Comfortwill Is The Ultimate Hotel Sheet Set

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

If you’ve stayed at popular hotels or motels like Sheraton, Courtyard, Marriott, etc., you’ve probably slept on Comfortwill sheets made by Standard Textile.

And If you’re here reading this, you probably want to buy a set for your own bed at home.

So, first, let’s talk about where you can buy them.

Then, we’ll do a full review, and find out why Standard Textile’s Comfortwill sheets are the ultimate hotel sheet set!


Standard Textile's Comfortwill sheets, which are white with alternating white stripes.



Where To Buy A Comfortwill Sheet Set

Comfortwill sheets used to be available for sale on sites like Amazon, eBay, etc. However, Standard Textile stopped selling to Amazon and eBay sellers.

You’ll see Standard Textile products for sale on various commercial-only websites. But you’re going to have to purchase them in bulk quantities – a dozen of each item at a time.

Comfortwill sheets are not sold as sheet sets. This means you’ll have to buy the flat in bulk quantities, the fitted sheet in bulk, etc. In other words, you’ll have to purchase a dozen flats, a dozen fitted sheets, and a dozen pillowcases. What a hassle!

And Standard Textile products aren’t sold in retail stores.

With that in mind, here are two places to check, if you’re trying to buy Comfortwill sheets.


Standard Textile’s Amazon Store

Standard Textile’s store on Amazon does carry Comfortwill sheets periodically, but you generally won’t find them offered here year-round.

This store basically sells overstocked or discontinued products.

You might find a flat sheet this month, and maybe a fitted sheet next month – and maybe never again. It’s worth checking, however, because you just might get lucky today.

Their product levels fluctuate, so checking often will get you the best results.


Standard Textile Home

Standard Textile Home is their retail website – and in this store, you’ll find all of Standard Textile’s products. All products are available year-round. 

If you sign up for their e-mail newsletter, you’ll also receive 15% off of your first order!


a screenshot of the home page of the Standard Textile Home website.



Why Are Comfortwill Sheets The Ultimate?

What makes the Comfortwill sheets such a pleasure is that they are both soft and smooth.

Most sheets are either soft or smooth, but usually not both. Cotton sheets, for example, are very soft, but they aren’t very smooth.

Conversely, polyester sheets are very smooth, but you wouldn’t characterize them as soft, or cozy. They also offer a luster and a sheen that cotton can’t match.

Comfortwill sheets offer a silky softness that makes the bed feel cozy and comfortable – with a luster that makes the bed look elegant and upscale.


a close up of a Comfortwill flat sheet from Standard Textile


So how do they do it?

Comfortwill sheets are made using a cotton/polyester blend. This is what makes the dual nature possible (more in the section below). 

The cotton/polyester blend is also what makes these sheets wrinkle-free, and durable. Natural fibers like cotton break down over time – especially when exposed to water, detergent, bleach, and sweat.

T-shirts are commonly pre-washed using salted water to give them a vintage look. Salt breaks down cotton – and sweat contains a lot of salt.

Polyester does not break down as quickly as cotton, which means that these sheets last about twice as long – while also maintaining a smooth, iron-free finish.


The Dual-Nature Of Comfortwill Sheets

How do they do it? How do Comfortwill sheets feature a soft bottom side and a lustrous top side?

Well, the answer has to do with the materials used – the cotton/polyester blend. But it’s not just about mixing cotton and polyester – it’s about how the threads are blended.


a bed featuring a white striped Comfortwil sheet set


The 70% ring-spun combed cotton and 30% Centium Core microfilament polyester combine to form a unique weave.

The two threads are blended such that the top of the sheet that you see is the polyester side – so you get the luster. The bottom side which is the side that you actually feel is the comfortable cotton side. 


The Cost of Comfortwill Sheets

Comfortwill sheets are very affordable. This is mainly because of the cotton/polyester blend.

Cotton is a natural fiber and is more expensive to produce as a result. Polyester is a synthetic product, and cheaper to produce. By combining the two, you get a less costly product.

Which makes these sheets more affordable compared to traditional 100% cotton sheets.


sheets being washed in a washing machine


When considering cost, you also have to factor in durability. If you have to replace your sheets more often, it raises your overall bedding cost.

Combining cotton with polyester makes for a more durable piece of fabric.

The Comfortwill sheets are made to withstand 300 wash cycles – that means 300 wash cycles, without shredding or tearing. 

Regular retail sheets will usually tear or shred by 100 wash cycles.

In other words, Comfortill sheets last 3 times as long as other sheets that you’ll find on Amazon, or at a department store. So in reality, when compared to retail-quality sheets, you get more sheet for your money with a Comfortwill sheet set.



Stay cool sheets

Too much heat in a bed sounds good – especially during the winter, but from Spring through Fall, very few things cause discomfort and insomnia quite like a warm bed.

Your body creates heat, which sheet fabrics tend to hold on to, making for a hot and humid bed.

Comfortwill sheets – like a true hotel sheet set – don’t have this problem. Once again, the cotton/polyester blend lends itself to another benefit! 



an infographic comparing the fiber structure of different materials


Synthetic or 100% polyester sheets create a super tight weave that doesn’t breathe at all. 100% cotton sheets do a decent job – but we can do better!

Polyester strands are thinner than cotton.

When you weave cotton with polyester, it creates tiny pockets of space in between the woven threads. This allows cotton and poly blend sheets to breathe much better – and dissipate that unwanted heat.



The Ultimate Hotel Bed

If you came here looking for Comfortwill sheets from Standard Textile, hopefully, we’ve solved that problem for you. 

Maybe the Standard Textile Amazon store had them in stock. Or maybe you found them on their own Standard Textile Home website.

Either way, you’re going to love and enjoy your new sheet set for years to come.

If you love the look and feel of a hotel bed, take a look at the Chamberloft pillows.



two Chamberloft pillows from Standard Textile


Chamberloft pillows are a favorite of American hotels.

They offer medium firmness, with a chambered design that offers both a plush surface and integrity as well, so the pillow won’t go flat while you sleep.

The “Chamber” pillows are available in 3 densities:

  • Chambersoft – Soft density
  • Chamberloft – Medium density
  • Chamberfirm – Firm density


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