How To Continually Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2021

Are you sick of your glass shower doors always being covered in soap scum? Are you tired of having to clean your shower doors on a weekly basis?

Do your glass shower doors look something like this?



Keeping your shower doors free of hard water stains is actually pretty easy – you just have to handle them like the windshield in your car.

We like a two-step approach here:

1.) Apply Rain-X shower door water repellent

2.) After you shower, wipe any water away with a shower squeegee


Let’s see how this all works…



Step 1 – Apply Rain-X

As you shower, your glass shower doors get wet. After the water dries out, the soap scum and the minerals in the water are left behind – covering once beautiful and clear glass with a nasty white residue.

A residue that takes a lot of effort to clean!

Rain-X is a water repellent. It was originally formulated for car windshields to stay dry during rain but it’s also now available for home glass use. In this case – for your shower doors.



This step should take about 10-12 minutes to complete. Here’s how you’re going to apply the Rain-X:

Step 1 – Clean your glass shower doors like you normally would. From side to side and top to bottom. Make sure the edges and corners are all clean too. Allow to fully dry.

Step 2 – Sprain the Rain-X onto a clean towel or cloth, and rub in circles to cover the entire door surface. Allow this first coating to dry until you see a sight hazy appearance (takes a few minutes).

Step 3 – Reapply a 2nd coating of Rain-X, and allow to dry again.

Step 4 – Wipe away any visible streaking or haze – until the glass is clean and clear.

That’s it! You’re done. Water will glide effortlessly down your glass shower doors, taking stains and deposits down with it.

This Rain-X coating should last for weeks (or months) – it just depends on how often your shower gets used.

The “hard part” is done. Onto step 2…



Step 2 – Wipe Any Water Away With A Bathroom Squeegee

After applying the Rain-X in step 1, you’ll notice that there isn’t much water left behind after a shower – if any.

So, we’re going to use a bathroom squeegee to wipe any residual water away – ensuring that your clean glass shower doors stay clean – continually!

This step is simple and will take about 10-15 seconds. Starting at the top, glide the squeegee down to the bottom of the door, wiping away any remaining water. With a 10″ model, this will usually take 3-4 strokes per door.

Why a bathroom squeegee?



A traditional car squeegee is ugly, and it has a long handle – which makes it hard to wield in a tight space like a shower.

A bathroom squeegee is aesthetically pleasing (and usually available in various colors) so it actually falls into place in a bathroom – or in your shower.

If it looks good, you’ll keep it around – and actually use it. Whereas you’ll probably hide a car squeegee. Out of sight, out of mind.

And bathroom squeegees have a small handle – usually around 6″ – so they’re easy to use in confined spaces.

Most squeegees come with waterproof adhesive hooks, so you can mount them right in the shower for quick access.





Final thoughts

Keeping your house clean is hard work. And cleaning your shower doors once a week is a chore.

If you prep them once a month with Rain-X, and then wipe them after a shower, it will save you a lot of time and effort

Once you pick up this routine, you’ll never go back to cleaning grime and build-up off of your shower doors ever again!

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