How To Fight Off Dust Mites In Your Bedroom

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

No matter how much or how often you clean, you’ll still see traces of dust in your bedroom and other places around your home.

Those particles contain a combination of materials, including human skin cells, plant fibers, animal hair, paper fibers, and other organic materials.


a woman running her finger over a dusty piece of wood furniture


If you notice that your sheets are dusty, you’ll probably have a problem with dust mites too.

These creatures are invisible to the naked eye and can live in beds, carpets, and furniture where they have access to a regular food source.

Though you may have tried other solutions in the past, there are some simple things you can do to treat a dusty bedroom.


Vacuum more and often

The one item with the largest surface area in any room of the house is the floor. Keeping your floors clean – and dust-free – is the most effective way to battle dust in the bedroom.

The best way to keep your floors clean is to vacuum daily. This is especially true if you have carpeted floors.

But is vacuuming daily a realistic idea?

Yes, it is, especially if you have a robot that can do it for you – like the iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum.


Dust accumulates constantly. And walking on the floor kicks the dust up into the air. So unless you’re able to hover around the house, floor dust will always be an issue.

Vacuuming daily is the only way to fight the bedroom dust battle! Since a robot can do the vacuuming for you, you really have no excuse here.

Do you have carpets? Yes, the robot can clean that. Do you have hard floors? Yes, the robot can clean that.

Do you have furniture in your bedroom? Yes, the robot can clean under and around furniture.


a diagram showing the cleaning path of an iRobot Roomba

The floor is by far the area in your bedroom with the largest quantity of dust accumulation. So this step will reduce the dust by a significant amount.

Next, let’s focus on the floor again…


Get Rid of Carpets

If possible, remove carpeting, and replace it with hard floors.

Some people love having carpets in their bedrooms. They like how warm and soft it feels against their feet every morning.

Dust mites also love carpets, which is why you might have dust mites under the bed.

The worst carpets that attract these creatures are those that are thicker or shaggier. Carpeted bedrooms can be dangerous for those with allergens too because the floors attract dust.

Even with regular vacuuming, the carpet will release dust with every step. Wood or tile is a better choice.


Use protection

Bed bugs are one of the worst types of bugs that you can have inside your home.

Not only can the bugs feast on and damage your mattress and box spring, but they also feed on dead insects, dead human skin cells, etc., and can also spread from one room to another.

Since we’ve already removed a sizable amount of dust from the floor, now let’s focus on removing another food source – your pillows and mattress.

The best way to protect your pillows is by using a pillow protector, like the one below:


a pillow encased in a pillow protector

Similarly, mattresses can be encased in a mattress protector.

Sometimes called anti-allergen covers because they offer protection for those with allergies, these protective covers come in sizes that fit all mattresses and pillows.

The tight weave prevents bed bugs and dust mites from getting in and devouring the fibers inside. Removing dust mites and bed bugs from your bed will make a huge difference.


Change Your Bedding

Many people struggle with dusty bedrooms because they do not change their bedding as often as they should.

Your bed has a large surface area, and just like your floor, it is a popular hangout spot within the dust community.

As your sheets and bedding age, the fibers of the fabric weaken, and tiny particles break off and also contribute to your dust collection.

And as we’ve come to find out – where you find dust, you’ll also find dust mites!

bed bugs magnified under a microscope


A clear sign that your bedroom is dusty is when you notice that your sheets are dusty. Experts generally recommend that you change your sheets at least once a week.

The comforter or blanket that you sleep under can pick up the dead skin cells that you slough off every night.

Those cells weigh down the comforter and also add to the overall dustiness in the room.

If you’d rather not wash your comforter on a weekly basis, you should at least take it outside and give it a good ruffling to remove the surface dust buildup.


Add a Dehumidifier

Another way you can reduce the dust in your bedroom is with a dehumidifier – just make sure that you look for one with a HEPA filter.

These filters can remove nearly 100% of the allergens in the room and will work on both large and small particles.

a dehumidifier used to reduce dust and dust mites

They pull in dirty air, clean and purify it, and then release the clean air back into the room.

A dehumidifier will also reduce the humidity in the room, which can help with dust mites. Those creatures thrive in spaces with a high humidity level.


Replace Furniture

Certain types of furniture attract dust more than others, including upholstered furniture.

If you have an upholstered headboard, the chances are good that you’ll see dust falling off of it when you climb in and out of bed.

Armchairs and other upholstered furniture can attract and release dust too.

Wood furniture is a better choice for bedrooms. Not only will the wood not attract dust, but it’s also easy to clean.

You can use ordinary distilled white vinegar mixed with water to remove any dust that you see.


Cut Down on Clutter

One reason you might find dust mites under the bed is that you have too much clutter in your bedroom. This includes the throw pillows on the bed as well as the other decorations around the room.

All of the clutter contributes to the overall surface area of your room. The less surface area present, the fewer places you’ll have where dust can collect.


a messy bedroom with a lot of clutter

Take a few minutes to go through the room and decide what you need and what you don’t need.

You may not need multiple books on your nightstand, or photos hanging on the wall along with books and decorations on the shelves.


Remove items underneath the bed

While you’re decluttering, remove any items that you might have stored underneath your bed.

The space underneath your bed is a hot spot for dust – and dust mites – so there’s no point in offering them even more food to munch on. You already know what a hassle it can be to vacuum under the bed, which is another reason why a Roomba vacuum is so convenient.

a woman vacuuming dust underneath her bed


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