Where To Find the Trillium Pillows Found at Treasure Island Casino


Even though Las Vegas is known as “the city that never sleeps”, chances are that you actually slept in your room at the Treasure Island Casino & Resort. And if you did, you probably slept like a baby too!

The pillows that they use are one of the main reasons why.

The right pillow cradles your head in a soft cocoon of luxury. It strikes that perfect balance between soft and loft. 

Treasure Island, like most hotels and resorts, carefully engineers its bed to provide you with a wonderful night of sleep, to ensure that you are a satisfied – and well-rested – guest. The pillows used in their rooms are a main component of the overall bed.

If you’re looking for that pillow, then you’re looking for the Restful Nights Trillium Pillow



The blown polyester Trillium pillow from Restful Nights – unlike most down alternative pillows which are basically just a bag filled with a large cotton ball –  contains gel fibers, also known as “blown polyester”. Blown polyester resembles the feel and touch of natural goose down. This results in consistently fluffy support like down, but at a much more affordable price point. (This is also great if you suffer from allergies!)

Click on the blue link above to see how affordable these pillows actually are!

General specs

The Trillium pillow from Restful Nights is available in the following sizes:

  • Standard – 20″ x 26″
  • Queen – 20″ x 30″
  • King – 20″ x 36″

They feature a 230 thread count 100% cotton cover, blown polyester fill, and usually are sold with pillow protectors from Pillowtex.

Hotel pillows at home

Treasure Island hotel rooms are widely recognized for the home-like comfort that they provide. Every last detail is inspected to provide you, their guest, with all the comforts of home. After all, if you feel like you’re at home (and if you sleep like you’re at home), then you’ll probably be a satisfied guest. And a satisfied customer is usually a return customer.



Unlike most bedding products used in hotels, which are available for commercial use only; these pillows are available for retail sale. You can actually use these on your own bed at home.

To recreate the Treasure Island experience at home, the pillows are an important component. If you want these same pillows, you’ll need the Trillium pillows from Restful Nights.

What makes these Trillium pillows so great?

The Trillium pillow is definitely a luxury model. It has a list of features that other down alternative pillow models just can’t match:

  • The fill
  • The resiliency
  • The finish

Let’s take a closer look:

Their superior fill

Trillium pillows are slightly more expensive than other down alternative pillow options – and for good reason. Blown polyester is the closest thing out there to actual goose down. 



The gel fibers that result from blown polyester are much thinner in shape and texture than traditional polyester fiber fill. This not only provides a silky soft texture, it also results in bundles of finer strands.

This results in a polyester pillow that is mold-able like a traditional down-filled pillow. Blown polyester also resists clumping – a common issue with cheaper polyester fiber options.

Because of how well gel fiber mimics real goose down, many guests mistakenly think that they actually slept on a goose down pillow!

The Resiliency

Blown polyester is very resilient. Unlike goose down that breaks down over time, and traditional polyester fill that clumps up, gel fiber is actually quite resilient. 



Gel fiber holds its shape remarkably well – which results in a consistent pillow night after night.


The Finish

The outer edges of these Trillium pillows are finished with a double needle corded edge.

Why does that matter?

Have you ever had pillows that come apart at the seams after a few washes? Or had the fill leak from your favorite pillow just before it went flat?



The double needle corded edge provides a strong and secure edge – so that the cover lasts as long as the inner fill does. You can machine wash these pillows with confidence – they won’t bust open!


Pillow specs

As mentioned above, Trillium pillows are available in: 

  • Standard – 20″ x 26″
  • Queen – 20″ x 30″
  • King – 20″ x 36″

They are filled with 100% blown polyester (gel fiber) and are machine washable.


Fill weight specs:

  • Standard – 28 ounces
  • Queen – 34 ounces
  • King – 40 ounces

These pillows are rated as medium density – which is great for back sleepers. These pillows also offer great loft, as well as being mold-able like down pillows, so they work extremely well for side sleepers as well.

Why these are superior to other pillows

Trillium pillows from Restful Nights offer a superior fill and finish that other pillows just can’t match.

For those who appreciate a silky soft pillow:

The gel fibers from blown polyester mimic the touch and feel of real goose down better than any synthetic fill available.

Down pillows offer a plush sleeping surface, but tend to flatten out – offering little to no support. Gel fiberfill is networked throughout and holds its overall shape much better throughout the night.

For those who appreciate a tough, well-made pillow:

The gel fiber used in these pillows has a very high tensile strength, and is much more durable than traditional polyester fiber fill.

The double needle edge cording keeps all of that fill inside – where it belongs. The result is a consistently silky-soft pillow, that keeps its shape, and its fill inside – night after night! While you can always fluff up this pillow, you probably won’t need to.

The guarantee:

Finally, Pacific Coast pillows are quality made, in the USA, by National Sleep Products. Not only do these pillows come with a 5 year limited warranty, they also have a 30 night “Comfort Guarantee”. If you aren’t fully satisfied after 30 nights, just send them back for a full refund!


Final thoughts

You may have been busy playing the slots in Vegas, or maybe watching a show or two. Sleeping at night was probably the last thing you were concerned about. But you most likely ended up back in your room at some point in the night.

If you slept like a baby in your Treasure Island Resort & Casino room, the pillow probably had a lot to do with it.

If it was the down alternative pillow used in their hotel, and you’re here now, then you probably want to replicate that sleep experience at home. You’re not alone! We get asked all the time about which pillow is used in which hotels, etc.

More often than not, we recommend the Trillium pillow – especially for those that want a down-like feel, without having to pay a down-like price.

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