What Type of Pillow Do They Use At Hyatt Hotels?

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

Hyatt Hotels are known for their luxury amenities, but their focus is actually on hospitality itself.

They take pride in making you feel like a part of their family. A Hyatt hotel room should provide you with all of the comforts of home.

One of the comforts of home is naturally a comfortable bed. For this reason, Hyatt hotel beds forego the fancy bed covers, and other decorative pieces and just focus on comfort.

They aren’t designed to be especially colorful, or noisy – they’re designed to offer a comfortable and serene sleeping experience.


a Hyatt hotel bedroom


Understated, but solid components!

You don’t notice any particular piece, yet it all blends together to form a cocoon of comfort.

The pillows are obviously a key component of any Hyatt hotel bed. They are plush, yet supportive. They are able to cradle your head like a cloud, while still holding their shape.

Hyatt pillows somehow combine a pleasantly soft surface, with an interior that has some integrity.

If you fell in love with the pillows during your stay at a Hyatt Hotel, and you’d like to know which pillow to buy, what you’re looking for is the White Goose Chamber Pillow from Downlite.

We have the duck down & feather version available in our store as well.


A Chamber pillow from Downlite brand.



The same pillows found in Hyatt hotel rooms are also available for sale from Downlite’s store on Amazon – yes, the exact same pillow! They’re available year-round, in Standard, Queen, and King sizes.

If you happened to look at the long white tag, it probably had the following model number – SDL100PI0180 (followed by size indicators).

If you want to know why these Chamber pillows are such a good option, keep reading…


What we love about Downlite’s Chamber pillow

The Chamber pillows from Downlite feel like two pillows.

They feel as if you placed a soft pillow on top of a firm pillow. The top is for comfort, and the bottom pillow is for support – and that’s because chamber pillows are basically 2 pillows in 1.

Traditional pillows are basically a pillowcase filled with down, feathers, or polyester. Soft and medium pillows – while soft – compress, and eventually go flat in the middle.

Firm pillows don’t deflate as easily and do offer support, but do lack on the comfort end.

Chamber pillows, on the other hand, are basically two soft pillows wrapped around a firm pillow.


cross-section of a chamber pillow


The outer “A” layers are filled with luxurious and plush goose down fill, to provide a layer of comfort. This is the layer that you feel when you squeeze the pillow.

Goose down and feathers fill the inside “B” layer for support. 

Chamber pillows offer the best of both fill materials. You get the support of the feathers, which keeps the pillow lofty throughout the night, while you enjoy the soft surface provided by the down fill.

With the level of support that they provide, they are an ideal pillow for any back or side sleeper.


Specs, sizes, and features


Size and fill information

Downlite’s white goose chamber pillow is available in the following sizes and fill amounts:

  • Standard – 20″ x 26″, 30 oz. Fill (Inner 25 oz., Outer 5 oz.)
  • Jumbo – 20″ x 28″, 33 oz. Fill (Inner 27 oz., Outer 6 oz.)
  • Queen – 20″ x 30″, 36 oz. Fill (Inner 29 oz., Outer 7 oz.)
  • King – 20″ x 36″, 44 oz. Fill (Inner 35 oz., Outer 9 oz.)


The outer shell is made of a 230 thread count, 100% cambric cotton cover.

Cambric cotton, while soft, is a very crisp weave, which is designed to prevent the down and feather fill from leaking. Cambric cotton does tend to be a bit crinkly because of its crisp nature.

Washing before use with a good fabric softener definitely helps!


a woman hugging her pillow


These pillows are machine washable, and dryable. They feature double-needle sewn edges to keep the seems shut.

The inside fill is 600 Fill Power white goose down. The inside fill is a 10/90 white goose down and feather blend.


Why are chamber pillows often found at hotels?

Chamber pillows have become increasingly popular at hotels across the country.

The majority of people sleep on their back or side and benefit from a pillow that is on the medium to firm spectrum. The problem with finding the right pillow is that people generally pick a softer pillow because it feels better to the touch.

Everyone wants a pillow that they can snuggle with. But the reality is, that your head and neck need the support that a softer pillow just can’t provide.

This is what makes a chamber pillow so attractive to hotels like Hyatt for instance.


a woman laying on her pillow


They can provide you with a pillow that is soft and squishy to the touch, but one that also provides you with consistent support throughout the night.

Part of waking up refreshed and invigorated is a lack of neck pain!

The second benefit is purely economical. Hotels used to offer different varieties of pillows to satisfy all preferences. By using a pillow that is both soft and firm, they can satisfy a large group of people, at a lower cost.



Final thoughts

If you loved the pillows in your Hyatt Hotel room, you’ll love them in your own bedroom as well.

Chamber pillows aren’t just a hotel trick – they’re the real deal! They offer a cloud-like sleeping surface to cradle your head while providing your neck and spine the support that they need.

Hotels don’t just curate the best bedding, they also know how to make it last. 

A chamber pillow, like most pillows with natural fill, should last you at least 5-10 years – if taken care of properly. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your new pillow.


Wash less often

Goose down and feathers are fragile and should be treated with some care. The washing process adds a significant amount of wear and tear. Washing too often is one way to age a pillow faster than necessary.

Keeping your pillows clean by using a pillow protector will result in less frequent washing.


a pillow protector encasing a bed pillow


As a side benefit, a pillow protector will also keep dust mites out of your pillow. Dust mites love to feast on down and feathers which significantly reduces a pillow’s lifespan.

Pillow protectors are super affordable and will keep your pillows clean and allergen-free.


Dry correctly

Down and feathers have a distinct odor which isn’t very obvious when dry.

This odor becomes very noticeable when the down and feather fill is wet, like after a wash. And the same ability to trap heat also makes down and feathers especially capable of trapping water as well.


a pillow inside of a drying machine, with tennis balls


To avoid stinky pillows (and mold), you need to allow feather and down pillows an ample amount of time to fully dry. 

To keep your pillows fluffed, toss a few tennis balls in the dryer along with the pillow(s).

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