Where to Find the Chamberloft Pillows From Standard Textile

Last Updated on May 6, 2022


If you’ve stayed at popular hotels or motels like Best Western, Sheraton, Courtyard, Marriott, etc., you’ve probably come across Chamberloft pillows made by Standard Textile.


If you’re here and reading this, you’re most likely trying to find out where you can buy one – or a pair. (You’re in luck, I do have two locations for you).

Chamberloft pillows used to be available for sale on sites like Amazon, eBay, etc. However; in 2017, Standard Textile stopped selling to Amazon/eBay sellers.

Since their products aren’t labeled for re-sale, they have also asked 3rd party bedding websites to stop selling their products in single quantities – they want their products used strictly for hospitality applications – like in hotels, motels, etc.

While you’ll find Standard Textile products for sale on various websites, you’ll have to buy them in case packs (bulk order). For pillows, that means buying 10 of them at a time. Which can be quite an inconvenience. 

And since Standard Textile doesn’t allow retail sales any longer, the website in question might not even sell to you unless you have a business license.

With that in mind, here are two places to check if you’re trying to buy Chamberloft pillows:


1.) Standard Textile’s store on Amazon

You won’t find Chamberloft pillows offered in their store year round. This store only sells overstocked or discontinued products. You might find a pair this month, and not again for the next month – and maybe not ever again. Click on the blue link to find out what they currently have in stock.

It’s worth checking however, because you just might get lucky today.

If they’re out of stock, you could try a similar alternative…

2.) Basic Beyond

The Hotel Collection Soft Density pillows from Basic Beyond are nearly identical to the Chamberloft pillows. Click on the blue link to check it out.





Let’s compare the two and see how they stack up. In terms of materials, composition, structure, and fill weight – these two are almost identical. So overall they should be very similar.



What makes the Chamberloft pillow so comfortable is that it provides softness, while also maintaining its lofty structure. Traditional pillows provide either one, but not both.

If a pillow is soft, it will generally compress down and provide little or no loft at all. If a pillow is stuffed with enough material to provide structure, it can feel like sleeping on a brick.



Chamberloft pillows use a feather inner core to provide structure, and squishy down-alternative polyester in the outer core to provide soft comfort. This basically creates a 3-layer pillow:

The Basic Beyond pillows also use a 3 layer design, also utilizing a feather inner core, and a polyester outer:


Their fill weight, and overall weight are nearly identical as well. Their overall weights are only a 1 ounce difference.



The Chamberloft pillows are designed with hospitality in mind, and need to be very durable – that includes dust mite resistance. 

The outer pillowcase is woven with a fabric very similar to a pillow protector to provide resistance.

With the Beyond Basic pillows, the outer covers receive an anti-microbial treatment to keep the bugs out.

What I love about a 3-chamber pillows

3 chambered pillows, like the Chamberloft, or the alternative from Beyond Basic offer a superior pillow by combining two common fill ingredients – feathers and polyester – to make a hybrid pillow.

This hybrid style of pillow solves a few problems that normal pillows suffer from:



A considerable number of people suffer from animal product allergies – including down or feathers. Down or down and feather blend pillows are probably the most popular choice among pillows, but many people simply can’t use them. 


Not to mention that feathers can often emit a barn like smell – not pleasant.

A chamber pillow solves that problem by encasing the feathers between two layers of poly fill. You can’t even detect that the pillow contains feathers.


Loft and soft

As mentioned earlier, chamber pillows offer a combination of both superior loft, and a squishy softness that other types of pillows just can’t match.

Polyester alone tends to compress far more than any other material. Even a firm pillow will compress. What they offer in silky softness, is negated by how far your head sinks into the pillow. 

Feathers are probably the best material in terms of support. They compact significantly less than down or poly fill, yet do have some give. This is one reason some people don’t like foam pillows. They either have too much give, and offer no support, or they have no give, and feel like a brick.

By combining the two, we get the soft squishiness of polyester, but the support of feathers. 

I’ve had many customers, who despite having firm pillows at home, sleep so much better at a hotel with the Chamberloft pillows. A pillows firmness (or density) is just half of the equation – loft matters as well. 


Cons of feathers

I already mentioned that some people suffer from feather allergies, and that feathers can have an unpleasant odor. But feathers can also be very noisy. 

As you move your head, you can hear the feathers rustling inside. Since your ears are either directly on the pillow, or very close, this can be a real inconvenience.

Someone who owned a feather pillow probably invented sleeping earmuffs!



And if the feathers are encased in a nylon enclosure – that just compounds the problem.

With a chamber pillow, the two layers of polyester muffle the feathers – reducing the noise considerably.



Both feathers and polyester are an economical option. Quality down and memory foam pillows can often cost $100 or more. A good feather/polyester pillow, like the Chamberloft, will cost a fraction of that – and feel just as good.

Feathers are also quite resilient. A feather filled pillow will hold its shape much longer than goose down – which breaks down over time. 

Feathers also have a smooth streamlined shape – which means they don’t clump like down pillows. Do you frequently have to fluff your down pillows? With feather or polyester, you almost never fluff.



Final thoughts

If you came here looking for Chamberloft pillows from Standard Textile, hopefully we’ve solved that problem for you. 

Whether the Standard Textile store had them in stock, or if you went with the Basic Beyond alternative, you should be more than happy either way.

Chamberloft pillows are not found in retail stores. And you’ll probably struggle to find feather and polyester chamber pillows at your local department store. And yet Chamberloft pillows were our top-selling pillow when we were allowed to sell them in our eBay store.

I think that’s a testament to the pillow itself, but also the design.

Have you tried the Chamberloft pillows from Standard Textile? If you have, would you please leave a comment below and tell us where you bought yours?

9 thoughts on “Where to Find the Chamberloft Pillows From Standard Textile

  1. I’m not sure whether to get the ChamberSoft or ChamberFirm. We stayed at Tulalip Resort&Casino in Washington State and loved the pillows. Need something we can sink into but still provide some support.

    1. Both the Chambersoft and the Chamberfirm are both great pillows. If you’re undecided about which way to go, I would recommend the Chamberloft as a good in-between. It provides a bit more loft and support than the Chambersoft, but more comfort than the Chamberfirm.

      More importantly, though, how do you sleep most often? And what are your dimensions? If you’re a stomach sleeper, the Chambersoft is probably your best bet. If you sleep on your back, or if you’re a side sleeper with petite dimensions, the Chamberloft would most likely fit best. If you sleep on your side, or if you’re a back sleeper with a large frame, the Chamberfirm would suit you best.

      1. Thanks for your comment, Vaheh. I remember the one at the hotel was nice and heavy, yet flexible. Im pretty sure it was the firm.
        Do you know where I can order just one, instead of a pair? That way, if it isn’t right, I can give it to someone or keep as a spare.
        Also, which one did you get, and why?😀

    1. Arlene,

      I spoke with my contact at Standard Textile. It looks like the Tulalip Resort uses the Chamberloft and Chamberfirm – so that rules out the Chambersoft pillow.
      I’m also of average build, and a side sleeper – and the Chamberloft works beautifully for me.
      If the pillow you had felt heavy, my guess is that you used the Chamberloft, since it has feather fill.
      Unfortunately, they are only sold in pairs.

      1. You have been SO very helpful! How do I go about ordering? And, if not right for us, can they be shipped back – free of charge?

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