Buying Hotel Bedding Has Never Been Easier!

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

Making a hotel bed at home has never been easier!

You probably slept like a baby the last time you stayed at a hotel right? This might have been before the existence of Covid-19, but still, you most likely have fond memories of your most recent hotel stay.

And in the past, if you tried to replicate your bed with hotel bedding, it was probably a huge fail.

If you shop at a department store like Macy’s, or online (probably Amazon), the brands that hotels use are just not available for you. And this has always been the case.

Until now.

Whether you stayed at a chain like Sheraton, Marriott, Hilton, etc., or a boutique resort like The Pfister Hotel, the Inn at Presidio, or Hotel Los Gatos, the bedding you enjoyed was most likely made by Standard Textile.

They are, of course, the most popular provider of linens and bedding in the world.



Until 2019, Standard Textile products were exclusively available to hotels, and other hospitality providers. All of that changed with the introduction of Standard Textile Home – their online retail store.

Now you can buy the same sheets, pillows, and towels used in hotels around the world! Let’s look at how you can create your own hotel bed at home in a few easy steps.


The Sheets

By far, the most popular sheeting used in American hotels is the Comfortwill line of sheets

Comfortwill sheets were designed specifically for hotels. They stay cool – even in warm climates, they’re durable – made to last for 300 (or more) washes, and they have a soft feel that gets better with each wash.

a white Comfortwill sheet set from Standard Textile

Comfortwill sheets are a blend of 70% ring-spun combed cotton, 30% Centium Core microfilament polyester.

They feature a subtle white tone-on-tone stripe and will fit mattresses up to 16” deep. Sets include flat and fitted sheets and pillowcases.

They do carry other sheet types, like the Centium and Centium Satin lines, but if you want the classic, Comfortwill is the way to go.


The Pillows

For a classic hotel bed, the next thing you’ll need is a pillow (or two).

The Chamberloft pillows from Standard Textile are the most widely used pillow among American hotels. They are medium/firm density pillows.

a pair of Chamberloft pillows from Standard Textile

Since the majority of people are on either side of back sleepers, it makes sense for the pillow to be of medium/firm density. Chamber pillows are somewhat of a hybrid pillow.

They offer a firm pillow’s structural integrity and support, but have a soft and supple surface, like a medium density pillow.

How does that work?


a cross-section of a chamber pillow

Chamberloft pillows have layers, or “chambers”.

The inner layer feature goose feathers, which are great for support. This allows the pillow to retain its shape throughout the night, without cratering in the middle.

The outer layers feature hypoallergenic gel polyester, for a sumptuously soft surface. Traditional pillows are great for support or comfort, but not both. A chamber pillow offers both features in one package.

If you love soft pillows, but don’t enjoy having a stiff neck, Chamber pillows are the way to go.


The Duvet Cover

The duvet cover is definitely the most important aesthetic component of any hotel bed. Everything else on a hotel bed, of course, is there to provide some type of comfort.

As we mentioned earlier, a hotel bed is usually a fresh and clean-looking white color. Some hotels feature a bordered duvet, while others feature a shimmery logo print. Either way, hotel duvets usually involve two common aspects:

1.) They are white

2.) They possess a simple elegance

For these two reasons, we like the Standard Textile Embroidered Sateen Duvet Set. This duvet cover is very similar to Sferra’s Grande Hotel duvet cover found in Viceroy hotels but is definitely more accessible for the average person.

These covers feature an all-white base, with that classic hotel-style border stitching, available in Flint Grey, Navy, Sesame, or White.


a Sateen Embroidered duvet cover set from Standard Textile

While we recommend matching the color of the embroidery to the overall colors of your bedroom, if you insist on going fully classic – most hotels feature the Sesame (taupe) version.

These covers feature the same 65/35 cotton & poly blend as the Centima sheeting line. They are machine washable and dryable, and feature button closure.

The matching pillow shams are included.


A Standard Textile Sateen duvet cover with Sesame embroidery


The Comforter

Hotels generally tend to provide a comforter that matches their local climate. Warmer climate hotels – like the Venetian in Las Vegas – usually offer a lightweight or summer comforter.

Colder weather destinations sometimes get a heavy comforter.  By and large, however, most hotel rooms feature a medium weight or “all-season” comforter.

For the average climate area, we recommend the All Seasons Down Alternative Duvet Insert – aka the Innerloft comforter.

a Standard Textile Innerloft comforter

This great comforter from Standard Textile features lightweight warmth, and is available in Twin through King sizes.

7″ box quilting adds flexibility to the comforter shell, allowing it to mold around you.

Most comforters have 12″ box quilting, which makes for easier and cheaper manufacturing – but makes the comforter more rigid, and less effective.


Top Cover

If you want your bed to be the highlight of your bedroom, consider a top cover.

A top cover isn’t something we usually use at home, but they’re almost always found on a hotel bed – particularly in above-average hotels.

In most Hyatt and Sheraton hotels (as well as other national and regional spots) the top cover of choice is the Cumulus Top Cover.

A Standard Textile Cumulus top cover on a bed


The Cumulus top cover features a cloud-like rippled texture – which is both relaxing and attractive.

The rippled texture is wash-activated and spans the entire surface.

This top cover is the perfect aesthetic piece for a one-of-a-kind bed – since you won’t find this in stores – and can also be used in place of a comforter during the warmer months.



The Mattress Pad

Usually, a mattress pad’s sole purpose is to provide a pad of comfort.

In this case, while it will add a thin layer of comfort, the mattress pad’s main purpose is to hold down the 6th step – which will be a feather bed.

You definitely don’t want a luxurious or super plush mattress pad here – things will get too mushy! A thin mattress pad will work best, like the ComfortCloud Mattress Pad.

a Standard Textile ComfortCloud mattress pad on a bed


This style of mattress pad adds a thin layer of comfort while holding a featherbed securely in place. 

The Feather Bed

This brings us to…a feather bed – the centerpiece of any hotel bed when comfort is concerned. They are the reason that hotel beds are so comfortable.

If you love that cloud-like feeling that a hotel bed provides, you’ll need a feather bed. We like the luxurious down featherbed from Standard Textile.


a featherbed from Standard Textile on a mattress


This model features a down-filled top layer for comfort, and a feather-filled (90/10) gusseted bottom layer for support. 


The Bed Skirt

That brings us to the final step – the bedskirt.

You may have noticed that most hotels don’t actually use a bedskirt. Or at least it appears that way. Most hotels actually use the Circa wrap-around bedskirt.


a Circa wrap-around bedskirt from Standard Textile


This type of skirt is pleatless and is also made of a thicker fabric. It wraps around the entire frame and creates the appearance of a platform bed frame.

They’re available in a variety of colors – like Black, Graphite, Haze, Ivory, Rice Paper, Smokey Quartz, Sea, and White – and will accommodate box springs of 12″–16″ in height.

If you’re tired of the sloppy look of a traditional bedskirt, you’ll love the tailored and sophisticated look that a wrap-around bedskirt provides.


a Circa bedskirt in a grey color

There you have it – an entire hotel bed from top to bottom, all from one source! If you’ve read our other blog posts from the past, then you’re probably familiar with our appreciation for Standard Textile products.

They are the one brand, specifically, that always satisfies – in terms of quality, price, and functionality!

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