Malouf CBD & Clary Sage Spray


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Aromatherapy sprays enhance the aroma of scented Zoned Dough® pillows and bring calming, sleep-inviting, and deep-breathing scents to any sleep environment.

Made with all-natural essential oils, these aromatherapy sprays can be spritzed directly on pillows, mattresses, and bedding for natural relaxation.

This spray features organically grown CBD from Malouf’s farm in Denver, CO, and is infused with a calming Clary Sage scent – which pairs with CBD for a multilayered restorative night’s sleep. 

  • Spray directly onto pillows and bedding to promote relaxation
  • Enhance your sleep environment and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy
  • 2 oz. spritzer bottle contains no artificial scents or colors

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