Lynova Towels Are The Ultimate Hotel Towel!

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

If you’ve recently stayed at a luxury 5-star hotel, you’ve probably enjoyed Lynova towels made by Standard Textile.

Without a doubt, Lynova towels are the most luxurious towel available.

These towels are featured in the most luxurious of hotels and are well known for their silky smooth softness.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re trying to find out where you can buy a set for yourself. Or maybe you just want a review and some more information.

So, first, we’ll tell you where to buy a set for yourself. And then, we’ll tell you why Lynova towels are so special!


Where you can buy Lynova towels




Standard Textile’s Amazon Store

Standard Textile’s store on Amazon sells overstock and seasonal items. Lynova towels are usually available in their Amazon store, but it’s not a guarantee. 

You won’t always see the different color options, or full towel sets available. So, for more options, and better deals, visit the link below…


Standard Textile Home

Standard Textile Home is their retail website – and in this store, you’ll find all of Standard Textile’s products. Lynova towels are available year-round, in all of the different color options, and set varieties.

If you sign up for their e-mail newsletter, you’ll also receive 15% off of your first order!


a screenshot of the home page of the Standard Textile Home website.


What Makes Lynova Towels So Special

Lynova towels are well known for their luxurious feel and their superior absorbency. But how are they different from regular towels? 

What makes the Lynova towels so soft and luxurious is not only the cotton, but also the weight. Lynova towels are thicker than your average towels.

So they’re soft, yet also so absorbent.



Let’s do a Lynova towel review, and take a look at the material, the composition, and the weight to find out why…


Zero-Twist Cotton

Lynova towels feature zero-twist cotton. What makes zero-twist cotton so special?

When cotton is spun, the yarns are twisted to add strength and ensure uniformity. The twisting of fibers increases durability and substance.

On the downside, the tighter weave decreases absorbency. This type of cotton is “ring-spun cotton”. Most of the towels available for sale are ring-spun cotton.



With the zero-twist cotton in Lynova towels, the yarns are actually untwisted – this is why they are so absorbent, and yet dry so quickly.

It all has to do with the type of cotton fibers.

Only longer staple cotton fibers, which are very strong, can be used to make zero-twist cotton yarns. Ring-spun cotton features shorter staple cotton, spun together to create long fibers.

These shorter staple fibers are tough, but they feel stiff and aren’t very absorbent. Have you ever toweled off after a shower, and still felt wet all over?

It’s probably because the towel was ring-spun cotton!

The untwisting process provides more air and space between the individual fibers. This is what makes these towels softer and more absorbent than regular ring-spun cotton towels.

The result is a towel that is softer, fluffier, and also heavier.



Another feature of the Lynova line of towels is that they are Micro-cotton.

With standard cotton towels, the small loops you see on the surface are also twisted. With soft-spun Micro-cotton towels, the small loops on the surface are not twisted, which further enhances softness and absorbency, but also aids in drying times. 

When the loops are untwisted and open, air can more freely pass through them, resulting in a faster drying towel.


Do your current towels get hard and crusty after a while?

The twisted loops are the reason why!

Those loops allow crud and chemicals to nestle in, and build up. Over time, the loops get crusty and feel scratchy and dry. The open loop structure in Lynova towels allows them to stay clean, and stay soft.

The Weight

Lynova towels are significantly heavier than regular towels that you might buy at your local bed and bath store. 

Lynova towels are manufactured for a hospitality setting – such as a hotel. So they need to withstand multiple washes per week. And towels, like other garments, shrink over time.

Making the towel thicker ensures that the towel lasts longer.



Proper Maintenance

Lynova towels are heavier than regular towels. They’re also softer, and more absorbent. So, to ensure that they stay soft and absorbent, you’re going to want to maintain them properly.

Follow these steps, and your Lynova towels will stay luxurious wash after wash.


Machine Wash

Machine wash Lynova towels in warm or hot water, depending on color. The trick here is to not overpack the washing machine, and to only wash Lynova towels by themselves.

This will minimize wear and tear, and also allow the washer to remove all of the lint.


The Dryer

Tumble dry on low heat, and use the cool-down cycle if your machine has the setting available. And again, avoid overloading the machine. 

Lynova towels are thick, and they need a bit of free space to tumble around, and fully dry. 


Sizes, Sets, & Colors Available

Lynova towels used to only be available in white. Now they are available in a variety of colors, and in different set combinations.

You can purchase each piece below, in sets of 2, or you can get the towel bundle, which includes 6 bath towels, 6 hand towels, and 6 washcloths.

Lynova towel bundle in Mist color



  • Bath Sheet – 35″ x 70″
  • Bath Towel – 30″ x 60″
  • Hand Towel – 16″ x 30″
  • Washcloth -13″ x 13″


  • Clay
  • Mist
  • Natural
  • Smoked Pearl
  • Sea
  • White

Final thoughts

If you’re in the market for a set of Lynova towels, hopefully, we addressed the issue above. 

Whether the Standard Textile store had them in stock, or if you found them on Amazon, either way, you’re getting excellent towels – at a great price!

If you want the entire “hotel feeling at home”, check out Standard Textile’s Comfortwill sheets, and Chamberloft pillows too!

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  1. Hello I’m staying at a hotel in Aruba and I just used a Lynova Bath towel, it was the best towel I have ever used in my 66 years.
    I would really like to purchase a few for myself I was so disappointed Amazon no longer can sell them. I am giving you my email and I would appreciate it if you can let me know when &where I can buy them. Please 🙏🏻

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