Where You Can Buy The Featherbeds Used In W Hotels

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

W Hotels cater to a luxury lifestyle.

They are marketed toward a younger and more active customer. The average W Hotel guest is in his or her 30’s or 40’s and plans to spend more time out of the hotel room, than in.

Yet and still, no expense is spared in making a W Hotel room the standard in hospitality.

From eclectic artwork and vibrant accents to the ultra-plush bed, you definitely know when you see a W Hotel bedroom. They are truly unique!


a W Hotel bedroom


When you finally lay down on the bed, you can tell that a lot of care went into crafting what you once thought was an unattainable level of comfort.

The difference between good and great is usually in the details, and the W Hotel is all about the details!

At first glance, you might notice the crisp white sheets or the simply elegant duvet cover. But it doesn’t take long to realize that it feels like you’re floating on a sumptuous cloud.

If you lift up the fitted sheet, then you’ll find out why.


The featherbed

On a W hotel bed, the baffled channel duck feather bed is what provides that super plush and cozy feel that makes your bed at home feel so inadequate!

a featherbed on a W Hotel bed


Most feather beds are simply just a big bag of feathers. The majority of them are box-baffled, which are still comfortable – but you tend to feel the individuality of each box.

The feathers like to bunch up towards the middle of each box – so it feels like sleeping on a bed full of balloons, as opposed to an even surface.

The W Hotel baffled channel feather bed has built-in baffled channels. The channeling helps keep the feather fill in place but allows them a bit of wiggle room.

This provides a much more even surface, for example, along with amazingly fluffy support.


the channels of a W Hotel featherbed


A feather bed is unmatched in providing a cloud-like level of comfort. If you loved sleeping on your W Hotel bed, your bed at home just won’t satisfy.

Most people think that the mattress is what makes a hotel bed so special. It’s actually not.

The trick is in the layers that they use in conjunction with a quality mattress. Which means… you don’t need a hotel mattress to have a hotel bed at home, you just need the layers!

And a feather bed is the key component.


What makes these feather beds so great?

The W Hotel baffled channel feather bed is certainly a luxury model. It has a list of features that cheaper quality feather beds lack.

Let’s take a look.


The anchor bands

Mattress pads go on top of a feather bed. Their main purpose here is to hold the feather bed in place – not necessarily to add an additional layer of comfort.

The W Hotels featherbed doesn’t need mattress pads – it holds itself in place.


the anchor bands of a W Hotel featherbed


Each corner has its own anchor bands which loop around the corner of the mattress to provide tension. This keeps the feather bed firmly attached to the mattress and prevents it from shifting or moving around.

The bands will fit mattresses up to 16″ deep.


Quality construction

The W Hotel baffled channel feather beds feature quality construction!

Do you notice how the edges of the feather bed taper into a knife-edge seam? That is more important than you might think, and a very good indicator of quality workmanship.

These double-needle sewn selvages are what make this a durable feather bed.



Cheaper feather beds don’t have a pronounced edge, which is why they commonly leak feathers from seams that come undone after just a few years of use.

The double-needle sewn construction keeps the seams tight and shut – and the feathers stay inside, where they belong.


Baffled channels

Traditionally, feather beds didn’t have any type of baffling. They were just a giant pillow. While they were better than nothing, they still had low and high spots once it was compressed under your weight.

Then came baffled box featherbeds like the one below.


the corners and edges of a feather bed


This type of box baffling gives a feather bed a bit more integrity, but the squares tend to peak in the middle. The number of boxes also constrict the feather fill into small quarters, and this leads to more of a dense feel, not a fluffy one.

The baffled channels of the W Hotels featherbed keeps the fill evenly distributed, while the head-to-toe baffling allows the feathers room to move, so the surface stays even.


The outer cover

A common issue with feather beds is that their feathers leak or poke you with their quills. This is due to poor quality materials being used to make the outer cover.

Feather quills, specifically, are sturdy and fairly sharp. They tend to easily escape through the loosely-weaved or thin fabric.

a row of feathers

The cover of the W Hotels feather beds is made with 100% cambric cotton, which features a tight weave. This ensures that the quill ends of the feathers don’t poke through.


The result is quality-made comfort

When you add it all up, it’s easy to see what makes these feather beds a luxury model.

They feature quality materials and workmanship, like the cambric cotton outer cover –  which keeps the feathers locked inside.

The baffled channel design keeps the feathers in place, but does so with a bit of moderation. This provides a cloud-like feel throughout the entire surface.

And the anchor bands keep the feather bed snuggly in place on top of your mattress.


the features of a W Hotel featherbed

There’s a reason why W Hotels add this feather bed on top of the mattress. They want you to experience the most relaxing sleep of your life. They want you to wake up feeling refreshed.

W Hotels wants your hotel bed to be memorable!

If you thoroughly enjoyed your stay, you’ll probably want to book another W Hotel next time right?


Sizes and specs


Sizes available

  • Full – 54” x 80”
  • Queen – 60” x 80”
  • King – 78” x 80”


  • 100% cambric cotton cover
  • Duck feather fill
  • Spot clean

Please note, that a feather bed is filled with actual feathers. If you experience a “feather odor”, it’s probably because the feathers are wet or damp.

Let it air out – preferably in a warm area – for a few hours before placing it on top of your mattress.



Final thoughts

If you’re planning on placing a mattress pad on top of this feather bed, then you won’t need the anchor straps. In which case, consider using a feather bed protector.

A feather bed protector, for example, works just like a pillow protector. It encases it entirely and zips shut.

a featherbed inside of a protector on a mattress

Featherbed protectors are super affordable and will keep your feather bed looking clean and new.

The cleaner it stays, the less often you’ll have to wash it!

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