Choosing An Organic Mattresses For Your Child


Sleeping soundly in a healthy environment is essential for your child’s development and well-being. Ensuring that a child has a comfortable bed and a fine-quality organic mattress is of major importance. 

Small children typically spend as much as one-third of their time sleeping, which promotes healthy growth.

Some parents may not be aware that ordinary mattresses may contain polyurethane foam, which is flammable. This not only creates a fire hazard, but also results in the presence of flame-retardant synthetic chemicals.

Other common components of non-organic mattresses are toluene diisocyanate – a carcinogen, and isocyanates – which can cause skin and respiratory inflammations.

Sleeping on a non-toxic mattress that is composed of organic materials helps kids sleep through the night. Since their internal systems are still developing, children’s bodies need plenty of time to detoxify. Their organs and digestive systems cannot rid the body of toxins and wastes as efficiently as the bodily systems of teenagers or adults can.

As a parent, you want to avoid letting toxins and airborne germs accumulate in and on your child’s mattress. Older mattresses can also attract dust mites, which can lead to a buildup of unhealthy bacteria.

To help eliminate these undesirable conditions, choose a non-toxic organic mattress, which can ensure ultimate quality sleep for your child.


Our Organic Mattress Recommendation

The valuable benefits of an organic mattress for children and toddlers today encourage parents to “go green” when they shop. But with so many options, where do you start?

Depending on the age of your child, we recommend 1 of the 2 options below:



For Children Ages NB to 3 Years Old

We recommend the Organic Dream Cotton Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress.

This top-quality organic mattress for baby cribs and toddler beds is made of 100% hypoallergenic organic cotton. The advanced design of this product utilizes baby-safe technology to ensure sound, healthy sleep for your infant.

a baby sleeping on an Organic Dream crib mattress

This mattress lowers the risk of suffocation, is Greenguard Certified, and is 100% breathable when used on standard or mini-cribs and toddler beds.



  • This mattress offers superior quality and does not contain toxins.
  • Includes washable cover
  • This crib and toddler bed mattress provide a safe, restful night of sleep for babies and toddlers.


  • Toddlers miss this mattress when they move to a larger children’s bed.




For Children Ages 3 Years & Older

We recommend the Naturepedic Firm Verse Organic Mattress for Children.

This organic mattress for a child’s twin or full bed is completely non-toxic, and it is GOTS standard-certified. Produced in an eco-friendly factory, this mattress is made by a manufacturer who specializes in making pure, green products.

It contains no harsh chemical fire-retardants, synthetic adhesives, or PU foam, which emphasizes the important benefits of an organic mattress.




  • This mattress is firm with a soft top layer, which kids love.
  • Suitable for youngsters transitioning from a crib and for older children, this mattress is a great choice.



  • This mattress may be slightly too firm for some children.


The Verse mattress consists of 5 layers:



Selecting a Superior-Quality Organic Mattress for Children

When shopping for the ideal safe, healthy organic mattress for children, it is best to choose one composed of materials like the following:


Organic Cotton

An organic mattress for children or toddlers that has both internal filler and external surfaces made of 100 percent organic cotton is ideal.

This type of mattress composition is breathable and will ensure that your child is sleeping on a healthy bed. Children’s mattresses that are quilted are recommended for their durability and for maintaining their original shape without sagging.


Natural Latex

When buying this type of mattress for your youngster, ensure that the latex content is all-natural or organic. Avoid synthetic-natural latex blends in organic mattresses for toddlers’ designs since they can be unhealthy for your child’s sleep.

For the purest form of this material currently available, choose a mattress composed of latex that isGOLS certified organic.



Wool or woolen blends are used in manufacturing some organic mattresses for toddlers’ designs. If the wool is organic or is processed to meet acceptable organic standards, it is non-toxic.

Mattresses of this type will provide safe, health-promoting sleeping conditions for your child.

If you purchase a child’s mattress from an organic mattress company that has GOTS certification, it will be safe. The Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) are trustworthy standards for producing mattresses.

All mattresses that are GOTS-certified contain fiber components made of organic materials that are certified by the National Organic Program (NOP).



Organic mattress manufacturers use safe fire-protective substances to meet non-flammability requirements. Some mattress production companies also use wool for making children’s mattresses because wool has fire-resistant properties.

To ensure fire protection, some companies use wool that is treated with non-toxic natural chemicals.

Other organic mattresses for toddlers producers use PLA fiber made from plant starch, which is fire-resistant. PLA is hypoallergenic as well as non-toxic and can be easily cleaned organically. If you are considering purchasing this type of mattress, make sure it is GMO-free.



Refrain from Buying Bio-Foam, Eco Foam, and Soy Foam Mattresses

While shopping for a child’s mattress, you may notice that some products are advertised as eco-friendly, green, or plant-based. They often are described as Bio-Foam, Eco Foam, or Soy Foam mattresses.

These styles can be dangerous since they often contain mostly polyurethane foam mixed with a small amount (10 to 25%) of plant-based materials.

Since polyurethane foam requires treatment with fire-resistant chemicals to meet fire-compliance regulations, these mattresses are unhealthy. This type of advertising is often referred to as “green-washing.” These “eco-mattresses” all contain large percentages of toxic chemical substances.




Purchasing a superior-quality organic mattress for your child is essential for ensuring a good night’s sleep for your youngster. It is also of major importance in making sure that your child is sleeping in a non-toxic, pure environment. Mattresses composed of pure, organic fibers are also durable and will last for long-term, safe use.

Regular mattress designs for kids often contain harsh, synthetic materials and flame-retardants that can cause skin and respiratory irritations. However, you can choose to select a top-rated organic mattress.

Important benefits of an organic mattress can keep your child healthy and well-rested. These leading pure products are produced using only organic materials and natural fire-prevention treatments to ensure your young child’s safety.

And for a younger child, don’t forget to add a mattress protector!

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