Where To Buy the Enviroloft Pillows Used at Sheraton Hotels

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

If you’ve stayed at a Sheraton hotel lately, you’ve probably been impressed with the many amenities that a Sheraton hotel room provides. You probably slept like a baby too!

The pillows that they use were most likely one of the reasons why you slept so well.

The right pillow will make you fall asleep faster than a boring lecture. 

Sheraton, like most hotels and resorts, carefully engineers their bed to ensure that you sleep well.  If you are a satisfied – and well rested – guest, then you’ll probably be a returning guest.

So it’s easy to see why the pillows they use are well-tested and thoroughly thought out.

If you recently stayed at a Sheraton hotel, then you might have used their down alternative pillows. And If you’re looking for that pillow, then you’re looking for the Downlite Enviroloft Pillow


a pair of Enviroloft pillows at a Sheraton hotel


The Enviroloft pillow from Downlite – unlike most down alternative pillows – contains 6-denier silicon fiber.

Silicon fiber is very slick compared to polyester, which makes these pillows feel very soft and squishy. Most people describe these Enviroloft pillows as having a natural down-like feel, but with more resiliency.



General specs

The Enviroloft pillow from Downlite is available in the following sizes:

  • Standard – 20″ x 26″
  • Jumbo -20″ x 28″
  • Queen – 20″ x 30″
  • King – 20″ x 36″

They feature a 230 thread count 100% Cambric cotton cover, double-needle sewn edges, and are machine washable and dryable.



Hotel pillows at home

Sheraton hotel rooms are widely recognized for the luxurious comforts that they provide. Every last detail is inspected to provide you, their guest, with all of the luxuries that you wish your bedroom had.

After all, you’re paying a premium to stay at the Sheraton, so you should feel like you’re in the lap of luxury.


a Sheraton hotel bedroom


Most bedding products used in hotels are not available for retail sale.

The manufacturers just don’t package them for retail sale, and only allow them to be sold for commercial use only. Downlite pillows, on the other hand, are available for retail sale.

You can actually use these on your own bed at home.

To recreate the Sheraton experience at home, the pillows are an important component. If you want these same pillows, you’ll need the Enviroloft pillows from Downlite.



What makes these Enviroloft pillows so great?

The Enviroloft pillow is definitely a luxury model. It has a list of features that other down alternative pillow models just can’t match:

  • The fill material
  • The resiliency of the silicon fibers
  • The finish

Let’s take a closer look:



Their superior fill

Enviroloft pillows are by far the most popular pillow that Downlite sells – and for good reason. The silicon fibers used in the Enviroloft fill is the closest thing out there to actual goose down. 


a handful of down alternative fill for a pillow


The fibers that are produced from silicon are much thinner in shape and slicker in texture compared to traditional polyester fiber fill.

This not only provides a silky soft texture, but also reduces friction, and prevents clumping as well.

The result is a pillow that feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud – a cool cloud! Unlike other fills, such as Primaloft, Enviroloft does not have good thermal properties.

In other words, it’s not a good insulator – it doesn’t hold heat.

So while you wouldn’t want to fill a winter coat with Enviroloft, it makes for the perfect pillow filling because your pillow stays cool to the touch, throughout the night.



The Resiliency

Enviroloft fill is very resilient.

Goose down breaks down over time. Traditional polyester fill clumps up. Memory foam eventually hardens and tends to turn into a dusty mess.

And eventually, feathers poke and leak out. You get the picture…

The silicon fibers used in Enviroloft pillows are super slick, which reduces friction. This means that your Enviroloft pillow will hold its shape, night after night.



The Finish

The outer edges of these Enviroloft pillows feature a double-needle sewn edge.

You might be wondering what that means.

Have you ever experienced a pillow that came apart at the seams after a few washes? Or had down or feather fill leaking out of your favorite (and expensive) pillow?


a pillow leaking feathers


The most likely reason was the cheap construction. Inferior pillows are sewn quickly (and cheaply) – and tend to come apart with the slightest abuse.

The double-needle sewn edge in Enviroloft pillows provides a durable edge – so that the outer cotton cover lasts as long as the inner silicon fill does.

You can wash these pillows with confidence, because they won’t come apart, or leak!



Pillow specs

As mentioned above, Enviroloft pillows are available in: 

  • Standard – 20″ x 26″
  • Jumbo -20″ x 28″
  • Queen – 20″ x 30″
  • King – 20″ x 36″

They are filled with 100% Enviroloft fill, and are machine washable.


Fill weight specs:

  • Standard – 20 ounces
  • Jumbo – 22 ounces
  • Queen – 24 ounces
  • King – 30 ounces

These pillows are rated as medium density – which is a popular option for back sleepers.

These pillows also offer great loft, as well as being squishy and adjustable like down pillows. So they will also work well for side sleepers.


a man sleeping on a down alternative pillow



Why these are superior to other pillows

Enviroloft pillows from Downlite offer a superior silicon fill, and durable finish that other pillows just can’t match.


For those who appreciate a silky and squishy soft pillow:

The siliconized Enviroloft fiber fill mimics the touch and feel of real goose down better than any synthetic fill available.

Down pillows offer luxury – at a steep cost. Enviroloft pillows are the closest thing to actual down, while being much more affordable.


For those who appreciate a tough, well-made pillow:

The silicon fiber used in these pillows has a very high tensile strength, and is much more durable than traditional polyester fiber fill.

The reduced friction also ensures that the fill does not clump.

The double needle sewn edge construction keeps all of that slick fill inside – where it belongs. The result is a consistently silky-soft pillow, that keeps its shape, and its fill inside – night after night!

You can always fluff up this pillow, but you probably won’t need to.


a woman fluffing a pillow


For those who appreciate a cool sleeping surface:

Silicon fiber does not hold heat. Other (more expensive) fill materials like Primaloft, goose down, etc., are known – and prized – for their thermal properties.

While that is great for a comforter, it isn’t so awesome for a pillow.

Most people need to have a cool sleeping surface, and that is where the Enviroloft pillow shines. Your pillow will stay cool throughout the night – ensuring a very comfortable night of sound sleep!



Final thoughts

Sheraton hotel rooms offer luxury that few other hotels are able to match.

That luxury, of course, usually translates into a great night of sleep. And If you slept like a baby in your Sheraton hotel room, the pillow probably had a lot to do with it.



If it was the down alternative pillow featured in their rooms, and you’re here now, then you probably want to replicate that sleep experience at home.

You’re not alone!

People frequently ask us about pillows from this or that hotel, etc.

More often than not, we recommend the Enviroloft pillow – especially for those that want a down-like feel, while also having a cool touch. 

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