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Last Updated on March 30, 2023

If you’ve stayed at popular hotels or motels like Sheraton, Marriott, etc., then you’ve probably slept on pillows made by Downlite. 

If you’re here and reading this, then you’re most likely trying to find out where you can buy one – or a pair. 

You’ll find Downlite pillows and comforters in several places online, but I would personally recommend checking out Downlite’s store on Amazon.

Likewise, we also have many Downlite products in our store as well.

Most of their products are available in our store – including seasonal overstock items which are heavily discounted, of course. 

the Downlite logo



There are two things that we love about Downlite products:


Made in the USA

Downlite products, specifically, are made in Mason, Ohio.

Usually, with American-made products, you can get high quality or low prices – but not both. With Downlite pillows, you don’t have to choose.

They’re made of high-quality materials, manufactured very well, and are very affordable.

The reason they are affordable is that they are not retail-packaged. So, Downlite products are packaged with minimal products, like a thin nylon liner bag, for example.

For instance, you get the pillow, in a liner, and inside of a box. That’s it!


Hotel Quality

You’ve probably used Downlite products even before your hotel stay. Downlite manufactures pillows and comforters for other major brands throughout the country.

Have you ever bought Charter Club or Hotel Collection pillows from Macy’s, for example? Then check the attached tag on the pillow.

It will probably say “Manufactured by Downlite”.

Regardless of where the pillows are made, what they contain, etc., you’ll have a hard time finding the same quality and workmanship from other brands.

You may have written down the SKU number of the pillow that you enjoyed during your stay.

If so, here is a quick reference guide for some of Downlite’s popular pillows. Keep in mind, the important numbers/letter are those BEFORE the dash.

Likewise, the numbers and letters after the dash just indicate size.

For example, EnviroLoft pillows are SKU #HOS100PI0050. The standard/medium variant is SKU #HOS100PI0050-WHI-020-026.


Extra Soft down pillow

Down-filled version: SDL100PI0040-STBL. Down alternative version: SDL100PI0680.

The Downlite Extra Soft pillows are a favorite of stomach sleepers. They are both soft, and flat – allowing your spine to remain in alignment.

This model is a must if you generally sleep on your stomach, for example. They lack the bulk and loft of traditional pillows.


extra flat pillow for stomach sleepers


5/95 Down and feather blend pillow

SKU# HOS100PI0070

5/95 pillows are a staple at most motels and hotels. They are filled with a blend of 95% feather, and 5% down.

The blend provides firm structure, while the down adds a bit of softness. Likewise, these are great for those wanting a firm pillow, but also as a pillow for reading, or watching TV.


two 5/95 feather and down pillows


25/75 Feather and down pillow

SKU# SWD100PI0110 or SWD100PI0115

The Downlite 25/75 pillow is just like the 5/95, but with a 25% down/75% feather ratio. They are a hotel favorite, as they offer a plush sleeping surface, with a decent amount of firm density.

They are the ideal pillow, of course, for a back sleeper.


hotel pillows featuring 25/75 down and feather blend


50/50 feather and down pillow

SKU# HOS100PI0110

As the name would suggest, the Downlite 50/50 pillows are 50% feather, and 50% down.

These pillows are featured at luxury hotels as an alternative to the regular pillows available in the closet. They feature medium density, but also offer a bit of loft.

They are velvety soft to the touch, but don’t compress down as much as a regular down-filled pillow of the same weight.


a Downlite 50/50 pillow on a hotel bed


EcoCluster Cluster Puff pillow

SKU# HOS100PI0555

The Spira Eco Cluster pillow is a medium density down alternative pillow, with decent loft.

They feature polyester puff balls that don’t squish down as easily as conventional polyester batting. They are on the firmer end of medium-density.


cluster puff fill from a Downlite pillow


MicroLoft Gel Fiber pillow

SKU# HOS100PI0330

MicroLoft pillows are known for their squishy polyester filling.

If you like a soft pillow, that is squishy, then these are for you. If down pillows are too soft, and memory foam is too firm, then these MicroLoft pillows will probably be perfect!



EnviroLoft pillow

SKU# DOW777PI0230

EnviroLoft pillows feature blown polyester.

This kind of polyester fiber has a very soft and silky feel. Blown polyester is the closest option to actual down. They are available in soft, medium, and firm densities.

If you love the feel of natural goose down, but suffer from allergies, then these are the pillows for you!



Chamber pillow

SKU# HOS100PI0560

Chamber pillows are kind of like 25/75 pillows, except that the feathers are kept separated from the down. So, the result is a pillow that holds its shape exceptionally well.

These pillows feature duck feathers inside of the inner chamber and duck down in the outer chamber. They are essentially a pillow inside of a pillow.

They have the structure of a feather pillow, with the outer softness of a down pillow. These are medium density, towards the firm end of the spectrum, so they are perfect for a side sleeper.



Liquiloft pillow

SKU# PI00012

These Liquiloft pillows contain a squishy soft polyester filling.

They’re the perfect pillow if you tend to toss and turn all night. They conform and compress to your every move, but then spring back when you move.

525 Fill Power down pillow –

SKU# DLB100PI0120

These are down-filled pillows, with 525+ Fill Power, and a 230 thread count outer cover. They are traditional down pillows, in medium density.

So, you’ll often find these in four and five-star locations.




600 Fill Power down pillow

SKU #DOW777PI0280

The Downlite 600 Fill Power down pillow is available in soft, medium, and firm densities. 

These are down-filled pillows, with 600 Fill Power, and a 230 thread count outer cover. So, you’ll often find these in the most luxurious of hotels



Primaloft pillow

SKU #HOS100PI0460 or DOW777PI0170

These pillows feature luxurious Primaloft fill. Primaloft is known for its soft down-like feel, as is the most luxurious alternative to natural down available.

These are generally available as medium density.





400 Thread Count duck down pillow

SKU #SDL100PI0610

These grey duck down-filled pillows feature a fill power range of 550-600. They also feature a 400 thread count Pima cotton outer cover.

They are available in medium density.





Body pillow

SKU #DOW555PI0120

The Downlite body pillow measures 20″ x 60″. These are very popular for pregnant women and anyone needing support between their legs. for example.

The fill is 100% polyester.



2 thoughts on “Where You Can Buy Downlite Pillows

  1. Hello. I have had a serious car accident that affected my skull. A good pillow ad I have gotten older is more than being Vain. I have spent a fortune on feather down and foam. Feather squishes to nothing after a few minutes of sleep. I need loft but soft. I use a feather underneath the memory foam but it squishes underneath which I’m trying to fluff all through the night. Can you please help me? It’s a must and at 62 I cannot ever sleep for more than a few hours or less. Thank you

    1. Hi Christina,

      I can relate to your issue, as I deal with the same. I can make two suggestions – which depending on your own preferences, might do the trick.

      1.) Have you ever tried a shredded latex pillow? Latex offers more resiliency than memory foam and tends to hold its shape. And unlike a memory foam pillow, the latex fill is shredded, so it’s not a large brick of foam. The hundreds of shredded latex pieces don’t move in uniform together – and the pillow maintains its loft. Latex also doesn’t get hot as memory foam does.

      2.) If you prefer a natural filling – like feather or down – I would highly recommend using your current pillow(s) in a smaller zippered pillow protector. For example, a queen pillow (20×36) stuffed inside of a standard pillow protector (20×26). The smaller size of the protector bunches everything up – effectively fluffing it – and creates more loft. If your pillow is firm enough to begin with, this can definitely work well.

      Hope to hear from you again soon!


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