How To Turn An Ordinary Bathtub Into A Hot Tub

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

From time to time, we all like to think about our next home.

We like to plan ahead and visualize what our future house will look like. Maybe a bigger master bedroom – definitely with bigger closets.

Or maybe a kitchen with marble countertops, and a full kitchen island.

For a lot of people, that new house includes a luxurious bathroom, with a hot tub! If you’ve fantasized about having a hot tub at home on more than one occasion, you’re definitely not alone. Most of us have!

Hot tubs just melt all of your stress and tension away.


a woman relaxing in a hot tub


That looks so relaxing, doesn’t it? Add a glass of wine to that situation and you have a perfect weekend!

Taking a regular bath is nice, but it just can’t compare to the hot tub experience.

The main problem is that a regular bathtub doesn’t provide the bubbling action that makes a hot tub so relaxing. On top of that, you need to keep turning the water on to keep things hot.

For most of us, our bathtub looks like this…


a regular shower bath tub


Does that look like your bathtub?

If it does, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can turn that ordinary bathtub into a hot tub whenever you want without having to buy a new house!

The setup is so quick and easy, that you can transform an ordinary bathtub into a hot tub in just a matter of minutes.

Does that sound interesting to you?

Give us a few minutes, and we’ll show you how to turn that ordinary-looking bathtub, into an awesome and relaxing hot tub with the SereneLife Portable Bubble Bath Massager!


a portable hot tub jet for home use


The basic intro

A hot tub, besides having hot water, has two features that an ordinary bathtub does not.

  1. It has hot water shooting out through jets – which provides a massage-like effect with bubbles.
  2. The jets keep the bath so you don’t have to constantly add more hot water.

This is exactly what the SereneLife bubble bath massager does! It provides the jets that your bathtub doesn’t have, to get the bubbles flowing, and it has a heater to keep the water warm throughout your bath.

Sounds fairly simple right? And it is that simple. Place the mat in the tub, turn it on, and your ordinary bathtub becomes a luxurious hot tub!

If you want more details, keep reading…


How it works and how to use it

This unit is composed of three parts (as well as a remote control):

  1. The pump
  2. The hose
  3. The mat


what is included with the SereneLife Bubble Bath Massager


Let’s start at the top, and work our way down.

It all starts off with the pump. You plug the pump into a nearby outlet and turn it on. Then, using the remote control, choose your preferred intensity rating.

The pump instantly sends hot air through the hose, and down into the mat.

The mat – which has suction cups to keep it in place on the floor of your bathtub – gets inflated by the air flowing through it (the inflated mat does also provide a layer of comfort).

The mat releases the air, which escapes out in bubble form, providing that hot-tub bubbling action. As the hot air flows through the water, it also keeps it warm.

If you prefer a full-on bubble bath, just add some soap, and maybe some essential oil into the provided aroma clip.

General specs



  • Mat dimensions – 47” x 14.2′
  • Hose length – 8.2′
  • Motor power – 120V
  • Total Weight – 7.05 lbs


Some important features:

  • The mat is waterproof and mold resistant
  • Safe to use with soaps, salts, and essential oils
  • The mat rolls up for easy storage
  • 20-minute auto shut-off


hot tub machine for home use


A few tips to get the most out of it


The remote control

Most people think they might have received a defective unit when they first get things set up. They plug in the machine and turn on the remote, but nothing happens.

In case you skipped the instructions – your remote control is not defective – just hold the power button down for 10 seconds.


The noise

The pump isn’t particularly noisy, but if your hearing is sensitive, or if you want a completely quiet and serene environment, place the unit outside of the bathroom.


serenelife bath tub pump

The hose measures just a bit over 8 feet long. For the average bathroom, that should clear the bathroom area, and provide you the ability to place the motor unit behind the door.

Either way, don’t place anything (like a towel) on top of the motor to muffle the sound – it will prevent the motor from sucking in fresh air.


Bubble baths

If you’re going to be running a bubble bath, start on the low setting, and then move your way up.


The motor is quite powerful (470 Watt System), and can send soap suds flying out on the high setting.


Cleaning it afterward

No need for special cleaning products – just hose it down with the showerhead, and then let it dry.


Drying it off

While the mat itself is mold-resistant, your storage area probably isn’t. If you’re going to be storing this away when not in use, make sure it’s fully dry before rolling it up.



A convenient drying method, if you have smooth tiled walls (which most showers have), is to set it against the shower wall vertically. Using the suction cups, attach the mat to the tiles, and then allow it to fully dry.


Tub mats

The suction cups need a smooth surface to adhere to. So, if your bath floor isn’t smooth, the bath mat will not stick.

If you have a tub mat, remove it before placing the massager mat inside.


Final thoughts

When you finally buy the house of your dreams, we’re sure that a hot tub will be one of your main priorities. Whether you choose a house that already has a hot tub, or if you have a new one put in – either way, the luxurious life is hopefully in your near future.

Until then, the SereneLife Bathtub Bubble Massage Mat will make the best out of your current bathtub situation.

In a few minutes, you can enjoy a warm and bubbly bath, within your ordinary bathtub.


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  1. We have a whirlpool tub which the biggest down fall is draining (ie Wasting) water and the water getting cold.
    Using this item in conjunction with the Bubble Matt should work well but how hot will the air get the water?
    Oh yes, the COST and where is it Made CHINA????

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