How To Fix A Mattress That Keeps Slipping Off

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

Does your mattress keep slipping?

Maybe you have a metal bed frame. And maybe your mattress just won’t stay in place on the frame. This can get very frustrating when you’re sexually active in bed.

The mattress keeps moving in the direction of your momentum, of course!

Some people experience this, particularly with a mattress topper that won’t stay in place. And you end up readjusting it every day.

a mattress on top of a platform bed frame


A shifty mattress can be the bane of your existence. The constant moving, readjusting, etc. can be super frustrating!

Why can’t we have sex without having to move the bed back into place every time? Why can’t couch cushions stay on the couch where they belong? Ugh!

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

On the contrary – we just need to introduce a little more friction into the equation.

Mattresses usually slip off of a metal frame because have a smooth surface. There’s very little there for the mattress to hold on to. It might be ok while you’re asleep. But any tiny movement will cause a shift.

And something with a lot of movement, like sex, for example, will cause a mess.

So, we need to add a layer of friction between the mattress, and the frame. Something that will allow the frame and the mattress to grab onto, and prevent slippage.

Something like a slip-resistant mattress gripper pad.


Mattress Gripper from Gorilla Grip - which is textured fabric to keep a mattress in place



What Is A Mattress Gripper Pad?

A mattress grip pad is a thin, rubbery, and soft pad that your place between your mattress and whatever you have under it.

The textured surface provides grip. The rubbery and squishy material provides compression. Add it together, and it equals a whole lot of friction!

You can place a gripper pad between your mattress and the platform bed. You can place it between your mattress and a mattress topper. Or even on couch cushions and sectionals.

Just place it under the particular surface that is causing you all of the frustration!


How To Install A Mattress Gripper Pad

Installation is simple!

The grip pads are slightly smaller than your mattress, so they won’t be visible. But for certain uncommon sizes or applications, you’ll need to cut to fit.


a pair of scissor cutting mattress gripping fabric


Place the pad under whatever the shifty item is – the mattress, a topper, a couch cushion, etc. Then test it out. It should alleviate most, if not all, of the movement.


How To Make Things More Sturdy

For many people, the problem isn’t that the mattress moves – the whole bed does. After sex, the whole bed can move several inches in the direction of the movement.

If your bed frame has caster wheels, that is in fact, where the problem begins. You can easily fix this problem with a set of rubber caster cups.


a set of caster cups, which keeps a bed frame in place


Caster cups are made of rubber. Just place a caster cup under each caster wheel, and you’re set. The soft rubber texture provides grip, and friction to keep the bed frame in place.

If your bed moves as you do when you’re having sex, it can definitely disrupt your rhythm. Having to start and stop and constantly reposition isn’t fun.

If your entire bed keeps moving – get a set of caster cups.



Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see your question here, feel free to leave a comment below!


Can I use this with my adjustable bed?

Yes, you can! A lot of people actually use a grip pad, for example, to keep their pillow from falling into the valley between the mattress and the headboard.


What size should I use for a Split King mattress?

For a traditional mattress, either a King or two Twin XL-sized pads would work. But for an adjustable split king, you’ll definitely want to use two Twin XL pads.


Can I use mattress grip pads for my couch cushions that keep falling off?

Yes, you can! Just cut the pieces accordingly for a custom fit.mattress gripper shown keeping a couch cushion in place


Loose sectional couch cushions are very common. This is why you’ll often see sectionals that have the cushions sewn in. A set of cut-to-fit grip pads will keep those cushions firmly in place.


How are these pads any different from the inexpensive non-skid shelf liners?

Mattress grip pads are similar to non-skid shelf liners. But they’re thicker, spongier, and have a more textured surface. For some people, the cheap non-skid shelf liners will actually work. But for a mattress that sees regular action, they won’t hold up.


My mattress pad shifts and won’t stay in place. Will grip pads work for a mattress pad?

The surface of a mattress and the underside of a mattress pad are both usually smooth. So it is common to see a mattress pad that moves around, or bunches up in one area.

A grip pad will definitely keep a mattress pad in place.


Does a mattress grip pad make your bed hot?

No. The mesh surface is very breathable, and consequently, won’t make your bed hot.



Will this work even if I have a bed skirt between the box spring and the mattress?

Yes, it will. The instructions actually recommend using a bedskirt, as it adds one more layer of friction.


Will this work if I’m using a full encasement mattress protector?

Yes, it will. Just like a bedskirt, the fabric of the mattress protector adds an additional layer of friction.


Making Your Mattress Absolutely Slip-Free

A mattress gripper pad and a set of caster cups should make most beds slip-free. But no solution is perfect. No solution works every time, for every person.

Some problems require an extreme solution.

If you find yourself with a mattress that slips, even after adding a grip pad, you’ll need to tweak things a bit. First, you’ll need to find which surface is the cause.

Take the grip mat and run it by hand over the two surfaces. Does the pad glide easily across one of the surfaces?

If so, that is the surface that is still causing trouble. It will most likely be the mattress – especially if it’s an old and worn-out mattress.


As our mattresses age, it’s common for surfaces to become uneven. This creates fewer points of friction. So, the solution here is to get the mattress surface as even as possible.

Or to fill in the gaps underneath, for example.

For this, we’ll need to add a gripper sandwich. Try adding a blanket, or a few bath towels, sandwiched in between two gripper pads. 

Ideally, we want enough material here for the “sandwich” to mold to the contours of a worn mattress, but not so much that it creates a wobbly or mushy bed.

Again, this is an extreme solution for the rare occasions when 1 mattress gripper pad doesn’t work.

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