How To Remove Makeup Stains From Sheets

Last Updated on April 17, 2023

Do you need to remove makeup stains?

Sometimes you fall asleep before removing your makeup. And then you wake up to a pillowcase with lipstick and mascara stains. Or maybe makeup on your fitted sheet.

Or maybe you had a dinner party, and you now have lipstick stains on your fancy napkins. What can you do?

We all have multi-purpose cleaning sprays at home. And if you’ve tried one of these cleaners, it probably didn’t work too well. Right? It probably just smeared the stain and made things worse.

Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


a pillowcase with different kinds of makep on it


Why Are Makeup Stains Hard To Remove?

Makeup is full of different chemicals, oils, binders, waxes, pigments, etc. It’s practically skin-safe paint – and sometimes not even all that safe.

So, naturally, it’s no surprise that makeup is an instant stain just waiting to happen. Unfortunately for us, makeup is formulated to stay on your face. You’ve probably seen eyeshadow or makeup that is described as “long-lasting” or “won’t wear off”. Or maybe ads that show you how the lipstick stays on your lips, even after a kiss.

Since makeup is formulated to stay on your face, it’s also (accidentally) formulated to stick to fabrics. Especially waterproof makeup, of course.

The problem isn’t so much that makeup is hard to remove, it’s more so that the common cleaning products that we have at home aren’t designed for makeup.

So you might spray 409, or Clorox onto the stain, and then rub. But the stain will still be there!

We have tested dozens of cleaning products throughout the years. And the only product that has consistently removed makeup stains is the Carbona Stain Devils #6 Stain Remover.

A bottle of Carbona makeup stain remover


What Is Carbona Stain Devils Formula #6?

The Carbona Stain Devils Formula #6 is a stain cleaner specially designed to remove makeup stains. But, it works for grass and dirt stains as well.

The unique formula attacks the unique chemical blend of makeup. Carbona’s #6 formula removes makeup stains by removing not just the pigments, but the binders and waxes as well, which help it stubbornly stick to your sheets, towels, etc.

The reason why “all-purpose” cleaners fail is that they only work on one or some of the ingredients found in lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, etc. To successfully remove makeup stains, we need a specially-formulated stain-remover that will remove the makeup product entirely.


How To Remove Makeup Stains

Carbona’s #6 Formula stain remover is very easy to use. Just follow the instructions below!

First, place a rag or cloth under the fabric. Then, apply the solution directly from the bottle, onto the stain. Then, using your finger, swirl the solution into the stain until fully removed.

For larger spills that have pooled, remove as much as possible, before adding the stain remover. 

instructions to remove makeup stains


Every makeup stain is different, of course.

We tested different types of makeup, from many different brands. Mascara comes out almost immediately as you swirl your finger. Lipstick, however, is the hardest stain to remove.

When you first add the stain remover and rub, nothing happens – the stain doesn’t even move. But don’t give up, because it does eventually come out. You just have to keep rubbing!

In our experience, rubbing with your fingernail, or something like the edge of a spoon works best. It usually takes about 30 to 60 seconds of rubbing, but the lipstick stain will definitely come off.

Regardless of the type of makeup, after the stain comes out, rinse with warm or hot water. Then just wash and dry like you normally do.


Frequently Asked Questions

You might have some questions. So, here are some frequently asked questions and answers. If you still have any concerns, please leave a comment at the end of this article!


What kinds of makeup is this product for?

You can use Carbona Stain Devils #6 for most types of makeup. This includes eyeshadow, mascara, foundation, lipstick, concealer, bronzer, primer, etc. 


Will this work for waterproof mascara?

Yes, this will remove waterproof mascara stains. It will also remove long-wear foundation and lipstick.

a container of waterproof mascara eye makeup


What kinds of fabric can I use it on?

Carbona #6 will work on common materials like cotton, polyester, linen, nylon, rayon, etc. But it shouldn’t be used on leather, suede, silk, acetate, carpeting, or upholstery.

So, as a general rule, if you can’t use water to clean the fabric, then you shouldn’t use this product.


Is Carbona #6 Formula color safe?

Yes, it is color-safe.

But, if you want to play it safe, you can try it out on an inconspicuous spot first. If it doesn’t change the color, then move on to the stain.


Will this work for older stains?

You might have recently pulled a dress out of the closet, and discovered a stain from months, or even years ago. Yes, Carbona #6 will remove makeup stains that are old and dried up.

You might have to let it soak for a few minutes, but it will come out.


What if the stain is on my pillow or comforter itself?

With certain items like a pillow or a comforter, you won’t be able to place a rag directly under the stain. So, lay the item down flat, shift the fill around so you can pinch the stained portion, and fold the fabric underneath itself.

You might have to rinse both sides, especially if the stain and cleaner soak through.


How much of the stain remover should I use?

You don’t need to use too much to remove makeup stains. So just apply enough of the product as needed to cover the stain. And don’t dilute!

how to apply carbona makeup stain remover onto fabrics


Does this contain bleach or ammonia?

No. Carbona #6 cleaner does not contain bleach or ammonia. It does however contain alcohol, vegetable oil, and potassium salts. Here is a full ingredient list.


Can I use this for clothing?

Yes, you can use this on clothing to remove makeup stains, as long as it isn’t leather, suede, silk, etc. Towels are also a common makeup magnet. This will work for stained towels as well.


Is this product toxic?

Carbona Stain Devils’ products are tested, and safe for your skin, but here is a full safety data sheet.


What other stains will this remove?

Formula #6 will also remove grass, dirt, food coloring, toothpaste, and clay stains. 


What other cleaning products does Carbona offer?

Carbona has a line of stain-specific cleaners. Each Carbona stain removal product is designed for a specific type of stain. They have individual formulas for common stains like blood, oil, ink, chocolate, coffee, rust, sweat, and more.

The individual stains might be different, but the application is always the same. Add the stain remover to the stain, rub, and then rinse.


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