Standard Textile Centium Satin Sheets Review

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

If you’ve stayed at a 5-Star resort lately, your hotel bed probably featured the Standard Textile Centium Satin sheets.

And you probably loved them! Right?

They’re soft, smooth, and definitely luxurious. And you’re probably looking for a Centium sheet set for your own bed at home. Right again?

Ok, first, we’ll tell you where to buy a set for yourself, then we’ll do a full Centium Satin review!

white Centium Satin sheet set


Standard Textile’s Amazon Store

Standard Textile’s store on Amazon features the Centium Satin sheets from time to time. 

This is more of a seasonal and overstock store. And they only have the white version available in this store. For more color options and better deals, visit the link below…


Standard Textile Home

Standard Textile Home is their retail website. They offer a full lineup of Standard Textile products here, like pillows, towels, comforters, etc.

If you sign up for their e-mail newsletter, you’ll also receive 15% off of your first order!

On the Standard Textile Home website, you’ll see them being referred to as Sateen Sheet Set (Centium Satin) – which is the same thing.

They’re available in Flint Gray, Mist, Navy, and White colors.

Different color choices available for Centium Satin sheets

What We Love About Centium Satin Sheets

What makes the Centium Satin sheets so incredible is that they are smooth like silk sheets, yet very soft. Sheets are usually soft, or smooth – but rarely both.

Traditional satin sheets also have a very thin composition, which is primarily what keeps them from having a cozy feel. Centium satin sheets, due to their construction, offer a lustrous shine while maintaining a comfortable feel.

Centium Satin sheets are 65% cotton and 35% polyester.

centium satin sheets in Mist color

The blend is also what makes these sheets wrinkle-free, and durable. Natural fibers like cotton absorb water and change their structure.

Polyester doesn’t absorb water, but it plays another role as well.

Traditional poly/cotton sheets use threads that are a blend of polyester and cotton. Which works, but doesn’t feel luxurious. Polyester is smooth, but it’s not very soft or comfortable.

Centium Satin sheets feature the Centium weaving process.

100% Cotton strands are woven around the polyester microfilament yarns. This provides a backbone of polyester – for strength – and cotton for softness.

The polyester core keeps the sheets wrinkle-free and provides a smooth, satin weave.


Stay cool sheets

How do these sheets maintain a silk-like feel, without getting overly hot like traditional satin sheets?

Heat in a bed sounds good – especially during the winter – but excess heat actually makes for a very uncomfortable bed. Excess heat also leads to more sweating, which causes your sheets to get wrinkly and dingy.

So how do these sheets stay so cool?



infographic comparing breathable fabric vs synthetic

The answer has to do with the materials used, and how they are blended together – again, the “Centium Core Technology”.

Centium Satin as mentioned above, are a 65/35 cotton/poly blend. 

100% polyester fabrics, due to the thinner nature of polyester strands, produce a super tight weave that doesn’t breathe. 100% cotton sheets breathe significantly better – but a Centium blend is superior.

The polyester microfilament strands are thinner than cotton, so tiny pockets of space are created when you weave polyester around cotton.

This is what allows the Centium Satin sheets to dissipate excess heat, and keep your bed surface cool.

graphic showing how Centium Satin sheets are woven


Centium Satin sheets from Standard Textile are for hospitality use – mainly for luxury hotels.

Sheets in hotels are washed almost, if not, daily. The standard life expectancy for hospitality sheets is 300 wash cycles – or about a year.

It would take you about 15 years to wash your sheets 300 times, but you wouldn’t expect them to last that long right?


a women doing laundry in a hospitality facility

Since they are manufactured for hospitality use, Standard Textile sheets are engineered to last.

They are also given a micro-emulsion finish to ensure that the Satin shine is as bright today as it is 300 wash cycles from now.



You won’t find Standard Textile sheets at your local department store. Unless you visit a higher-end hotel, you probably won’t see them elsewhere.

Having a set of sheets that only you have (unless you share your secrets) definitely brings a sense of pride to your bedroom!



Centium Satin sheets are 35% polyester. And Polyester fabrics require slightly different care than 100% cotton.

So, to keep your new satin sheets looking and feeling their best, you’re going to switch up your usual laundry routine. (This also applies to any other polyester fabrics that you might have.

We’ll split this into two parts: Washing, and drying. 


Washing Polyester

Polyester behaves differently than cotton. It’s a synthetic material, so it plays by a different set of rules. In our case here, polyester doesn’t like bleach.

Bleach breaks down polyester.

Have you ever had a polyester sheet or shirt that was destroyed after a wash? It was probably from bleach (or drying incorrectly – we’ll get to that in a bit.)

So, wash your new Centium Satin sheets with mild detergent. And only use non-chlorine bleach.


non chlorine bleach from Ecover



Drying Polyester

Heat also breaks down polyester.

So, dry your Centium Satin sheets using low or no heat. You should also avoid liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

The chemicals in these products are sticky. And they tend to stick to polyester-like velcro. Over time, the chemicals accumulate and give your sheets a tacky and uneven feel.

Moving forward, switch to a set of wool dryer balls.


a set of wool dryer balls which are placed in the drying machine

The balls tumble around with the rest of the laundry and absorb all of the static cling. And, they last up to 1,000 loads of laundry!

They are unscented and don’t contain any chemicals. If you like having that “fresh scent” of laundry, add a few drops of essential oils to the wool balls.


Final Thoughts

If your quest to find Centium Satin sheets from Standard Textile brought you here, hopefully, you were able to solve your problem. 

Whether you found them in the Standard Textile store, or you purchased them on Amazon, we know that you’ll definitely be a satisfied customer.

If you want the full 5-Star resort treatment, check out Standard Textile’s Lynova towels as well. Chances are if your bed had Centium Satin sheets, then your bathroom had Lynova towels too.

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