How to Eliminate Dust Mites From Your Bed

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

Everyone has dust mites. No matter how clean you try to keep your bedroom, you will have dust mites. Tons of them!

Dust mites can really wreak havoc – particularly if you’re an allergy sufferer. Dust mites can cause allergic reactions and symptoms year round.

While you can’t totally eliminate all dust mites, it is possible to remove a significant portion of them – at least enough to keep your allergies in check.

The Housmile Anti-Dust Mites UV Vacuum Cleaner is the best tool that we have come across. It virtually eliminates your dust mite problem.



Housmile vacuum for bed bugs and dust



The Housmile Anti-Dust Mites UV Vacuum Cleaner can remove up to 99.7% of the dust mites hiding in and around your bed.

While you’ll never be able to completely eliminate all dust mites – new ones will always take their place – the Housmile cleaner is very effective at both killing dust mites, and removing them at the same time.

Killing dust mites is not enough! Their body parts will still cause allergies. You need to completely remove mites, as well their body parts – which is where the Housmile cleaner shines. Let’s break it down…



What dust mites are

Dust mites are microscopic pests, usually a translucent white color, and are barely visible to the naked eye. They feed on dead skin flakes, and certain kinds of mold.



While the average lifespan of the average dust mite is about 20 days, mated dust mites can live 2-3 months, during which, females will lay 100 or more eggs.

Dust mites mainly eat dead skin flakes – which your body produces a ton of. Your bed, in particular, is full of these dead skin flakes. The bed in its entirety is an all-you-can-eat buffet for dust mites.



The main problem with dust mites:

1.) Dust mites do not use toilets! Their bathroom is wherever they are at the moment when the need arises. Needless to say, dust mites don’t flush either.

An average dust mite will leave approximately 2,000 pieces of fecal matter in its lifespan. That’s just one dust mite! When you consider the fact that the average bed has somewhere between 100,000 to 10 million dust mites, it’s enough to make you want to avoid your bed altogether.

Your bed is basically just one big public toilet for dust mites!

 2.) The digestive enzymes that exist in both dust mite feces, as well as in the guts of dead mites, is particularly potent in causing allergic reactions.



Issues that dust mites cause

Dust mites cause all sorts of rashes, allergic reactions, and other ailments.



Allergy issues and symptoms might include:

  • Wheezing
  • Itching
  • Runny nose
  • Watery eyes
  • Rashes
  • Hives
  • Asthma symptoms
  • Stuffy nose

And this is just a partial list.



The solution

Ok, back to the solution – The Housmile Anti-Dust Mites UV Vacuum Cleaner. Click the blue link to check it out on Amazon.

Let’s take a look into what it is, how it works, and how it is an effective tool in eliminating dust mites from your bed. We’ll also give you a few suggestions that you can easily employ to keep your allergy issues to a minimum.



What it is

The Housmile dust mite cleaner is a vacuum cleaner that also uses UV rays to kill dust mites.

list of features of the Housmile bed bug and dust vacuum



Using 253.7nm UV Tube sterilization and 131°F high-temperature air, the Housmile cleaner effectively kills dust mites.

A beater located on the bottom of the vacuum emits a 3800 beats/min high-frequency vibration, to knock any surviving mites off of whatever fabric fibers they may have been clinging on to.

The live/dead dust mites, mite body particles, feces, and other particulates are then picked up by the powerful dual suction 8.5 KP suction bases.


A HEPA filter captures 99.7% of what the cleaner picks up, which you can then empty safely. The filter compartment is washable.



How it works

Much like a hand vac or a dust-buster, you’ll run the Housmile vacuum cleaner across the length of the mattress, including pillows, side walls of the mattress, underneath the mattress, and under the box spring.


infographic about how the Housmile bed bug vacuum functions



Take your time, and make sure you cover the entire surface of your bed. Don’t miss the side walls.

If you’re able to, remove your mattress and clean the underside of the mattress, as well as the top of the box spring – dust mites will find a way into every nook and cranny of your bed!

For best results, you’ll want to vacuum clean your bed 2-3 times per week.



Why it’s so effective

The main reason that dust mites are so hard to remove with ordinary vacuum cleaners is that dust mites have claws – and the fibers in cotton, polyester, linen, etc., provide them with ample opportunities to cling on to the fabric.



So effectively, you might suck up about 10% of the live dust mites currently on your bed.

Which definitely helps – but it just slightly dents their population. It’s like cleaning only 10% of your floor – the other 90% is still dirty!



The Housmile dust mite vac is effective because it uses UV rays to kill the dust mites, and a beater for agitation, to knock the remaining mites free.

Once they are dead (or at least not clinging to fabric), the vacuum cleaner easily scoops them up, and deposits them into the filter which you can then clean out.



If you happen to miss any dust mites with the vacuum, your cleaning works long after you’ve turned the machine off. The UV light from the cleaner penetrates the outer cell structure of the mites, and alters their DNA. This is a key feature for two reasons:

1.) The dust mites die soon after being exposed to the UV rays.

2.) They can no longer reproduce. This means no new eggs until they actually die.

While dead dust mites can still cause allergies, at least they won’t be reproducing.



Other suggestions

In order to eliminate dust mites, it helps to keep their numbers in check to begin with. Here are a few tips and suggestions to control their population, and limit the problem as much as possible.

  • Take a shower before bed – Dead skin flakes are the main diet for dust mites. These dead skin flakes fall off of your body throughout the night, particularly from the friction between you and your sheets. Taking a shower before bed will remove many of these dead skin flakes.
  • Use protection – Practice safe bedding! Dust mites (and other bed critters) love to make their home inside of your pillows and mattress – which makes them that much harder to remove. Limit their available real estate by using a pillow protector for your pillows, and a mattress protector for your mattress.
  • Limit humidity – Dust mites thrive in humid environments. Make sure to thoroughly dry your hair, and body, before getting into bed.
  • Wash your sheets – At least once per week preferably, but no less than once every two weeks.
  • Wash your pajamas often – Or use several sets throughout the week. Dead skin flakes don’t just end up in your bed – your clothing is covered with them too!



Final thoughts

While you’ll never be able to fully eliminate all dust mites, you can virtually eliminate them, and drastically control their population.

Using the Housmile UV cleaner, and the suggestions above, you will definitely see a reduction in your allergy symptoms!

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