How to Decorate When Young Siblings Share a Bedroom

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

When young siblings share a room, it can be a challenge to decorate the room to satisfaction of both children. Each child will probably want to express his or her own personality in how the room is decorated.

If both children can agree on the same theme, then your job is pretty simple. The problem arises when they each have their own designs on how the space should be decorated.

Anyone who has had young children knows how stubborn they can be!

Children can be territorial and possessive just like adults. The solution is finding a common thread to compromise over. Maybe a common overall theme, like superheroes?

Or separate themes with shared colors?

With either approach, the goal is to provide each child with their own individual space. Something that is tailored to each personality, while compromising on certain elements.

Let’s take a look at ways to satisfy both siblings:


A single theme both children can agree on

Ideally, both siblings will agree on a common theme, making it a breeze to decorate the room.

For two boys, a car theme bed is a crowd-pleaser:

a blue race car bed frame for young boys




For two young girls, maybe a pink theme? Or perhaps something featuring hearts or flowers?


matching pink beds for two girls


The only thing left up for debate is whether to get two twin beds, or one bunk bed. 

If space is a concern, bunk beds are definitely an option to consider. Bunk beds save space, and offer more area for the kids to play. Kids generally love bunk beds.

If you have enough space for two beds, and whatever else you choose to furnish the room with, one bed per sibling is the best option – especially for you!

Climbing up a small ladder to tuck the child in, or make the bed is not the easiest thing in the world.


The overall theme

The first thing to consider is the actual bedding. In this scenario, both children mutually agree on a single theme (or don’t mind what the chosen theme is). In which case, the easiest thing to do is to just have matching bed sets.

To further complete the theme for a shared bedroom, let’s consider the walls.

You have a few options to work with here:

  • Keep the paint as-is
  • Paint the walls to match the bed sets
  • Wallpaper that matches the bed sets

Keeping the paint as-is, or painting to match the bedding is the easiest option. Wallpaper – while it does take more effort – will certainly add some more personality and fun to the bedroom. 

If you went with a car theme, a wallpaper featuring racing tracks is a nice touch. For a sports-themed room, wallpaper that includes their favorite sports is a fun idea.

Young girls will probably appreciate other things, like butterflies, Disney characters, etc.


wallpaper for a young girl's bedroom


Once the walls and beds are completed, you’ll want to focus on the rest of the room. Matching furniture, if it can be agreed upon, is once again the easiest option.

The safest way is to match the furniture with the colors of the bed set. Does the bed set feature a red car? How about a red dresser, or table lamps with red accents?


A dual theme for siblings who can’t agree

If siblings can’t agree on a shared theme, the easiest thing to do is to split the room in half. There are two ways to simplify a shared theme:

  • Find middle ground on the larger components
  • Multi-purpose elements as much as possible


Middle ground

If possible, get the children to agree on as many of the main pieces as possible. For example, even if the individual themes are different, perhaps they can agree on common colors, like pink hearts and flowers for girls, or sports teams and cars of the same color.

If that can be agreed upon, the rest of the room should fall into place.

If they still can’t agree, make other arrangements. For example, if one child compromises on room color, he or she can choose special wallpaper or posters for their side.


Multi-purpose furniture

Try to incorporate as much multi-purpose furniture as possible. If you’re able to eliminate some major components of a bedroom, it provides fewer opportunities for disagreement.

For example, you might consider purchasing twin trundle beds.


a trundle bed for children


This type of mattress has its own built-in storage area underneath the mattress that can be used as a dresser. It can also be utilized to provide each child their own individual storage area for personal items.



If the room is split in half, you might have to end up with two different colors for the walls. If that’s the case, don’t sweat it.

Two different colors can still look decent, if done right. The best option would be two complementary colors. For example, pink that fades into red, or grey that transitions into blue.

If that is out of the question, the best option is to agree on a neutral color, and accent with wallpaper. Wallpaper accents can be found on Amazon, or any children’s bedding store, and are quite affordable.


Additional items

With the walls and main theme out of the way, let’s focus on some other additional ways to decorate a shared sibling bedroom.

When it comes to furnishing the room, keep in mind that kids love fun furniture. The funkier the better! Throw in some bean bag chairs, or a table with benches for coloring and activities.


Sesame Street table and chairs


Here are some more fun decoration ideas:


Individualized throw pillows

Kids love anything with their names on it. Throw pillows are an inexpensive way of personalizing a themed room – like this personalized Minnie Mouse pillow we found on Etsy.


a personalized minnie mouse pillow for young girls


Area rugs

Area rugs are another great way to multi-purpose furniture pieces. An area rug is not only a fun way to further accent a chosen theme, but they also offer a comfortable spot to play on. 

For example, this Superman area rug matches perfectly with a super hero themed room:


a Superman area rug



Kids love posters! It’s pretty much a universal thing.

Continue with the superhero theme from above, a few framed posters of Spiderman, or Batman, etc. are a really fast and easy way to add some instant pop to the room.


a superhero poster for children

These are just a few ways to keep the peace when siblings share a bedroom. The important thing is to provide each child with his or her own personal space to call their own.

Children need to express their personality just like adults do, even if they aren’t as vocal about it. Decorating their room can be a memorable and rewarding experience for young children, even if they have to share that room.

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