The CBD Pillow vs Malouf’s CBD Infused Pillow

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

We’ve done a review of The CBD Pillow in the past.

It was (one of) the original pillows to be infused with CBD. Since then, multiple other brands have come out with their own version of a CBD-infused pillow – one of them being Malouf.

Malouf is by far, the most innovative pillow manufacturer on the market today. Particularly so when it comes to synthetic pillows.

The original CBD Pillow vs Malouf (the best pillow manufacturer). Sounds like it would be an interesting comparison right?

Using CBD for sleep has received a lot of buzz over the past 5 years. And CBD-infused pillows have become popular. Let’s compare the two biggest brands and see which we (and you) prefer.

a couple sleeping in bed with CBD pillows


The CBD Pillow vs Malouf’s CBD-Infused Pillow

Let’s take a look at 5 distinct categories, and figure out which one is the better CBD pillow for you.

  • How each pillow Functions
  • Form factor
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Price
  • Extra Features


How Each Pillow Functions

Each of the pillows, of course, functions in its own unique way.

The CBD Pillow has a pillowcase infused with CBD. The pillow itself is a plain pillow. They sell the pillowcase individually as well.

In contrast, the Malouf pillows (they have 3 models) are infused directly with CBD + Clary Sage essential oil. They also include a CBD spritzer. More on this later.

From there, the CBD itself functions the same way in both pillows. Through heat and friction (your head on the pillow), the microencapsulated CBD is activated.

a woman resting her head on a CBD pillow

You breathe in the CBD and absorb it through your skin. And It relaxes you into a state of sleepiness. If you’re interested, check out the technical analysis about how a CBD pillow works.

The bottom line: both pillows are fairly effective.


Form Factor

Each brand takes a unique approach here.

The CBD Pillow, for instance, uses a blend of shredded foam and plush microfiber. This provides the feel and malleability, for example, of a traditional pillow.

You can mold the pillow however you like.

a cross-section of a CBD pillow

Malouf’s CBD-infused pillows are made in the traditional memory foam form factor.

Each of the models is slightly different in how they perform, but for the most part, they are what you’d expect from a memory foam pillow.

The 3 models available are:

Activedough + CBD Oil – A latex and memory foam infusion. Combines the springy and supportive nature of latex, with the conforming and cushioning quality of memory foam.

Zoned Dough + CBD Oil – A traditional memory foam pillow.

Shoulder Zoned Dough + CBD Oil – A traditional memory foam option, with a shoulder cut-out. This is specifically for side-sleepers. (Choose the “Shoulder Cutout” option).

a comparison of the different CBD pillows from Malouf

The Malouf pillows are of better quality and there’s a lot more that goes into them, as far as product development is concerned. The zoned technology used in Malouf pillows highlights the evolution of pillow making.

Whereas the CBD Pillow is a regular pillow with a special pillowcase.

A solid pillow – but still just regular. That being said, if you’re not a fan of the 1-piece memory foam style, you’re going to prefer The CBD Pillow.


Ease Of Maintenance

Both pillows are ready to go out of the box. They don’t require any setup, installation, etc. They only differ, of course, in terms of laundry.

The CBD Pillow has a CBD-Infused pillowcase. The microencapsulated CBD particles are heat-activated. To preserve the CBD in the pillowcase, you have to wash using cold water, and allow the pillowcase to air dry.

The heat from a drying machine, as well as the friction from tumbling, will destroy the CBD.

The Malouf pillows are all CBD-infused directly. So, you can spot clean them like you would with any other type of memory foam pillow.

Both products are easy to maintain – but a slight edge goes to Malouf.




The CBD Pillow is currently priced at $129.

When on sale, it’s usually around $100. Likewise, if you choose to get the pillowcase by itself, that will cost $70. The sale price is usually around $50.

The Malouf pillows range from $160 to $180 (in our store) depending on the model and the size.

While they are more expensive, you are getting a better-made pillow, as well as a CBD spritzer. More about this in the section below.


Extra Features

The CBD Pillow is customizable. You can remove some of the fill – or a lot – to make the pillow thinner or softer.

It starts off as a medium-firm pillow – filled with chunks of foam blended with gel microfiber. Remove a handful at a time until you get to your desired density or shape.

The thin and light combo, for example, works great for a stomach sleeper. Likewise, medium-density is perfect for a back sleeper. And a lofty and firm pillow is a must for a side sleeper.

a comparison of the different densities using The CBD Pillow


The Malouf pillows come with a CBD spritzer spray. You can use the pillow as-is, or you can make them a little “extra” with a few spritzes.

What is the CBD spritzer?

It’s a custom-made CBD spray, by Malouf, featuring organically grown CBD from their farm in Denver, CO. It is blended with Clary sage essential oil. It’s a “multilayered approach to a restorative night’s sleep.”

Shake well, and then give your pillow a few spritzes.


a CBD Oil spritzer spray from Malouf


Which Pillow Is Better?

There really isn’t a clear-cut winner. The answer really depends on your pillow preferences.


Do you love your current pillow?

If you love your current pillow, there’s no sense in paying $$$ for a new pillow that you might not even like.

Skip the hassle and just get either the CBD pillowcase or Malouf’s CBD spritzer. You’ll get all of the CBD benefits while enjoying the pillow that you already love.


Are you a fan of memory foam pillows?

And by memory foam, we mean the traditional 1 chunk of foam type of pillow. If so, you’ll love the Malouf line of pillows. No one makes a better foam-style pillow than Malouf.

Choose the model that’s best for you – and you’ll definitely be happy.


Do you hate memory foam pillows?

The answer is simple. Choose either The CBD Pillow, or the pillowcase by itself.


a CBD-infused pillowcase


Do you need a softer or thinner pillow?

If you like shredded memory foam, get The CBD Pillow and customize it! Or use their pillowcase with your own pillow.


Do you love a lofty pillow that holds its shape?

Do you sleep on your side?

As long as you’re ok with latex or memory foam, you’ll definitely appreciate Malouf’s CBD pillows. If you’re a side sleeper, you will particularly appreciate the Shoulder Zoned pillow.

The shoulder cutout is one of those small details that have a huge impact.

a green CBD-infused Malouf pillow with a shoulder cutout

When you’re on your side, a regular pillow is positioned at the base of your head. So your head always rests on the lower half of the pillow.

It forces your head to slightly angle up, specifically, which isn’t comfortable.

With a should cutout, your head rests in the middle – the sweet spot – of the pillow, which keeps everything level. This little tiny change in position, in fact, makes a huge difference.


Are you on a budget?

Neither pillow is cheap, of course. Use either the CBD pillowcase or Malouf’s CBD spritzer with your current pillow.



Both The CBD Pillow, and Malouf’s CBD-infused pillows are great options.

For us, it mainly comes down to the memory foam issue. Most people either love or hate memory foam. If you’re a memory foam fan (the traditional 1 piece of foam), you’ll love Malouf’s CBD pillows.

If not, The CBD Pillow, or the pillowcase will make you just as happy.

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