How To Remove Stains From Sheets Without Dry Cleaning

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

Nothing is quite as aggravating as a stubborn stain on expensive sheets. And if those sheets are white – well that’s just even worse!

A stubborn stain on a beautiful high thread count sheet is probably where the term “defamation of character” originated!

We’re joking of course, but still, even a small pea-sized stain sticks out like a sore thumb and completely diminishes a nice sheet.


a blood stain on a white sheet

If you’ve experienced a stain like this, then you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Before you spend $25 on dry cleaning – or even more on a new sheet set – try using what the hotel pros use to remove stains.

Who deals with more laundry on a day to day basis than a hotel? And when you’re washing hundreds of sheets daily, you’re bound to come across dozens of nasty stains every day.

And in the laundry room of most hotels, you’re going to find a bottle of Soilove.


a bottle of Soilove


Yellowed sheets and pillowcases too?

No, we’re talking about removing small stains in this article.

If you have widespread yellowing, like across an entire pillowcase, for example, you’re much better off using Bluette to brighten your linens.


a bottle of Bluette


Bluette doesn’t actually remove the yellowing. It actually works by using an optical illusion.

Bluette turns your whites a very bright shade of blue, but don’t worry – it’s a shade of blue that actually appears to your eyes as white in color.

It basically drowns out the yellow in a sea of brightness and is very easy to use. You just wash your sheets like you normally would, and add a cap full of Bluette to your machine.

It won’t remove stains of other colors, like red, brown, etc. But it works wonders on yellowing which is especially common with pillowcases.


Back to spots and stains

There are certain stains that common detergents just can’t handle. Whether those are from blood, wine, food, oil, etc. – they just won’t come out.

A trip to your local dry cleaner is costly, and usually an inconvenience. You have to drop it off, go back and pick it up, etc. Who needs that hassle?

a man picking up his dry cleaning

That is when Soilove can save the day – and your linens. And it works quickly too!

Most stain fighters require you to “rinse and repeat”, or let the product soak overnight. Soilove usually works after the first application, and only requires a few minutes to work its magic.

Let’s take a look at how to use it, and then we’ll share a few tips that we learned during our testing.


How to use it

The application is actually fairly simple. Most stains can be removed within 3 easy steps. 


Step 1- 

Apply Soilove to the stained area, and massage the product into the fabric. 10-20 seconds is generally enough to agitate the stain and work the product into it.

Step 2 –

Let it sit for a few minutes.

Step 3 –

Wash your sheets the way you normally would. 


a woman taking laundry out of the machine


A large number of stains will disappear after Step 2. For the more stubborn stains, you’ll have to throw the sheet into your washer to complete the process.

Even if the stains disappear during Step 2, we still recommend washing your sheets before placing them back on your bed to avoid skin contact with the chemicals.


Some additional tips

We’ve tested dozens of stain fighters, and treated virtually every stain possible. Some products work better than others – like Soilove for example.

Regardless of which product you use, here are a few additional tips to make sure you win the fight against stains.


Start with a hot stain

Most stains, particularly oil-based stains, are easier to remove when they are warm. 

Applying hot water to the stain before you start the Soilove process will improve your chances of removing the stain on your first try.

Just make sure the sheet isn’t drenched with water when you apply the cleaner. Some moisture is ok, but too much will just dilute and weaken the cleaning chemical.


Apply to both sides

When you apply Soilove to the stain, apply it from both sides of the fabric. Then use your thumb and index finger to massage the product into the stain from both sides.

This not only gets maximum cleaner to stain coverage, but it also shortens the waiting time afterward.


Skip the fabric softener

If you have a fresh stain, and you’re going to try washing it like normal, skip the fabric softener.

Fabric softeners add a coating of the product to your fabrics – and cover the stain in the process. It just makes it harder to get the stain out later (assuming it doesn’t come out during the wash).

Once the stain is out, however, feel free to resume your regular routine.


No need to dilute with water

Most industrial-strength cleaners are concentrated and need to be diluted with water before use.

Soilove is ready to go, right out of the bottle. You don’t need to mix it with water and fuss around with getting the ratios correct.


Not just for sheets

We discussed removing stains from sheets in this article. But you can obviously use Soilove on any type of colorfast garments that you might have.

sheets and towels by a washing machine


It works fabulously on towels, clothing, table linens, etc.


And don’t forget to wash your hands

Direct skin contact is not recommended. Don’t just wash your sheets after applying stain removers – wash your hands too.

Harsh chemicals and your skin are never a good combination.



Final thoughts

As a general rule, you can’t go wrong by using what the professional use.

Whereas you can continue using stained sheets at home, hotels – especially the nicer establishments – won’t risk their reputation by using stained sheets.

If they can’t remove the stain, the sheet ends up in the trash can.

a woman folding sheets in a laundry facility

Hotels are a business. Throwing a sheet into the trash is equivalent to throwing money away – something they hate to do! They want to squeeze as much life as they can out of every sheet.

Which is why they use Soilove.

If Soilove works to remove stains from hotel sheets and towels, then it will definitely work for you.

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