Decorate Your Bedroom Like a 5-Star Hotel

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

Do you love the glitz and glamour of a 5-star hotel room? Do you get anxious with anticipation over what amenities your hotel room will offer?

And do you sleep like a baby the moment your head hits the pillow in a hotel bed?

You can create the same effect in your own bedroom at home. It’s actually quite easy – you just need the right items, arranged in the correct way.

For the epitome of comfort and decadent luxury, follow these tips from the top hotel decorators.


Consider switching up the color palette

If you truly want to reproduce the hotel room look, go with a monochromatic and sophisticated tone.

Quiet, soothing color combinations like sage and pearl, or brown and cream look classy and add the aura of calm to your getaway space.


a hotel bed room with brown color tones

Hotel designers want to portray a space for relaxation, comfort, and serenity. Calming and soothing earthy tones are usually used for this purpose.

Colors from the brown family, for example, are among the most popular.

But brown alone can be depressing – you’ll need a lighter color to liven things up a bit. White, ivory, and cream are excellent complimentary colors.

Avoid over-stimulating colors like purple, as they can be distracting, and keep you from winding down after a long day.


Multi-task small spaces

Hotel decorators have to make the most of small areas and are good at dual purposing. Have a revolving chair face your desk on one side, or turn to face the T.V. on the other.

An ottoman or low table can be used to rest your feet, as a game board, or as an impromptu dining area. Think outside of the box when considering furnishings.


a pair of ottomans in a hotel bed room


When creating small spaces for multi-tasking, try to combine a few minor aspects of your day into one convenient hub.

For example, do you like to lay out your clothing for the day? Do you also like to have a seat when tying your shoes? An ottoman can do both.

Do you want a desk and a TV in your bedroom? Then a swiveling chair is a great idea. If you just have a TV, and you like to read books during the day, then consider a comfy lounge chaise or chair.



A hotel bedroom is essentially a studio apartment. It combines every aspect of your entire home into one room. A hotel room isn’t just a place to sleep – it’s a place to watch TV, read a book, relax, eat, drink, etc.

Likewise, you’ll need a few furniture pieces that satisfy those needs, while also adding to the overall aura of the room.

Soften your space with a chaise. Add upholstered chairs, a puffy ottoman, and a majestic padded headboard. Top it off with a place to sit and tie your shoes, like a cushioned bench at the end of the bed, for instance.


a bench in a hotel room


All of those examples offer comfort and luxury at every turn.

A hotel bedroom makes you feel special – like a king! Hotel rooms are expertly designed with that purpose in mind – to make you feel good. A happy customer is a return customer.

Make yourself feel like a king at home, and you’ll most likely be happier at home!


The bed

For the full description, check out our guide on how to make a hotel bed at home, but here is a quick summary:



Purchase the best quality mattress you can afford.

Along the same lines, you’ll want to invest in good sheets (250-400 thread count). Add lots of sleeping pillows as well as throw pillows – the fluffier the better.

And don’t forget a comfy duvet or throw to snuggle up in while you indulge in your latest novel.

Decorative pillows are just that – decorative. They’re basically art, of course. Try to match them with any other pieces of artwork that you might have in the room.

For an exact hotel replica – add a foam pad, and a mattress pad, for that plush lofty feel. With a bed like this, you’ll probably drift off before you have the chance to read that novel. 



Speaking of reading, consider your bedroom lighting, for instance.

How about an elegant chandelier, wall sconce, or attractive floor lamps. A gorgeous bedside lamp can also work as an accent piece when placed atop your nightstand.


recessed lighting in a hotel bedroom


The key here is that lighting serves as much as a piece of furniture as it does as a light source.

Make sure that your lighting matches the rest of the room, and that you have symmetry. For example, two nightstands will require two lamps. Speaking of nightstands…



If you have enough room, then go for a matched pair – one on either side of your bed. Ideally, they should match your headboard – if you have one. If you have a dresser in your room, that would be the next matching priority.

And if you have neither, get creative!


nightstand tables next to a hotel bed


In addition to props for your decorative lamps, nightstands serve as a place to set your drinks and midnight snacks.


Mini Refrigerator

Did someone mention snacks?

What better place to store them than in your mini-fridge, this way you don’t have to trek all the way to the kitchen in search of Bonbons or your favorite beverage. (It’s O.K. to pamper yourself, this is your decadent hideaway remember?)

And for those intimate occasions – why spoil the moment? Have your champagne and strawberries at arm’s length!

If the idea of an actual fridge in your room scares you, consider a hidden fridge, like below:



Sobro Coffee Table with Refrigerator Drawer



At first glance, it looks just like a traditional table. But if you look closer, it’s actually an all-around workstation. It has features like USB ports, drawers, Bluetooth speakers, and of course a fridge:



a hidden mini fridge in a hotel bedroom


Something like this coffee table also satisfies the need to multi-task small spaces. 

Hidden fridges come in many different forms. Some look like a wood end table, for example. Others like a small ottoman. You’ll just need a spot close to an outlet.


Hideaway Walls

Cover them with artwork. Family photos, classic masterpieces, contemporary art – surround yourself with whatever makes you happy.


artwork in a hotel bedroom


Match colors to intensify their effects. For a brown and cream/ivory room, consider artwork that features turquoise or aqua to bolster serenity.

For a room decorated with a tropical getaway in mind – try pictures of a sunset on a beach, a sandy shore, etc.

Artwork or pictures that consist of blue and white match fantastically with blue-toned bedrooms.

To give a minimalistic room more dimension, consider physical artwork, like this:


Whichever decorative direction you go in, make the best effort you can to mix form with function.

If you won’t ever sit in a chair, then don’t buy it. If you don’t love a piece of art, then skip it. Look for furnishings that are not only visually pleasing but those that you will enjoy as well. 

Think of the last time you bought an expensive pair of boots that you never wore, for example. Or that pair of fad jeans that never came out of your closet. What about that expensive handbag that you only used once or twice?

Did those purchases make you feel wasteful, or guilty? That’s what we’d like to avoid here.

You want a space of calm and serenity – not regret and resentment. The goal with a hotel bedroom is to create an inviting space – one that you will love, and never want to leave.

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