Where to Find Feather Beds Used at Hilton Hotels

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

Did you recently stay at a Hilton Hotel and fall in love with the bed? Did you drift away to sleep as you’ve never done before? If so, you’re not alone, millions of people have as well.

If you did, you probably noticed the multiple bedding layers underneath the sheets. Did you take a look underneath and notice the plush and lofty featherbed? Do you want to buy the same featherbed for your bed at home?

For the short answer, click on the blue link below – for the long answer, keep reading…

In Hilton hotel rooms, they use the Pacific Coast Luxe Loft Baffle Box Feather Bed


a Luxe Loft featherbed from Pacific Coast Feathers


Most feather beds are basically just a big bag of feathers.

The Luxe Loft feather bed, on the other hand, has built-in baffled boxes. Just like with a down comforter, the baffling helps keep the feather fill in place and prevents shifting.

The result is consistently fluffy support.

They also feature a 230 thread count, 100% cotton quilted top cover, 2-inch gussets, a 10-year warranty, and Pacific Coast’s “barrier-weave” fabric to keep feathers locked inside. 


Luxury Featherbeds For a Luxury Hotel

Hilton hotels are recognized as one of the more luxurious hotels, in the U.S., and internationally. Hilton goes to great lengths to “engineer” rooms that combine both luxury, and comfort – to ensure their guests sleep soundly.


a bedroom with two beds at a Hilton Hotel


A lot of research goes into finding the optimal features, and products.

They thoroughly test out many different pieces, for example, to find which combinations offer the most satisfying sleep experience.

It’s no surprise, of course, that you sleep like a baby in a Hilton hotel!

If you want to feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, as you did in your Hilton bedroom, a feather bed is a must-have! Once you sleep on top of a featherbed, an ordinary mattress will just never be “up to your standards”.

You have to look beyond the sheets

Hilton beds offer a luxuriously plush bed. If your bed at home feels inferior after your stay at the Hilton, you’ll have to look beyond just your sheets and mattress.

Hotel beds feel so cozy and inviting because they are layered These layers often include a memory foam mattress topper, with a feather bed on top, followed by a mattress pad on top of that.


an infographic showing the different layers of a hotel bed


All of these layers provide sumptuous comfort that our beds at home just can’t.
So, for a “hotel-like” bed at home, the Luxe Loft feather bed from Pacific Coast is a good starting point.

Luxe Loft Feather Beds Are Superior

Luxe Loft feather beds are certainly a luxury option. They have a list of features that cheaper feather beds just can’t replicate. 


Superior Construction

Luxe Loft feather beds are made to stand the test of time.

They are constructed with double-needle sewn selvages, for instance, which makes for a durable product. With cheaply produced feather beds, you’ll often notice seams that come apart after a short time of use.

So, it only takes a tiny opening for a large number of feathers to leak out.



The double-needle sewn construction ensures that the feather bed remains intact and that all of the feathers remain inside – where they belong.

Quality materials are great, but you also need quality workmanship as well; which is why the Luxe Loft feather bed comes with a 5-year warranty.



Allergy-Free Feathers

These feather beds contain hyperclean Resilia feathers. Resilia feathers undergo a rigorous washing and sanitizing treatment, and are virtually allergen-free.

Even the most sensitive of allergy sufferers are comfortable sleeping on top of Resilia feathers.



Feather allergies are commonly experienced due to the contaminants found within the feathers, not the feathers themselves. The washing process eliminates most, if not all of these contaminants.

Pacific Coast featherbeds come with a Limited Allergy-Free warranty. 

Baffled Channels

As mentioned above, these feather beds feature a baffled box design. Traditional feather beds, of course, don’t have any baffling – they look like a giant pillow.

What you are left with is a lumpy mess. As you lay on top of it, your body’s weight shifts the feathers around, resulting in feathers around you, but not under you.


an infographic showing how baffled boxes work in a featherbed

The baffled channels keep the fill evenly distributed, to offer consistent support across the entire bed.


Barrier Weave fabric

Bedding products using feather fill, like pillows, feather beds, etc., are notorious for feathers that leak out – or worse yet, feathers that poke you with their quill end.

Quills of a feather are quite sharp, and it doesn’t take much force for them to poke through cheaply made fabric. 



Luxe Loft featherbeds feature Pacific Coast’s “Barrier Weave” fabric that keeps quills from poking out. Barrier Weave is a super fine weave, and it is tight enough to keep even razor-sharp quills from peeking out. 

A feather bed should provide comfort, of course, not pain and frustration!

Fill Specs

  • Twin – 112 oz
  • Full – 192 oz
  • Queen – 224 oz
  • King – 272 oz
  • California King – 272 oz

If you compare the Luxe Loft model with other featherbeds on the market today, you’ll find that they contain about 10-20% more fill.

The extra fill keeps the baffles plump and plush.

The Advantages of Luxe Loft

As mentioned above, Luxe Loft feather beds made by Pacific Coast offer a bevy of features that inferior feather beds just can’t match.

As far as allergy concerns go – the Barrier Weave fabric keeps the virtually allergy-free Resillia feather fill neatly tucked inside, and far away from you.

The Barrier Weave fabric, in addition to the double-needle sewn construction, provides a quality product. 

As far as comfort is concerned, the baffle box design keeps the feather fill in place, while still allowing you some space to fluff the feathers. This provides a cloud-like feeling, so you can sleep as you did in your Hilton hotel room.


Infographic about a Baffled Box design preventing feather shifting



Finally, Pacific Coast offers a warranty that you won’t find with other competitor products.

Not only do these feather beds come with a great 5-year limited warranty, but they also have a 30-night “Comfort Guarantee”. If you aren’t fully satisfied after 30 nights, just send yours back for a full refund!



Final Thoughts

Featherbeds can be difficult to properly maintain – simply put, they are huge!

Unless you own a commercial washing machine, they are most likely too big to fit inside your washing machine at home. So, this means you’ll probably have to get yours professionally laundered.

To avoid the need to wash a featherbed at all, consider using a feather bed protector – they work just like a regular pillow protector, but for your feather bed instead.


a featherbed incased inside of a protector, on a mattress


It will protect your feather bed from spills or stains, and it will also keep dust mites and other bugs out! Featherbed protectors are inexpensive and will keep your feather bed looking clean, and new, for years to come.

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