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If you’ve stayed at popular hotels across the country, you’ve probably used a comforter made by Downlite. If you’re here and reading this, you probably checked the tag, and now you’re trying to find out where you can buy one. 

You’ll find Downlite pillows and comforters being sold on a few websites online, but I would recommend checking out Downlite’s store on Amazon. Most of their products are available there – including seasonal overstock items which are heavily discounted. Click on the blue link to visit their Amazon store.


find downlite products in their store on Amazon


There are two things that I really appreciate about Downlite products:

1.) They are made in the USA, in Mason, Ohio. Usually, with American-made products, you can get high quality – or low prices – but not both. With Downlite comforters, you don’t have to choose. They’re made of high-quality materials, manufactured to high standards, and are very affordable if you skip the middlemen and purchase from Downlite directly.

The reason they are affordable is that they are not retail-packaged. With Downlite products, you don’t get a million different packaging components like a nylon bag, cardboard inserts, etc. You get the comforter, in a liner, inside of a box. Who needs packaging anyway?

2.) Chances are that you’ve used Downlite products before you used them during your recent hotel visit. Downlite manufactures comforters for other major brands throughout the country.

Have you ever bought Charter Club or Hotel Collection comforters from Macy’s? Or a “My Down Comforter” from Bloomingdale’s? Check the attached tag, – it will probably say “Manufactured by Downlite”.



Regardless of where the comforters are made, what they contain, etc., you’ll have a hard time finding the same quality and workmanship from other brands.


You may have written down the SKU number of the comforter that you enjoyed during your hotel visit. If so, here is a quick reference guide for some of Downlite’s popular comforters. For full reference, blankets have also been listed.

Please note: the important numbers/letter are those BEFORE the dash. The numbers and letters after the dash just indicate size.

For example – Double Diamond down blankets are SKU #SWD100BL0000. The Queen size variant is SKU #SWD100BL0000-WHI-092-096. The “WHI” portion indicates the white color, and the “092-096″ portion indicates the 92″x96” dimensions of the blanket.


550+ Fill Power White Duck Down Comforter –

SKU #DOW777CO0150 or HOS100CO0030

The 550+ fill power comforter is the classic down comforter. It is a light/medium weight comforter, with a 230 thread count, 100% cambric cotton cover.



They feature:

  • Fill power of 500+
  • 31 ounces of down for Queen sizes
  • 35 ounces for King sizes
  • 14″ sewn-thru box construction keeps the down fill evenly distributed


Enviroloft Down Alternative Comforter –

SKU #DOW777CO0280 or HOS100CO0070

These down alternative comforters are an “All-Season” model, and are used in hotels all around the country. Enviroloft fill has a silky softness reminiscent of actual down fill.



The Enviroloft comforter is fairly standard stuff :

  • 100% Cotton 230 Thread Count Cotton Fabric
  • 14″ sewn-thru box construction
  • Queen – 46 ounces of fill
  • King – 52 ounces of fill


600 Fill Power White Goose Down Comforter –

SKU #DOW777CO0220

These luxurious 600 fill power comforters are filled with white goose down. They are medium weight, and great for most climates – especially warmer climates!

They feature:

  • Fill power of 600
  • 24 ounces of down for Queen sizes
  • 29 ounces for King sizes
  • 12″ sewn-thru box construction


Primaloft Down Alternative Comforter –

SKU #DOW777CO0140

Primaloft is the most luxurious of synthetic fill materials. Primaloft fibers possess thermal qualities only matched by natural down. These comforters are on the warmer side, and are great for mild and colder climate regions, or for “cold sleepers”.


They feature:

  • 100% cotton, 230 thread count cover
  • 48 ounces of Primaloft fill for Queen sizes
  • 54 ounces for King sizes
  • 14″ sewn-thru box construction 


300 Thread Count Silky Soft Down Alternative Comforter –

SKU #SDL100CO0460

This model is a hybrid of the Enviroloft and the Primaloft comforters. They feature the softness of the Enviroloft, but are heavy and warm, similar to the Primaloft. They also feature a 300 thread count cover.

They feature:

  • 100% cotton, 300 thread count cover
  • 50 ounces of polyester fill for Queen sizes
  • 55 ounces for King sizes
  • 12″ sewn-thru box construction 


Primaloft Luxury 400TC Pima Down Alternative Comforter –

SKU #SDL100CO0330

This is the “warmer” and more luxury version of the regular Primaloft comforter. These are oversized in both fill, and actual dimensions. The “Oversized Queen” measures 90″ x 98″. The “Oversized King” measures 108″ x 98″. These comforters also feature a 400 thread count, 100% Pima cotton cover.

They feature:

  • 100% Pima cotton, 300 thread count cover
  • 55 ounces of polyester fill for Queen sizes
  • 65 ounces for King sizes
  • Baffled box construction 


Lightweight Enviroloft Down Alternative Comforter –

SKU #HOS100CO0080

This is just the lightweight version of the regular Enviroloft comforter. This is specially made for hot climates, and “Warm sleepers”.

The lightweight version features :

  • 100% Cotton 230 Thread Count Cotton Fabric
  • 14″ sewn-thru box construction
  • Queen – 32 ounces of fill
  • King – 35 ounces of fill


650 Fill Power 400 TC Sateen Down Comforter –

SKU #SDL100CO0320

This luxurious comforter is a medium weight down comforter, on the warmer end of the spectrum. It is filled with 650 fill power down to keep you warm regardless of the climate. If you like a snugly soft bed – this is the comforter for you!


They feature:

  • 400 thread count, 100% Pima cotton sateen cover
  • Baffled box construction
  • Oversized Queen – 40 ounces of fill
  • Oversized King – 50 ounces of fill


230 TC Satin Trim Down Blanket –

SKU #DOW777BL0060

These luxury satin-trimmed blankets are available in white or ivory. They are filled with 500 fill power duck down.


They feature:

  • 230 thread count, 100% cotton cover
  • 1″ satin trim detail
  • Sewn-thru box construction
  • Oversized Queen (94″ x 104″) – 16 ounces of fill
  • Oversized King (113″ x 104″) – 20 ounces of fill


Double Diamond Down Blanket –

SKU #SWD100BL0000

Commonly found in 5-star hotels, these down filled blankets feature a double diamond quilted pattern. They are great for lounging on the couch, or as a hot climate comforter.

They feature:

  • 300 thread count cover
  • 525 fill power duck down fill
  • Queen XL (92″ x 96″) – 17 ounces of fill
  • King XL (108″ x 96″) – 20 ounces of fill


Diamond Quilted Down Blanket –

SKU #SWD100BL0010

These are very similar to the Double Diamond blankets above. The main difference being that they don’t have the double diamond stitch pattern.


They feature:

  • 233 thread count, 100% cotton cover
  • 525-550 fill power white duck down fill
  • Twin XL (75″ x 99″) – 13 ounces of fill
  • Full XL (92″ x 99″) – 16 ounces of fill


Additional items

Downlite does also manufacture some unique duvet covers which are found in some hotels. These are available for retail sale, and can usually be purchased from their store on Amazon as well. These include:


Pearlized Helix Duvet Cover Set

SKU #SDL100CP0050

The Pearlized Helix Patterned duvet set from Downlite is available in both Queen and King sizes. This duvet cover is white in color, featuring a Felix pattern.


These duvet sets feature:

  • Metallic Helix pattern
  • Queen or King size; with matching shams
  • 300 thread count, 100% Cotton Sateen
  • Duvet loops
  • Machine washable

The cool thing about the Helix pattern is that the color of the Helix pattern can look silver or gold – it all depends on the angle of the lighting.



Luxury White Pinstripe Duvet

SKU #HOS100CP0060

These white pinstriped duvet covers are a classic. They are commonly found in hotels that feature Downlite products. They are understated, yet elegant. Nothing says classy quite like pinstripes!



The matching pillow shams are available, and are sold separately. They are made of a polyester/cotton blend, and are available in Twin XL, Full XL, Oversized Queen, and Oversized King sizes. 

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