Where to Buy The Duvet Covers Found in Viceroy Hotels

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

Viceroy Hotels & Resorts aren’t just a place to stay while on vacation, they are a “lifestyle experience”. They truly symbolize the concept of boutique hospitality!

The “lifestyle” concept doesn’t just explore the boundaries of hospitality, it stretches the boundaries of luxury. Staying at a Viceroy Hotel opens your eyes to what you’ve been missing in your life.

If you recently visited a Viceroy hotel or resort, that same luxury lifestyle enveloped you while you were pampered in bed, with the finest linens that money can buy.

Does this look familiar?


the duvet cover on a bed in a Viceroy hotel room


That’s probably what your Viceroy hotel room looked like.

You might have had a different view, or you may have had slightly different furniture, and your duvet cover might have had stripes of a different color, but the general accommodations, particularly the bed, were likely very similar.

If you came here wishing to buy the same duvet cover that was on your Viceroy bed, we have your answer!

And that answer is…

The comforter cover used in Viceroy Hotels & Resorts is the Grande Hotel duvet cover from Sferra.


the Grande Hotel duvet cover from Sferra Linens


The Grande Hotel bedding is available in ivory with double rows of ivory stitching, as well as white with the following colors of double stitch: aqua, blue, cadet, cornflower blue, grey, mist, navy, silver, taupe, and white.

To complete the bedding set, you can also purchase the pillow shams in various sizes.


Sferra Grande Hotel pillow shams


Why Sferra is the most luxurious of bedding options

Sferra linens are widely recognized as the peak of luxury when bedding is concerned.

If you’re buying new sheets, or a duvet cover, etc., and you are in the mood for a little self-indulgence – you’d have a hard time finding a better choice than Sferra linens.

There is a reason why only the finest hotels in the world utilize Sferra bedding.

Sferra embodies that same “lifestyle experience” concept that has revolutionalized the boutique hospitality industry by hotels like Viceroy.

Sferra Fine Linens logo


Their sought-after linens aren’t manufactured – they are crafted. Sferra bedding is truly the best that money can buy.

With that said, let’s take a deeper look into the Grande Hotel duvet cover, and see why it’s not just a cover, but a true lifestyle experience.


The Material

As you might expect, the material is what makes the Sferra linens so special. But what do they use? The Grande Hotel line of bedding uses 100% long-staple cotton percale.

With cotton bedding, you’ll generally see two types: sateen, and percale.

You’re probably familiar with cotton sateen, as most of the sheets you’ll find at a local department store are of the sateen variety. But what is percale, and how does it differ from sateen?


The Weave

a graphic comparing percale and sateen weaves

Cotton percale is a different type of weave, using different types of yarns, that results in a unique texture, unlike sateen. Because of the simplicity of the weave, percale sheets can have a range of qualities, from poor to high (more on this later).

Cotton sateen fabrics are usually heavier, warmer, and softer. They tend to have a consistent feel.

Percale woven fabrics are lighter, crisper, and stay cooler. Good quality percale fabric feels elegant and inviting, like a freshly-ironed shirt.

Poor quality percale feels dry, like a napkin at a cheap restaurant.


The type of cotton

Given the various degrees of softness that percale can have, what makes Sferra’s Grande Hotel duvet covers so magical?

The answer is that they use superior long-staple cotton, as opposed to the shorter-staple variety that cheaper fabrics use. What’s the difference?

And why does it matter?


comparison of short staple and long staple cotton types


Simply put, when cotton fibers are short – this is short-staple cotton. When the fibers are long, this is long-staple cotton.

Long-staple cotton is more expensive, durable, and results in fabrics that are softer.

People generally equate sateen as being the softest type of fabric. But long-staple percale fabric is actually softer, with the added benefit of staying cooler.

Long-staple cotton fabrics don’t pill like cheaper fabrics do, and tend to get softer with time. This is an added benefit when the bedding is washed often, like at hotels for instance.


hotel bedding and linens


If you take a look at the bedding that luxury hotels use, more often than not, it’s percale. It stays cooler, stands up to repeated washing better, and the crisp texture lends to an overall elegant appearance.


The thread count

You might be wondering what the thread count is. Sferra doesn’t publicize their thread counts, so don’t ask.

Look at it like going into a fine sushi restaurant, and having the chef prepare what he thinks you will love.

Don’t worry.

When it comes to Sferra bedding, the thread count is irrelevant. When you use the finest materials, and handcraft the finished product, the thread count is just trivial.


The specs

Grande Hotel duvet covers are made in Italy, using 100% long-staple cotton percale. They feature a double-row of satin stitch embroidery and are finished with a knife-edge hem.

Sferra Grande Hotel duvet cover and pillow shams


The sizes available

Sferra’s Grande Hotel duvet covers are available in the following sizes:

  • Twin – 74″ x 114″
  • Full/Queen – 74″ x 114″
  • King – 114″ x 114″


Care instructions

With luxury linens like Sferra’s Grande Hotel duvets, you’ll want to make sure to follow the care instructions as described. The Grande Hotel line features double rows of sateen stitching, which will definitely appreciate being cared for delicately.



  • Machine wash this duvet using warm water on your machine’s gentle or delicate cycle.
  • Don’t use bleach – it can weaken and yellow the fabric
  • Don’t use fabric softener
  • Tumble dry using your machine’s low heat setting


To get your cover as crisp as possible:

  • Remove it from the dryer while still damp
  • Steam iron the reverse side of the cover using your iron’s cotton setting

If you prefer the “freshly-ironed” feel, you’ll be very pleased by how well percale responds to your iron. Because of its tighter weave, percale has a smoother, crisper texture, which is well accentuated by a bit of ironing.

On the other hand, if you prefer the “lived-in” look, leave the cover in the dryer until fully dry.


Final thoughts

Viceroy Hotels and Resorts have redefined what luxury is all about. A lot of effort and painstaking detail goes into curating the finest materials and resources when crafting a luxury oasis.

a Viceroy hotel bedroom

To accomplish that, you need the finest linens, crafted by masters.

Viceroy duvets and sheets come from artisans like Sferra. They aren’t mass-produced in factories. They are hand-crafted, and they take time.

If you’re in the mood for self-indulgence – which Viceroy hotels provide in abundance – and if you want the very best, that is what the “lifestyle experience” is all about.

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