Where to Buy Standard Textile Lynova Towels

Last Updated on May 6, 2022


If you’ve recently stayed at a luxury 5-star hotel, you’ve probably used Lynova towels made by Standard Textile.

Without a doubt, Lynova towels are the most luxurious towel available for sale – that is if you’re able to buy them!


Where you can buy Lynova towels


These towels are found in the most luxurious of hotels and are well known for their silky smooth softness.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re trying to find out where you can buy a set for yourself. (You’re in luck, I do have two locations for you).

Lynova towels used to be sold on sites like Amazon and eBay. In 2017, Standard Textile stopped selling to Amazon/eBay sellers, as well as any websites selling their products in a retail manner.

Since their products aren’t labeled for resale, they have also asked 3rd party bedding websites to stop selling their products in single quantities. Simply put – you can only purchase Standard Textile products if you own some type of hospitality property (hotels, motels, rentals, hospices, etc.)


If you’re able to find Standard Textile products for sale on any website, you’ll have to buy them in bulk quantities. For towels, that means buying 24 of them at a time. This can be quite expensive – not to mention you’ll have to store 24 of each size towel which you purchase.  

Since Standard Textile doesn’t allow retail sales anymore, the website in question might not even sell to you unless you have a business license.

With that said, here are two places to check if you’d like to buy Lynova Towels:


1.) Standard Textile’s store on Amazon

Lynova towels aren’t always available in the Standard Textile store, but from time to time, you might get lucky and find a set. You might find a set of towels this month, but not again for the next 5 months – and maybe not ever again. Click on the blue link to find out what they currently have in stock.

It’s worth checking because you just might get lucky. You never know what’s available on any given day.



2.) Chakir Turkish Linens

The Luxury Hotel & Spa Bath Towels from Chakir Turkish Linens are very similar to the Lynova towels. Click on the blue link to take look.

Chakir towels are very similar to Lynova towels from Standard Textile


Let’s take a look at the two and see how they compare. In terms of materials, composition, and weight, these two are very similar. These towels are rated at 700+ GSM, which definitely makes these luxury-grade towels.

The main difference between the two is that the Lynova towels are offered only in white; whereas the Chakir towels are offered in 16 different color options.


What makes the Lynova towels so soft and luxurious is not only the cotton that is used but also the weight. Lynova towels are thicker than your average towels, and that is what makes them so soft, yet also so absorbent.

Material, composition, and weight

Lynova towels are made of 100% cotton, have a 2″ dobby border at both ends, measure 27″x 58″, and have a weight of 1.5 lbs per towel.

The Chakir towels are made of 100% Turkish cotton (one of the best varieties of cotton), also have a dobby border on both ends, measure 27″ x 54″ and have a weight of 1.3 lbs per towel.

Other than a very slight difference in length, and weight – they are very similar.


What we love about Lynova towels from Standard Textile

Lynova towels are well known for their luxurious feel and their superior absorbency. How are they different from regular towels? Let’s take a quick look.



Low twist cotton

Lynova towels are made using low twist cotton. What makes low twist cotton so special?

When cotton is spun, the yarns are twisted to add strength and ensure uniformity. As the yarn gets more twisted, it increases the durability and substance. On the downside, the tighter weave decreases absorbency. This type of cotton is referred to as “ring-spun cotton”, and is the material that most towels are made of. 


With the low twist cotton found in the Lynova towels, the yarns are actually untwisted – which is part of why they are so absorbent. 

It all has to do with what type of cotton fibers are used. Only longer staple cotton fibers, which are very strong, can be used to make low twist cotton yarns. Ring-spun cotton features shorter staple cotton, spun together to create long fibers, which unravel during the untwisting process.

The untwisting process provides more air and space between the individual fibers, which is what makes these towels softer and more absorbent than regular ring-spun cotton towels. The result is a towel that is softer, fluffier, and heavier.




Another feature of the Lynova line of towels is that they are made of Micro-cotton.

With standard cotton towels, the small loops you see on the surface are also twisted. With soft-spun Micro-cotton towels, the small loops on the surface are not twisted, which further enhances softness and absorbency, but also aids in drying times. 

When the loops are untwisted and open, air can more freely pass through them, resulting in a faster drying towel.


The weight

You may have looked at the weight of the Lynova towels listed above, and noticed that they are significantly heavier than regular towels that you might buy at your local bed and bath store. Well, they are heavier!

Lynova towels are manufactured to be used in a hospitality setting – such as a hotel. This means that they are likely to be washed multiple times per week, if not daily.

Towels, like other garments, shrink over time. By making the towel thicker, it ensures that the towel lasts longer.

Lynova towels are rated at 300 cycles – which means 300 washes, without shredding or tearing. They are made to be durable and to last quite a while.



The color

Last, but not least, Lynova towels have that unmistakable white color. They have a pure snow-white color not found in other white towels. They have this unique shine to them that just evokes luxury.



Final thoughts

If you’re in the market for a set of Lynova towels, hopefully, we addressed the issue above. 

Whether the Standard Textile store had them in stock, or if you opted for the Chakir alternative, either way, you’re getting excellent towels – at a great price!


Lynova towels are not found in retail stores

Lynova towels are not found in retail stores. And you’ll probably struggle to find low twist towels at just any local department store. Low twist cotton towels are usually found in upscale department stores and are sold at a premium price.

And yet Lynova towels were frequently our top-selling line of towels when we were allowed to sell them in our eBay store. 

I think that’s a testament to the towel itself, but also the low-twist cotton material.

Have you tried the Lynova towels from Standard Textile? If you have, would you please leave a comment below and tell us where you bought yours?

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  1. Hello I’m staying at a hotel in Aruba and I just used a Lynova Bath towel, it was the best towel I have ever used in my 66 years.
    I would really like to purchase a few for myself I was so disappointed Amazon no longer can sell them. I am giving you my email and I would appreciate it if you can let me know when &where I can buy them. Please 🙏🏻

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