Making Sense Of Malouf Mattress Protectors

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

Malouf has many mattress protector models. It can be tough deciding which model to buy.

Malouf has 9 mattress protectors that come with a variety of options. Full encasement, additional barriers, etc. – all make the decision even harder.

Let’s take a look at what you need, and narrow down the options for you.


Do You Only Need Top Coverage?

Contrary to popular belief, not all mattress protectors encase the entire mattress. Some protectors just cover the top. Some cover the top and sides, for example, like a fitted sheet.

Unlike a fitted sheet, however, a protector will block liquids, and bed bugs from penetrating your mattress from above.

At this point, you might be thinking – “The bottom of the mattress won’t be protected. Bed bugs and dust mites will just enter from the bottom side”.

graphic showing a top & side mattress protector

And you’d be right. However, the bugs won’t be able to penetrate through the membrane of the mattress protector. So the protector will provide coverage. And it will create a waterproof barrier.

Another huge feature of a 5-sided protector is convenience. It is quite an effort to install a full-encasement mattress protector, of course. Whereas a 5-sided model just slips on like a fitted sheet.

So, if this sounds like the type of mattress protection that you want, here is a breakdown of the top and top/side coverage models:


Top Of Mattress Coverage



This is their basic model. It’s made of terry cloth and has an H2Pro® liquid-proof membrane. This model protects against liquids, allergens, and dust mites.

It protects the top of the mattress.


Sleep Tite terry cloth mattress protector from Malouf



An ultra-thin basic model. Instead of terry cotton, this protector is made of polyester. This also has the H2Pro® liquid-proof membrane. And offers basic protection against liquids,  allergens, and dust mites.

The difference here is the smooth and thin polyester fabric. For the average person, the Smooth or Terry models are a good choice.


Fitted mattress protector from Malouf


Top And Side Coverage Models

The next three models will protect the top, and all 4 vertical sides of the mattress. If you need an upgrade, because of allergy sensitivities, asthma, etc. – the Five 5ided lineup is for you.



The Five 5ided model offers the same protection as the Smooth protector, with the added side protection as well.


Sleep Tite Five 5ided Smooth Mattress Protector from Malouf



Same as the Five 5sided smooth mattress protector, but is made of Tencel fabric, and adds Omniphase material.

Microencapsulated Omniphase phase change material promotes a comfortable sleeping temperature in any climate. The Tencel fiber wicks away moisture from the body.


Sleep Tite Encase Omniphase Mattress Protector from Malouf



The ultimate in cooling technology. Innovative IceTech™ fabric continually dissipates body heat for a comfortable sleep climate.

If you require a cool sleeping environment, and you want protection, this is your choice.

Sleep Tite Five 5ided Icetech Mattress Protector


Do You Need Full Encasement?

If you want your mattress to be covered on all 6 sides, you’ll need a full encasement model. The difference here, of course, is that with full encasement, the bottom side of the mattress is covered as well.

This doesn’t make any difference as far as water-proofing is concerned, but it does make a huge difference as far as bed bugs and dust mites.

The bed bugs and dust mites live all around your bed. A significant number of them live underneath. So while the underside of the bed isn’t a concern as far as getting wet, it is an entry point for bugs.

a graphic showing a mattress being fully encased by a protector

And as we mentioned above, the bugs won’t be able to get through the protector’s membrane. But they will be able to get inside your mattress from the underside.

Over time, bugs and dust mites do eat through the fibers inside of the mattress. And, of course, this can shorten the life of a mattress.

So, If you’d like to preserve your mattress, and get the most out of it, a full encasement model is best. If you tend to switch out mattresses every 5 years or so, it’s not really necessary. A 5-sided protector will do just fine.

So, for full encasement options, we have 3 options to work with:


Full Encasement Options



Essentially the same material and features as the Smooth protectors we mentioned above. But with all-around, 360-degree protection.




The same all-around encasement, but this option adds a Micro Tite® zipper closure. This closure is bed bug proof, and allows for easy removal as the top half zips completely off.

This adds significant convenience. You install the mattress protector the first time as you normally would. Thereafter, you can just zip off the top layer with your regular laundry.

You don’t need to re-install the entire mattress protector after.

You just zip the top layer back onto the bottom. If you’re a clean freak, and you hate the hassle of putting a mattress protector back on after each wash, the HD model is for you!





This model is the same as the Five-5ided Tencel™ + Omniphase protector above, but with all-around protection. You get the same heat dissipation, but with 360-degree coverage.

This model also has the Micro Tite® zipper closure.




Are You Still Confused?

Let’s simplify this as much as possible.

A mattress protector’s job, of course, is to protect your mattress from substances or creatures that can cause damage to your mattress, or you. Liquids, bugs, allergens, etc.

Let’s figure out your priorities, and that will help us figure out which model is best for you. When in doubt, consult the table below:


a comparison chart of all Malouf mattress protector models


Do you routinely wake up with bug bites all over you?

Your bed is probably full of bed bugs. You’ll want a full encasement option. 


Are you diligent with cleaning up? Do you do laundry weekly? Do you vacuum under the bed weekly?

A top or top + sides protector will do just fine. 


Do you require a cool bed?

If so, the models with TENCEL + OMNIPHASE or IceTech models will maintain a cool sleep environment. 


Do you want your mattress to last as long as possible?

A full encasement model is the best option. If you plan on laundering your protector regularly, for instance, the Encase HD model is best. Otherwise, the LT model is great. 


Do you want to wash your mattress protector as often as you wash your sheets?

A top, top & sides, and the Encase HD/Encase Omniphase models offer that convenience.


Do you suffer from extreme allergies or asthma?

A full encasement option is the best bet. If you plan on laundering frequently, for example, choose the HD option. If not, the LT model offers the same level of protection.

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