Bedding Roundup – 9 Brands That I Would Personally Recommend

Last Updated on March 31, 2023

Sheet Market (as a blog) came about after 15 years of industry experience. There was an online bedding store here before this blog, and a liquidation bedding shop on eBay before that.

Since 2003, I’ve been selling, handling, storing, researching – and writing about – bedding.

In the beginning, the focus was the retail variety – mainly liquidated overstock bedding sourced from national department stores like Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s.

Along the way, hospitality bedding (bedding for hotels, motels, rentals, etc.) became the focus because of some new opportunities that came up organically.

So, this is when “Sheet Market” came to life.

This was part of the marketing materials, for instance, that I used to send to vacation rental and cabin owners…


a promotional flyer for


Transition to a blog

In 2018, following the ebbs and flows of retail demand, Sheet Market evolved into a blog. I felt like my unique mix of experience in the field could benefit more people than what an online store was able to.

Throughout my involvement in the bedding industry, I have worked with some amazing people, at some great companies.

Some of the brands you’re probably familiar with, and others most likely not.

I had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with some of the best bedding brands available, the worst, and everything else in between.

By far, the most common question I receive – here, on social media, and in my personal life – revolves around which brand(s) I would recommend.

Here then is a roundup of some of my favorite brands for bedding. I have, of course, worked with most of the companies on this list.

The ones whom I haven’t had a professional relationship with, I’ve done research about, and have observed many examples of their products in our warehouse.

Regardless, these are all companies whose products I have personally used, and would purchase from in the future!


They are listed below because of quality.

Some are luxury brands, while others make products that you’ll find in hotels across the country. But they all have one thing in common – quality at their price point!


1.) Standard Textile

Standard Textile Home

You’ve been using Standard Textile products your entire life in fact – you just didn’t know it. You’ll find their sheets and towels in more American hotels than any other brand.

You’ve slept on their sheets, you’ve dried off with their towels – many times! But since their products aren’t sold in department stores, most people aren’t familiar with the name.

Because of the commercial fabric softeners that manufacturers use, most sheets and towels will feel incredibly soft out of the package.

The difference between good and bad linens is the amount of time that they will last before shredding or tearing apart.

The average sheet or towel will last you for about 100 washes or less. Standard Textile linens are made to withstand the use and abuse that comes from the daily usage and wash cycles at hotels.

They’re made to withstand a minimum of 300 wash cycles!

a set of Standard Textile Comfortwill hotel sheets

To illustrate, the set of sheets that are currently on my bed is the ComforTwill brand from Standard Textile. I’ve been using them for about 6 years now. No tears, no shredding – and still as soft as when new!

What towels do I use? Lynova – from Standard Textile!

Oh, and they make pillows too. If you want a squishy pillow, that won’t flatten out, check out their Chamberloft line of pillows. You won’t be disappointed!

One final note: If you like supporting American businesses, Standard Textile is located and manufactures its products in Cincinnati, Ohio.


2.) Downlite

Downlite’s Amazon Store

Which brand of pillows do I currently own and use? Of the 12 pillows in my home, for example, 9 are from Downlite.

You’ll find their goose down, and down alternative pillows and comforters in more hotels than any other brand. Likewise, the same goes for the pillows and comforters in national department stores too!

Chances are, if you have a goose down pillow or comforter – and if you purchased it from a department store – then it was made by Downlite.

Check the long white tag that sticks out. It’s probably going to say “Manufactured for [brand name] by Downlite”.

A Downlite hotel pillow on a bed


You might be familiar with the house brands at your local department store. Brands like Charter Club, Hotel Collection, Hudson Park Collection, My Down Comforter, My Down Pillow, etc.

The pillows and comforters that you find under those brand names are almost always Downlite products.

The point being, Downlite sells those exact same products – without the department store label and packaging – in their own store, for a lot less.

Skip the middle man, and the inflated prices, and shop directly from Downlite instead.

Downlite manufactures its products in Mason, Ohio.


3.) WestPoint Home

Have you ever used a Vellux blanket? They’re soft, feel like fleece, and are super cozy. It’s the blanket that most hotels or motels keep in the bedroom closet.

Does this look familiar?

Vellux blankets of various colors

Well, these Vellux blankets are a WestPoint Hospitality flagship product! They also sell retail products under the WestPoint Home brand.

WestPoint Home carries a full lineup of bedding products, from the essentials like pillows, comforters, and sheets, to duvet covers, quilts, and coverlets.

They also have a nice bath selection as well.

For good quality, at an affordable price, you really can’t beat WestPoint Home for the type of bed and bath products that you use on an everyday basis.


4.) Malouf

Malouf is another full-service (American made) bedding company, and they even sell adjustable beds too. Their products are all top-quality – but two of their product categories have always been a favorite of mine.

1.) Their Z line of pillows offer an innovative alternative to the traditional goose down, and down alternative pillow options.

If you appreciate a firm pillow, with high loft, you’ll love looking through the different pillow configurations that they sell.

Various Malouf Z bed pillows
Photo courtesy of

2.) Malouf’s Sleep Tite line of mattress and pillow protectors sets an industry standard for what a proper protector should provide.

If you want to rest assured that your pillows and mattress are protected from the elements – and bed bugs – you won’t find better protection products than the Sleep Tite line.


5.) Sferra

When it comes to luxury linens – the actual “good stuff” – Sferra is one of two brands at the top of the list. For the finest Italian linens, Sferra has a long-standing reputation as a top choice.

Have you ever stayed at a Viceroy Hotel? If not, have you at least been inside of one?

Viceroy hotels are known as a 5-star luxury line of hotels, and they definitely deserve that status. As a Viceroy guest, you receive the best of the best – which, of course, includes Sferra linens.


A hotel bed featuring Sferra Grande Hotel bedding products
Photo courtesy of

The sheets and duvet covers in Viceroy hotels are made by Sferra! They’re from Sferra’s Grande Hotel product line.

Sferra linens are also featured at numerous other luxury hotels like the AKA Extended Stay suites, Shutters in Santa Monica, CA, The Knickerbocker in New York, and many others.


6.) Frette

Frette is the other brand at the top along with Sferra. They’ve been around since 1860 – that’s a really long time to be in business!

And hype aside, that longevity is well-deserved. They were making exceptional quality bedding long before the Instagram influencers were around.

A Frette bedding set in blue and white colors
Photo courtesy of

Frette Linens are available worldwide in over 1,500 hotels – luxury properties like Loews Hotels, Kimpton Hotels, The St. Regis in Aspen, SLS in Beverly Hills, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, etc.

A commonly asked question is: Are Frette Linens worth it?

My answer is: If you can afford it, yes!


7.) RH Modern

If you appreciate what Sferra and Frette have to offer, you’ll also appreciate the sleep and refined offerings from RH Modern.

Pretty much anything from Restoration Hardware is refined and luxury and their RH Modern can certainly make a statement.

 a grey RH Modern bedding set
Photo courtesy of

RH Modern caters to a certain lifestyle. If you like to “curate” your bedroom to satisfy a refined taste, RH Modern will cater to that lifestyle with quality, sleek designs, and dramatic flair.

RH Modern is for the adult in you!


8.) Crane & Canopy

Bedding isn’t just about pillows, comforters, and sheets – aka “the white stuff”.

Sometimes it’s about having fun with fashionable and decorative designs. Duvet covers and pillow shams, for instance, are the vehicles for that expression.

A Crane & Canopy bedding set
Photo courtesy of

And if you like a crisp and fresh vibe, Crane & Canopy offers a lot of value.

Good quality + fresh designs + affordable prices = Yes!


9.) Linenspa

And finally, we have Linenspa. In addition to their own website, they’re also the largest bedding store on Amazon.

Linenspa has developed a bit of an online cult following over the past 10 years.

They have made a name for themselves by offering decent quality, while also being super affordable – particularly when it comes to everyday necessities.

A Linenspa mattress on a platform bed

If you’re on a budget, or if you need to stock up on a few pieces for a vacation rental, a guest room, a child’s bed – anywhere that luxury bedding isn’t a priority – Linenspa would be my choice.

They have a very affordable selection of sheets, pillows, comforters, mattress pads, etc. They even sell mattresses and toppers too.


That’s the list!

These are my favorite brands and manufacturers. Is it a comprehensive list? No. Can you find everything that you need from these brands? Almost, but of course, no, not everything.

This group is definitely a good place to start your bedding search though. 

Regardless of your budget, taste, and needs – there’s something for everyone on the list above.

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