Malouf Z Zoned Dough Lavender Pillow Review

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

Are you shopping for a Malouf Z Zoned Dough Lavender Pillow?

And the different options available make it a little confusing right? Each Zoned Dough pillow has a few different configurations, and each configuration has a different infusion, color, or scent.

Trying to figure out which model to buy seems like a puzzle.

So, let’s break it down, and figure out which model is right for you!


A Malouf Z Zoned Dough Lavender Pillow with pillowcase

For the purposes of this article, we’re going to focus on the two Malouf Z Zoned Dough Lavender Pillow types, but there are actually 3 lavender models.

There are two Lavender Zoned dough varieties – the regular pillow, and the shoulder cutout version. And then there is the Lavender Zoned Activedough pillow.

So, let’s quickly look at all three, because most people are easily confused.


The Malouf Z Zoned Dough Lavender Pillow

The Lavender Zoned Dough pillow is available in two options – the regular, and the shoulder cutout pillow.


The Lavender Zoned Dough Pillow

The regular model is a standard-type memory foam pillow. It’s available on Amazon, and we sell it in our store as well.

It features Malou’s Zoned Technology. This design has larger holes in the center, where your head sits, for comfort. And smaller holes, around the edges, to support your neck and keep your spine in alignment

The “Dough” is a softer type of memory foam.

This pillow contains a Lavender essential oil infusion – which promotes relaxation and sleep.

a Malouf Lavender Zoned Dough memory foam pillow


The Shoulder Cut-Out Zoned Dough Pillow

The regular Zoned dough pillow also comes in a shoulder cut-out variety. It’s available on Amazon, and we also sell it in our store as well (choose the “cutout” type).

This is the same exact pillow as the one above, but it has a shoulder cut-out. If you primarily sleep on your side, then this pillow is for you.

If you’re a back-sleeper, or if you switch back and forth, the regular version is probably the better option.

a lavender Malouf memory foam pillow with a shoulder cutout

Lavender Zoned Activedough Pillow

And finally, we have the Lavender Zoned Activedough pillow. It’s available on Amazon, and we sell it in our store as well.

The Activedough looks just like the regular Dough pillow above, but this pillow is made with Activedough instead. What exactly is Activedough?

Activedough memory foam uses a different formulation. The result is memory foam that acts more like latex foam. So the pillow is squishy and responsive, like latex.

Traditional memory foam takes a while to regain its form if you move. On the other hand, latex is more responsive and bounces back to its original form almost immediately.

If you tend to shift and move around a lot in bed, you’ll probably prefer the Activedough version.


Malouf Zoned Dough Lavender Pillow Review

Let’s take a closer look now at the two Zoned dough Lavender pillows.

Malouf uses a proprietary formula for their Zoned dough memory foam. This dough foam is denser, yet more supple than traditional memory foam, which can feel dry and spongey.

This allows the pillow to cradle your head, and fully conform around it.


The holes covering the pillow aren’t just for ventilation.

They are actually designed for performance. The holes in the center section, where your head sits, are larger. So, this allows the area more give, and provides more comfort.

The edges surrounding that center area have smaller holes.

This gives those areas a little more structural integrity, to properly support your neck. And it definitely works! You can feel your head sink into the pillow, and feel more resistance against the back of your neck.


The Lavender Infusion

The Lavender Dough pillow is infused with Lavender oil, and also comes with a Lavender spritzer.

What exactly is Lavender oil, and what does it do?

Lavender essential oil has many beneficial properties. Among them, it can soothe, calm, relax, and relieve stress. Think of it as a supplement that promotes sleep.

The Tencel Pillow Cover

Malouf pillows include a Tencel pillow cover. This is an underrated aspect of buying a Malouf pillow!

Memory foam holds on to heat. And that heat can make you feel uncomfortable, or sweat. Tencel fabric breathes better than cotton fabric, which helps dissipate some of that heat.

The Shoulder Cut-Out

The shoulder cut-out has a groove cut out in the middle of the pillow. This is specifically for side sleepers.

How does the cut-out help?

Ideally, your head should rest directly in the center of the pillow. If your head is on the lower half, your head tilts up. If your head is on the upper half, your head tilts down.

When you sleep with your head tilted in any direction, that causes a stiff neck when you wake up.

So, ideally, your head should be directly in the middle of the pillow to avoid pain. And with a traditional pillow, you can make the pillow conform to your body, regardless of your sleeping position.

But, when you sleep on your side, a traditional memory foam pillow forces your head to rest on the lower half of the pillow.

It can’t contour to your neck – it’s just too stiff.

The shoulder cut-out allows your shoulder to slot into the groove, which brings the center of the pillow lower. So, you get to rest your head on the sweet spot of the pillow!


If you primarily sleep on your side, the shoulder cut-out version is definitely the way to go.

The opposite side is straight. So, you can always flip the pillow over if you want to sleep on your back.


Is The Malouf Zoned Dough Lavender Pillow Worth The Cost?

Malouf pillows aren’t cheap. You definitely get what you pay for, but still, they aren’t cheap.

So let’s get something out of the way first.

Malouf pillows are high-quality and feature-rich. But, if you aren’t already a fan of memory foam pillows, then don’t waste your money. These aren’t “magical” pillows.

If you don’t like memory foam pillows, then you won’t like a Malouf Zoned Dough memory foam pillow.


On the other hand, if you have used a memory foam pillow in the past, and they do work for you, you’ll love this pillow!

Malouf memory foam pillows are like no other memory foam pillow on the market. The combination of the design, and the dough foam makes for a unique memory foam experience.

The dough foam is soft and supple. It has more give than a regular cheaper memory foam pillow. For lack of a better term, the dough doesn’t feel as “dry” or “stiff”.

It feels almost “doughy” – what a coincidence!

It takes a night or two to get used to it though, especially when you move your position. But after a few nights, it will permanently be your new favorite pillow!


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