Where to Buy Standard Textile Centium Satin Sheets

If you’ve stayed at higher-end or luxury hotels, you’ve probably slept on Centium Satin sheets made by Standard Textile.

Does this tag look familiar? If this is the tag that you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place. You’re in luck, we do have THE location for you.



Centium Satin sheets used to be available for sale on Amazon and eBay. Three years ago, however, Standard Textile changed its policies, and its products are only available now for commercial use.

In other words, they only sell to hotels/motels, and hospitality distributors and wholesalers.

You’ll see Standard Textile products for sale on a few supplier websites, but you’re going to have to purchase them in bulk quantities. When it comes to sheets, that means a dozen at a time; and each component is sold separately.

On these hospitality-only websites, Centium Satin sheets are not sold as sheet sets – so you’ll have to purchase a dozen flats, a dozen fitted sheets, and a dozen pillowcases if you want a complete sheet set(s).

And since Standard Textile doesn’t allow retail sales any longer, the site in question might not even sell to you unless you are a hotel or an authorized distributor.

With that said, here is the place to check if you’re trying to buy Centium Satin sheets:


1.) Standard Textile’s home store

You can buy Centium Satin sheets directly from Standard Textile Home

On the Standard Textile Home website, you’ll see them being referred to as Sateen Sheet Set (Centium Satin) – which is the same thing.

They’re available in White, Forever Blue, Flint Gray, Sage, Blush, Sand, and Navy.



On the off chance that they’re out of stock, consider an excellent (and similar) alternative…


2.) Sheex

The Original Performance Sheet Set from Sheex is very similar to the Centium Satin sheets from Standard Textile. Click on the blue link to check it out.

Let’s compare these two sheet sets, and see how they are similar, and how they differ (if at all). If you loved the Centium Satin sheets, we think you’ll also really appreciate the Performance sheets from Sheex.



What makes the Centium Satin sheets so incredible is that they are smooth like silk sheets, but yet very soft. Sheets are usually soft, or smooth – but rarely both. Traditional satin sheets also have a very thin composition, which is primarily what keeps them from having a cozy feel. 

Centium satin sheets, due to their construction, offer a lustrous shine, while maintaining a comfortable feel.

The Sheex sheets are manufactured using a different weave, with different fabrics. The major difference being that the Sheex sheets feature a circular knit construction (more on this later).

They both feature blended fabrics. Whereas the Centima Satin sheets are 65% cotton and 35% polyester, the Sheex sheets are made of 87% polyester and 13% spandex.

On a side note, the spandex content in the Sheex sheets makes for a snug fit on the mattress:



The blend is also what makes these sheets wrinkle-free, and durable. Natural fibers like cotton absorb water, and change their structure.

Polyester and spandex do not absorb water, and therefore hold their shape. Blending these materials allows the sheets to maintain their structural integrity, and resist wrinkling.

The one advantage of choosing the Sheex sheets is that they offer 11 different colors – whereas Standard Textile offers the Centima sheets in plain white. 


What we love about Centium Satin sheets

Stay cool sheets

How do these sheets maintain a silk like feel, without getting overly hot like traditional satin sheets?

Heat in a bed sounds good – especially during the winter – but excess heat actually makes for a very uncomfortable bed. Excess heat also leads to more sweating, which causes your sheets to get more wrinkly and dingy.

So how do these sheets stay so cool?



The answer has to do with the materials used, and how they are blended together. This is what Standard Textile refers to as “Centium Core Technology”.

Centium Satin as mentioned above, are a 65/35 cotton/poly blend. 

100% polyester fabrics, due to the thin nature of polyester strands, result in a super tight weave that doesn’t breath. 100% cotton sheets breath significantly better – but a blend is superior.

Since polyester strands are thinner than cotton, tiny pockets of space are created when you weave polyester around cotton. This is what allows the Centima Satin sheets to dissipate excess heat, and keep your bed surface cool.


Centima Satin sheets from Standard Textile are manufactured for hospitality use – mainly for luxury hotels.

Sheets in hotels are washed almost, if not, daily. The standard life expectancy for hospitality sheets is 300 wash cycles – or about a year. It would take you about 15 years to wash your sheets 300 times, but you wouldn’t expect them to last that long right?

Since they are manufactured for hospitality use, Standard Textile sheets are engineered to last. They are also given a micro-emulsion finish to ensure that the Satin shine is as bright today as it is 300 wash cycles from now.



You won’t find Standard Textile sheets at your local department store. Unless you visit a higher end hotel, you probably won’t see them anywhere else.

Having a set of sheets that your guests will envy, but won’t be able to find (unless you share your secrets) definitely brings a sense of pride to your bedroom!


What we love about Sheex Performance sheets

They are also stay-cool sheets

Sheex performance sheets feature a circular kit weave. This circular construction is what gives them their superior breathability.

Traditional weaving creates a tighter weave structure with poor air circulation. The circular knit weave is what keeps these Sheex sheets as cool as the Centima Satin sheets.

Please note, the picture above is of a typical circular weave, and not of the actual Sheex product. Your sheets will not look like Swiss cheese.


They are silky soft

Polyester fabrics are smoother than cotton, and are therefore softer to the touch. Cotton is a natural fiber, and natural fibers are not uniform like synthetic materials.

Natural fibers have irregularities which results in a textured surface. This is what makes polyester fabrics smoother in comparison.

The main advantage of cotton over polyester is that cotton breathes better – which is negated with the circular knit weave we discussed above.


Available options

Sheex Performance sheets are made for retail sale, so they are offered in more sizes and options than the Centima Satin sheets. You’ll find these Performance sheets in the following options:

Sizes – 

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen 
  • King
  • California King
  • Split King

Colors – 

  • Black
  • Ecru
  • Navy
  • Khaki
  • Graphite
  • Beige Ivory
  • Bright White
  • Carolina Blue
  • Pearl Blue
  • White

Final Thoughts

If your quest to find Centima Satin sheets from Standard Textile brought you here, hopefully, you were able to solve your problem. 

Whether you found them in the Standard Textile store, or if you purchased the Performance sheets from Sheex, we know that you’ll definitely be a satisfied customer.


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