Where To Buy the Duvet Covers Featured in Marriott Hotels

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

Marriott hotel rooms feature luxurious bedding embellishments. Their beds are cozy, comfortable, and beautiful in a classy fashion.

The duvet covers used in Marriott hotel bedrooms evoke understated elegance.

They feature simple clean lines, on neutral backgrounds that match any style – whether it be modern, vintage, contemporary, shabby chic, retro, etc.

They are versatile without compromising quality or visual appeal!

Depending on the location, and the individual room, for example, the duvet cover that you’re looking for is probably one of the five designs below:

  • Angles
  • Bird’s Eye Stripe
  • Block Print
  • Frameworks
  • Platinum Stitch

a collage of duvet covers from Marriott hotels

Are you looking to buy one of the duvet covers above? If so, all five of these designs are actually available for sale in the official Marriott Hotels store on Amazon.


Are the accessories available as well?

For some yes, for others no. The pillow shams are available for the Bird’s Eye View, Block Print, and Framework duvets.

The bolster/decorative pillows are available for them as well.


Can I get some more information about the duvets?

Yes, of course, you can!

Let’s take a closer look at the five covers available, find out what they are, and what they’re made of. All five are distinct, and special in their own way.

And have been carefully chosen, specifically, to represent the Marriott brand.



When you want white, but a solid white duvet just won’t cut it!

The Angles duvet cover is the only one on this list that isn’t a Marriott exclusive. This beautiful duvet is made by Standard Textiles and is part of their “designed by” Todd-Avery Lenahan collection.

The TAL collection is used in only a handful of hotels, and only in their more exclusive suite options.

Angles duvet from Marriott hotel


The Angles duvet is white-on-white with a bold geometric print, featuring interlocking angles. The inspiration here, for instance, was the early 20th-century Cubist art movement.

It is a cotton/poly blend and is machine washable.

Sizes available:

  • King – 105″ x 88″
  • Queen – 96″ x 88″


Bird’s Eye Stripe

The Bird’s Eye Stripe duvet cover is a Marriott Hotels exclusive and is quite possibly the most subtle piece on this list. But it is a bit more complex than meets the eye.

For instance, there are actually two sets of alternating stripes.

There are the delicate thin stripes, which are then followed by the wide stripes. The wider stripes alternate between solid, and then one covered in an overall tiny oval print.


Bird's Eye Stripe duvet cover from Marriott hotels


If you prefer an understated bed, one that blends in without calling attention to itself, then this cover definitely does the job quite well.

The duvet itself is as functional, of course, as it is visually appealing. It is reversible and features 10″ openings which make it quite easy to slide your comforter in or out.

This duvet cover is a cotton/poly blend and is machine washable.


Sizes available:

  • King – 108″ x 91″
  • Queen – 94″ x 91″
  • Full – 86″ x 91″


Block Print

The Block Print duvet cover is the traditionalist’s choice.

This is a classic hotel design, and rightfully so. It is simple and white, with clean and straightforward taupe lines. No frills, no embellishments, just elegance.

This particular pattern, in varying widths, is featured on more hotel beds nationwide than any other design. This classic design has withstood the test of time, of course, because of its simplicity.

And, also due to it being fancy without being over-pretentious.


Block Print duvet cover from Marriott hotels


Specifically, It evokes strength and confidence. It’s not in your face with it, yet you can’t help but notice.

This is also a super-functional duvet, as it does have generous 10″ openings. This duvet is a cotton/poly blend and is machine washable.

Sizes available:

  • King – 108″ x 91″
  • Queen – 94″ x 91″
  • Full – 86″ x 91″



The Frameworks duvet cover impeccably blends elegance and contrast with a wide taupe stripe, running along the sides of a white base. 

If you prefer a bed that is the focal point of the room, then this duvet can be quite appealing.

A simple solid white can do the job, but the contrasting border seems to offer the duvet a bit of visual closure. It specifically has a definite beginning and end.


Frameworks duvet cover from Marriott hotels


Details include hem-stitching and double-needle top-stitching for this duvet. The bolster pillow and shams are also available.

Sizes available:

  • King: 108″ x 91″
  • Queen: 94″ x 91″
  • Full: 86″ x 91″


Platinum Stitch

The Platinum Stitch duvet cover features two rows of platinum grey hemstitch detail on a white tone-on-tone diminutive pattern as a backdrop.

The pattern is so subtle, for example, that you really do have to zoom in to see it.


Platinum Stitch duvet cover from Marriott hotels


If you blink, you might miss the inclusion of the backdrop. At first glance, it appears like a textured or gritty type of fabric; only when you look closely does the pattern reveal itself.

Likewise, the grey hemstitch lines complete the look with a delicate contrast, befitting the quiet tone of this beautiful cover.

If peace and tranquility are your styles, then this is you!



This duvet cover is a cotton/poly blend and is machine washable.

Size available:

  • King – 108″ x 91″
  • Queen – 94″ x 91″
  • Full – 86″ x 91″


Final thoughts

A duvet cover is just the final layer of any hotel layered bed. If you’d like to create an entire hotel-like bed, check out our article about how to create a hotel bed at home.

From the feather bed to the duvet, and everything in between, we’ve got it all covered in 7 easy steps. If you choose to go with one of the Marriott Hotel duvets above, then it’s just 6 easy steps!

Either way, a hotel bed is like no other, of course.

We usually sleep so peacefully when staying at a nice hotel, but then come home to our bed at home which is average at best, and awful at worst. 

So, it’s definitely worth the time and effort to go the extra mile, and craft a hotel-quality bed – at home!

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