually quite simple! Just visit the Official Sheraton store on Amazon.


where to buy Sheraton bedding items found in their hotel rooms


Their store on Amazon contains most of the popular bedding items found on the beds in their actual rooms. These aren’t “similar” items, or replicas – they’re the real deal.

If you want to replicate the same bed from your stay at a Sheraton hotel, why fuss with hunting down similar items, when you can have the actual bedding products?

With that said, let’s take a quick look at what you’ll find in their Amazon store:



Sheraton bedding items

This isn’t a complete list of bedding items featured in Sheraton hotel rooms, but it does cover the most common bedding components. From the pillows, all the way down to the bedskirt, every layer of the bed is available for sale – and is listed below.

Let’s take a look…


Sheraton Hotel Down Alternative Pillow

These are the same down alternative pillows you’ll find in your Sheraton room. In some cases, they’ll be on the bed, in others, they’ll be in the linen closet. They are available in Standard, Queen, and King sizes.


down alternative pillows found in sheraton hotel rooms


These pillows feature a 100% cotton cover, they are medium/firm density, and are machine washable. Each pillow is sold separately.

These pillows are a one-size-fits-all variety, and should be adequate for most back and slide sleepers. They offer medium support, as well as medium loft. The plush down alternative fiber fill is squishy soft, and gives you the “sleeping on a cloud” feeling.


Sheraton Hotel Feather & Down Pillow

These feather and down pillows are usually found at more upscale Sheraton locations, although they are commonly used at other locations as well. These are available in Standard/Queen, and King sizes.



These luxurious feather and down pillows feature a 100% cotton cover, receive anti-microbial treatment to reduce possible allergens, and have a medium to firm density. They are also machine washable.

These feather and down pillows are a step up from the down alternative pillows above, both in feel, and support as well. They are a bit firmer – better suited for side sleepers. They are also a perfect reading or TV pillow – when you are in a seated position.

If you prefer the extra support, and the feel of natural down/feather fill – you’ll appreciate these pillows!


Sheraton Hotel Queen Down Blanket

These double-diamond quilted blankets are down filled, and an ideal blanket for all climates and seasons. They are lightweight and are suitable for use as a comforter in warm climates.



These luxurious down blankets are filled with white down, and feature a double diamond stitch pattern to evenly distribute the down fill.

They are machine washable, and have a 100% cotton outer cover.


Sheraton Hotel Mattress Pad

The Sheraton luxury mattress pad is offered in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King sizes. It features a striped 400 thread count cotton sateen cover.


These mattress pads are filled with hypoallergenic polyester fiber fill, and fit mattresses up to 13″ deep. They have an elastic edge all around, and are machine washable.

These mattress pads are what make Sheraton beds so plush and luxurious. If you sleep like a baby in a Sheraton hotel bed, you’ll love these extra thick pads.


Sheraton Hotel Down Alternative Comforter

This is the same comforter found in most Sheraton hotel rooms. This comforter is offered in Queen, and King sizes.



These comforters feature a sewn-thru box design to keep the hypoallergenic fiber fill evenly distributed. They have a white 100% cotton cover, and are machine washable.

This comforter is a medium weight “All-Season” comforter, and should provide adequate heat for most people, regardless of climate.


Sheraton Hotel Fitted Sheet

These sheets are made of 60% cotton, and 40% polyester to provide comfort, and durability. They are rated for 300 wash cycles – that’s 300 washes without shredding or tearing.



The cotton/polyester blend results in a wrinkle-free finish, that is very soft to the touch. These fitted sheets will fit mattresses up to 15″ deep, and are machine washable.


Sheraton Hotel Cotton Flat Sheet

Possibly the most luxurious aspect of a Sheraton bed, these flat sheets are made in Italy, of 100% Egyptian cotton.



They are pure white in color, feature a 300 thread count, and are machine washable.

These flat sheets are the epitome of luxury. When it comes to sheets, there are two standards: Made in Italy, and made of Egyptian cotton. This flat sheet checks both of those boxes!


Sheraton Hotel Decorative Pillow Shams

These pillow shams are pure white in color, feature a decorative flange. They are sold in Standard/Queen, and King sizes.



They are made of a cotton/polyester blend, are wrinkle-free, and are machine washable. Sold as a pair. These are plain white in color, and can be used to complement the Sheraton laurel wreath duvet, or pretty much any other bed set.


Sheraton Hotel Duvet Cover

In terms of appearance, the Sheraton duvet cover is quite possibly the more important part of the bed. This pure white duvet covers features the classic Sheraton signature laurel wreath design.



These covers are made of wrinkle-free polyester fabric, and are machine washable. The elegant white color and laurel wreath design combination lends itself to most any bedroom decor – whether classic or contemporary.

These covers are available in Queen, and King sizes.


Sheraton Hotel Bed Skirt

The perfect compliment to the Sheraton laurel wreath duvet cover, these skirts are also white in color, and feature split corners.



These bedskirts are also made of wrinkle-resistant polyester, and are machine washable.

There you have it, that is the entire list of available Sheraton bedding products in their store on Amazon. Hopefully, we’ve included everything that you may be shopping for.



Final thoughts

We all love sleeping in a hotel bed. They’re luxurious, they’re plush, and most importantly – they’re just downright comfortable.

Most of us can sleep like a baby in a hotel bed, regardless of our sleeping habits at home.

The Sheraton store is a nice convenience to have. Hotels are expert bed makers, and having the ability to purchase the same products that hotels use offers us the unique ability to replicate a hotel bed at home!

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