Are Primaloft Pillows Worth The Price?

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

Primaloft is undoubtedly the best synthetic insulator.

But does that make for a good pillow?

Primaloft is a premium fill option. Which makes Primaloft pillows fairly expensive. And for an awesome pillow, a few extra dollars are usually worth it.

But is a Primaloft pillow worth the price?

a "My Primaloft Pillow" from Bloomingdale's


The Pros Of A Primaloft Pillow

There are many pros to Primaloft as an insulative material. Those pros lend themselves to a pillow as well.

A Primaloft has 3 main pros:

  • Durability (If taken care of properly)
  • The silky and squishy feel
  • Supportive nature


Durability Of Primaloft

As far as synthetic fills go, Primaloft is fairly durable, provided you take care of it properly.

If you avoid bleach and heat, Primaloft fibers will stay intact, and hold their shape. And you’ll need to avoid liquid fabric softeners or dryer sheets, because fabric softener coats polyester fibers.

Heat makes polyester melt, and become tacky.

And fabric softener coats the fibers, which also makes them sticky. Both situations result in the fibers clumping up. And you end up with a lumpy pillow. Not a fluffy pillow.

With Primaloft (and polyester in general), dry on low or no-heat, avoid bleach, and don’t use fabric softener.

a drying machine dial turned to air fluff no heat


The key here is – if you take care of Primaloft properly.

Primaloft is made from polyester. Being a poly-product, it won’t absorb water, and it won’t break down as quickly from physical wear and tear.

If laundered properly, a Primaloft pillow will be durable and will last a long time. If you follow the guidelines, a Primaloft pillow will hold its shape, without any clumps for years. A fluff here and there is all you’ll need.


The Silky Feel Of Primaloft

Primaloft is a very thin, slick, and pliable fiber. This results in a super silky hand feel. It’s often described as the closest thing to natural goosedown.

a cluster of Primaloft fiber

The fine nature of Primaloft fibers mimics the texture of goose down. If you love to squeeze your pillows, a Primaloft pillow is like no other!


Supportive Nature Of Primaloft

A Primaloft pillow has a squishy and springy nature.

It can both cradle your head in comfort, and support at the same time. The thin nature of the fibers results in more fibers per square inch as compared to other synthetic materials.

The density, combined with the slick nature offers a squeezable and squishy feel. Soft to the touch, yet supportive enough to not fully compress under the weight of your head.



Cons Of Primaloft

Primaloft does have a few glaring weaknesses.

Particularly when considered as a pillow. The cons we’ll be considering are in terms of Primaloft as a pillow. Not strictly as an insulative material.

  • Durability of Primaloft
  • Thermal properties
  • Cost


Durability Of Primaloft


Wasn’t durability listed as a pro?¬†Yes, it was. Primaloft is definitely durable. But again, if maintained properly.

Will you remember to follow the proper washing instructions every time? Will you remember to wash using cold water, and air dry the pillow every time?

Maybe, but maybe not.

Will you remember to avoid using bleach and fabric softener?


using dryer sheets to soften fabrics in the drying machine


It’s not that these things will destroy the pillow. It’s just that they will ruin the constitution. The pillow won’t feel as slick. It will develop lumps. It won’t be the type of pillow that keeps its shape throughout the night.

And if you’re not going to take proper care of the pillow, is it really worth the price?


Thermal Properties

The same qualities of Primaloft that make it such an amazing insulator, are kind of worthless in a pillow.

Primaloft, of course, is well known for its insulative properties. It can hold on to heat as well as goose down, and it can do so even when wet. This makes it ideal for jackets, sleeping bags, etc.


A Primaloft-filled comforter is wonderful. A Primaloft-filled pillow? Not so much.

A pillow, of course, should be cool.

Heat doesn’t correlate to comfort when a pillow is concerned. So a material that holds on to heat – and does so very well – isn’t necessarily the best option for a pillow.

When you rest your head on a warm surface, it causes itching, sweating, etc. To sum up, it’s not the most comfortable sleeping environment.



Primaloft pillows are expensive.

Primaloft is a premium fill, and it costs more compared to regular polyester, or gel-filled pillows. And that hefty price tag is even worse if you need to replace a pillow that you messed up by not washing correctly.

Primaloft as a material is, in fact, expensive.

And when you buy a Primaloft product, you’re paying more because of its heat retention qualities – which are a waste in pillow form.

closeup of Primaloft fibers


The cost of a Primaloft pillow is definitely a con!


The Verdict

To sum it up – a pricier pillow that holds onto heat and is tricky to maintain.

In our opinion, Primaloft pillows aren’t worth it. The same reason that makes Primaloft comforters so great, is what makes the pillows not so great.

We can obviously make an effort to take care of them properly. And most people can justify the cost of a quality product. But the average person needs a cool pillow.

And if you like a hot pillow, you’ll probably love the support and silky feel of a Primaloft pillow. But if you don’t, and most people don’t, then you won’t.


There Are Better Pillow Options

So, let’s take a quick look at some better pillow options. There are pillows that offer the same pros as Primaloft but without the negatives.

If you don’t have any allergies, and you aren’t on a budget, a goose down, or down & feather blend pillow is our recommendation.

If you like a softer, more luxurious pillow, then choose goose or duck down. Likewise, if you require a bit more support, a down & feather chamber pillow is a great option!


a pair of Primaloft pillows on a bench


If you do suffer from allergies, or if you’re on a budget, a regular polyester-filled down alternative pillow will be just fine. A gel polyester pillow, for example, is definitely a crowd-pleaser.

Gel polyester mimics natural goose down and is ultra slick.

It’s often referred to as “blown polyester”. It feels like Primaloft, but it doesn’t retain heat. Specifically, it lacks the thermal properties of Primaloft.

Which is great, obviously, for a pillow!

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