Where To Buy The Down Comforter Found At Hyatt Hotels

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

Did you recently stay at a Hyatt Hotel?

If so, did you love their down comforter? If you’re trying to figure out where to buy one, we do have the answer for you!

Hyatt Hotels are revered for their luxury amenities. And the bedding which they offer in their hotel rooms is of the highest quality.

With that said, let’s fill you in on a little secret. The bedding that most hotels use is actually available for sale to the public – you just won’t find it at local stores like Macy’s or Bloomingdales.

For example, the down comforter used at Hyatt Hotels is the 550 Fill Power down comforter from Downlite.


a 550 fill power Downlite comforter in a Hyatt Hotel room


If you happened to check the tags of the comforter in your actual Hyatt hotel room, the model # was probably something along the lines of DOW777CO0150 or HOS100CO0030. The last few digits might have been different – those just denote the size (twin, queen, king, etc.)

On a side note, check this out if you loved the pillows in your Hyatt room.



Why we love the Downlite 550FP comforter

We love this comforter for the same reason that Hyatt does – because of its versatility and high level of quality!

It’s a duck-down medium-weight comforter, that works as both an all-season and summer comforter. The 550 fill power offers a decent amount of warmth throughout the year, but the fill amount is light enough to handle the summer as well.

And it’s a well-made comforter – using quality materials and construction.



You’ll love this comforter if…

Sometimes an article of bedding feels amazing in the hotel, but not as much once we use it at home. Several factors go into this, like the climate of the hotel’s region, what other bedding components were present, etc.

For this reason, let’s take a look at who will appreciate this comforter on a full-time basis.


If you enjoy a light cover

The Queen size has 31 ounces of fill, while the King size has 39 ounces. This provides for a light cover in terms of overall weight.

If you prefer the feeling of lightweight cover, you’ll enjoy this comforter.


a woman sleeping naked in bed



If you don’t live in a cold climate

As long as your nights don’t dip below 40 degrees, this comforter will do its job.

If your local climate is average, or warm – or if you’re just a hot sleeper, and don’t need too much warmth while sleeping, you’ll enjoy this comforter.


If you like to swap comforters during the summer season

Versatility is the key feature of this comforter.

If you tend to swap your heavier comforter for a lighter one during the summer months, you’ll definitely appreciate the versatility.

The 550 fill power provides all-season warmth (assuming you don’t live in a frigid climate), while the light fill level provides comfortable cover during the summer.


Features of the 550 FP comforter from Downlite

Whether it’s the construction or the materials used, this Downlite comforter has a ton of features. Let’s take a look:


a folded Downlite comforter




Cambric cotton cover

Have you ever had goose-down leak out of a comforter or a pillow?

It’s not only a hassle to clean it up, but it also zaps the life out of your bedding. A leaky comforter can lose half of its fill weight in less than a year! A down feather here and there really adds up.

The 100% cambric cotton cover used in these Downlite comforters is one way in which down leakage is prevented.

Cambric cotton provides a super tight weave, which doesn’t allow down feathers to poke through.


Double-needle sewn seams

Down feathers don’t just leak through the fabric, they also leak through the edges – which is the weakest part of any comforter.


the corners and edges of a Downlite 550FP comforter


Downlite’s comforters feature double-needle sewn edges, which provide a secure, and durable seam.In combination with the cambric cotton cover, this results in a virtually leak-proof comforter.


Duvet loops

Finally, these comforters include duvet loops on the corners so you can secure them to your duvet cover. You’d be surprised by the number of comforter manufacturers that skip this simple step.


the duvet loops of a Downlite 550FP comforter


Without duvet loops, you’re forced to use safety pins to hold the comforter in place.



Overall specs

The 550 fill power comforter from Downlite feature 100% duck down. These are machine washable and dryable.

They feature a 14″baffled box construction.


Sizes and fill amounts available:

  • Twin XL – 66″ x 90″, 23 oz. of fill
  • Full – 82″ x 90″, 27 oz. of fill
  • Queen – 90″ x 90″, 31 oz. of fill
  • Oversized Queen – 90″ x 95″, 32 oz. of fill
  • King – 104″ x 90″, 35 oz. of fill
  • King XL – 104″ x 95″, 36 oz. of fill

Please note, that these are not available in a “Full/Queen” size. You’ll have to pick one between the two sizes.



Frequently asked questions

We’ve noticed a lot of questions regarding this comforter online, so we figured we’d answer some popular questions.


Are these comforters noisy?

It really depends on how sensitive your ears are.

The cambric cotton cover is very crisp. When it’s brand new, the cover tends to be a bit stiff, and when you move, it can make some “crinkling” noise as the fabric moves and bends.

This is primarily an issue when the comforter is fresh out of the bag. After the initial wash, throw in a few wool dryer balls into your drying machine.


a set of wool dryer balls used to soften fabrics




The fabric will soften, and the noise will go away. The wool dryer balls will also fluff the down fill inside as well. 


What is the difference between duck down and goose down?

As you might have noticed, this comforter is filled with duck down – not goose!

When the down filling is inside of the comforter, you won’t notice any difference. If you take the down out of the comforter, you’ll find that duck down is a grey-brown in color, whereas goose down is usually white in color.


an image of grey duck down which shows its grey color


Outside of that, they are identical in terms of feel and performance.


What about the size – will my duvet cover fit?

Since these comforters are primarily made for hotel use, their size is a bit different than those made for retail sale.

This can be a bit confusing if you’re used to buying a “Full/Queen” size.

For example, as mentioned above, the Queen size measures 90″ x 90″, whereas Full/Queen comforters normally measure 88″ x 88″ or 86″ x 90″, etc.

If you’re planning on purchasing a new duvet cover, then just look for one that will fit the size being purchased.

If you’re going to be using your current duvet cover, then make sure to purchase the right size for your bed. In other words, a Full-size for a Full bed, or a Queen-size for a Queen bed.



Final thoughts

Hyatt Hotels are a luxury destination. Being such, they put a lot of time and effort into curating the best materials for their hotel bedrooms.

When you stay in a Hyatt hotel – and when you sleep in a Hyatt bed – you can really feel the difference!


An image showing a Hyatt Hotel bedroom

Luxury hotels like the Hyatt choose bedding that not only provides a supreme level of comfort, but also meets certain quality and durability criteria.

They use bedding that feels luxurious – but is also tough as nails.

In other words, you can never go wrong when you use the same stuff that hotels use!

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