Looking For A Downlite Chamber Pillow?

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

The Chamber pillow from Downlite is quite possibly America’s hotel pillow.

Out of the hotel pillow brands, Downlite’s Chamber pillow is the one you’ll most often see at American hotels. Even 5-star resorts use them.

If you’re trying to find information online, you probably slept on a Chamber pillow during a recent hotel stay. Am I right?

And you probably loved the support it provided, as well as the pain-free neck in the morning. Am I right again?

So, let’s review the Chamber pillow, find out what makes them so special, and take a look at where you can buy one for your own bed at home.


A Chamber pillow from Downlite brand.


Where To Buy A Chamber Pillow

Downlite Chamber pillows aren’t sold in department stores, so you’ll have to shop online for them.

You can find the white goose down & feather version on Amazon. We have the duck down & feather version available in our store as well.

If you happened to check the tags, the SDL100PI0180 SKU is for the White goose version. The HOS100PI0560 SKU is for the duck pillow. (Both SKU numbers have a bunch of numbers afterward – those just indicate size).

Is there a difference between the two pillow versions?

No. Both pillows contain very similar fill amounts and have the same shape and dimensions. One pillow contains goose down and feathers, while the other contains duck down and feathers.

Both fill types behave identically, but goose down is marketed as a premium fill option, so it costs more. That is the only difference.

That being said, both pillows are a great option, so you can’t go wrong either way!


Why Is The Downlite Chamber Pillow So Comfortable?

Most of us are used to two basic types of pillows – goose down and down alternative.

Both types of pillows can be useful, but goose down can get very expensive, especially if you prefer a firm pillow. And they generally don’t provide support all night long.

A goose-down pillow feels amazing at first. But then your head tends to create a crater down the middle of the pillow. As the pillow deflates, it stops being as supportive.


a woman with a stiff neck laying in bed

Down alternative pillows are usually too soft, or too lofty. Even if they start out perfect, they usually deflate within a few weeks. And they also don’t last very long. You might have one on your bed right now that is hard, lumpy, and uncomfortable.

On the other hand, a Downlite Chamber pillow is affordable, supportive, comfortable, and durable.


What Is A Chamber Pillow?

Let’s look at what makes a Chamber pillow so comfortable, yet supportive. It all has to do with the “chambers” inside of the pillow.

The outer two chambers are what allow the pillow to provide a soft and squishy outer surface, while the inner chamber provides support throughout the night.


The two outer chambers (shown as “A” in the image above) contain goose or duck down, depending on which version you purchase.

The down-filled surface provides a squishy soft sleeping surface for comfort.

The inner chamber (“B” in the image above) contains a goose/duck down and feather blend. This down-and-feather blend keeps the pillow intact and prevents it from deflating after a few hours.

The down and feather blend inside has a level of structural integrity that regular goose down by itself does not. So, the pillow doesn’t crater down the middle.


a woman sleeping on her side in bed

The result is proper neck support throughout the night.

Do your current pillows at home cause a stiff neck in the morning? They might feel comfortable when you first get into bed at night, but they lack the inner integrity that you need for proper support throughout the night.

Eventually, they deflate or change in shape, and your neck tilts at an angle. And that is why you have neck pain when you wake up.


Pillow Construction

The outer shell is made of a 230 thread count, 100% cambric cotton cover.

Cambric cotton is a very crisp weave and is designed to prevent feather quills from poking through. Cambric cotton tends to be a bit crinkly because of its crisp nature.


a white goose down feather

But it does break in after the first wash, and a few weeks of use.


Fill Types & Amounts

The Downlite Chamber pillow is available in two versions, so let’s take a quick look at the differences between the two.


White Goose Down

This version contains 600 fill power white goose down in the outer chambers. The inner chamber contains a 10/90 white goose down and feather blend (10% down/90% feather).


White Duck Down

The duck version contains 550 fill power white duck down in the outer chambers. The inner chamber contains a 5/95 white duck down and feather blend (5% down/95% feather).


How To Maintain Properly

Chamber pillows are very affordable, but they aren’t super cheap either. So let’s take a moment to discuss maintenance.

A Downlite Chamber pillow can be very durable if properly maintained. With a couple of easy tricks, your new pillow will last 5-10 years and perform like new.


Use A Pillow Protector

If you aren’t already, start using a pillow protector.

Bed bugs and dust mites love to nest in down/feather pillows. And their babies love to eat the down and feathers. Over time, this causes a lot of wear and tear inside the pillow, and the feather fill breaks down.


A pillow protector is very simple to use – it’s essentially a pillowcase that you zip up. So, put the pillow inside of the protector, and then zip it shut.

Then, cover it with your regular pillowcase. 

When it’s time for laundry, you can wash the protector with the rest of your load. The pillow protector will keep your pillow clean, so there’s no need to wash it as often as you normally would.


Wool Dryer Balls

When you do decide to wash your pillow, avoid fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

The softeners and lubricants tend to stick to the down and feathers. Over time, the feathers get heavy and lose their fluffy nature. Have you ever had a goose-down pillow that felt stiff after a few years?

Chances are, it was because of the dryer sheets and fabric softeners! So, moving forward, switch to a set of wool dryer balls.


a set of wool dryer balls which are placed in the drying machine

Wool dryer balls are….balls made of wool.

They bounce around in your drying machine and soak up the static cling. They will also fluff your pillows for you too!

A set of wool dryer balls will last for up to 1,000 loads of laundry. And you can also use them for the rest of your laundry as well. They come unscented, but you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oils if you love that “fresh laundry” scent.



Some Final Thoughts

There’s a reason why these Chamber pillows are featured in major hotels throughout the country. Hotels, like the Hyatt for example, invest a lot of resources to ensure that you sleep like a baby.

If you sleep well, you’ll probably return to that hotel in the future.

It’s in their best interest to provide you with the highest quality pillows. So, if hotels use Downlite’s Chamber pillow, it’s definitely a nod to the pillow’s quality, and functionality.


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