If You’re Sick of Neck Pain Customize Your Own Pillow!

Last Updated on June 15, 2022

Have you grown frustrated with your search for the perfect pillow? 

Are you tired of pillows that are either too firm, or too soft?

Pillow manufacturers create pillows to satisfy the masses, but who knows what you need better than you? If you can’t find the perfect pillow, maybe you should just make your own.


Lego pieces


We’re not talking about making a whole new pillow from scratch. But rather customizing a pillow to suit your needs – whether you sleep on your stomach, back, or side.

What if you could take a base pillow, and then adjust the firmness to your liking?

What if there was a “modular” pillow – one where you could remove the stuffing, piece by piece until it was just right?

Well, you can actually do that – with the Sable adjustable sleeping pillow.


a person removing stuffing from a pillow


With this adjustable down alternative pillow from Sable, you can open the zipper, and remove and replace as much of the stuffing as you’d like, until the pillow is just perfect.

If you prefer a firm pillow, remove a few of the clusters. If you want a medium pillow, take a handful of stuffing out. And if you want a softer pillow, take some more out.

Wait! Did you make it too soft?

Put some back in – it’s as simple as that.

With this pillow, anyone can create a pillow with the exact level of firmness that they desire.


Is it actually a comfortable pillow?

821 out of 970 independent customer reviews of this pillow say that it is comfortable. People who are generally picky with pillows complain about a sore neck.

Improper pillow support is almost always the culprit. 

The reviews from the link above frequently mention “no more neck pain”, or “most comfortable pillow ever”. 

Comfort is a very subjective thing. What’s comfortable for me, might be too firm (or soft) for you. With your average pillow, there will usually be an equal amount of people who love, or hate the product.

This is why you’ll generally see that most pillows fall somewhere below a 4-star rating.


Customer reviews for the Sable Pillow


The reason why this pillow gets a higher-than-average rating is because of its customizability. It’s a “one-size-fits-all” pillow because the one size will fit all.

The ability to remove filling will make the pillow as comfortable as you prefer.


A basic guide for fill amounts

The Sable adjustable pillow (sold as packs of 2 pillows) is a Queen size – King size is also available. It comes with 1200 grams of fiberfill; which is roughly 42.5 ounces.

In other words, it starts off as an “Extra Firm” pillow.

To get the fill level to your liking, follow this basic guide for fill levels. For a flatter pillow, aim for the lower end. For a loftier pillow, aim for the higher end.

Then adjust until you get it right.

General fill amounts for a Queen-sized pillow:

  • Soft: 22 ounces or less
  • Medium: 23 – 30 ounces
  • Firm: 30 – 38 ounces
  • Extra-firm: 39 ounces or more


General fill amounts for a King-sized pillow:

  • Soft: 28 ounces or less
  • Medium: 29 – 36 ounces
  • Firm: 37 – 45 ounces
  • Extra-firm: 46 ounces or more

For clarification purposes, the term “loft” refers to the height of the pillow, not the level of firmness.

A pillow with a high loft will be taller, at the center, than a pillow with less loft. Generally speaking, people with large heads or large shoulders will benefit from a loftier pillow.

How to customize the Sable pillow


Now that we know what it is and how to use it, let’s look at its features, the materials, and how it compares to other popular pillows on the market today.

Let’s see if it meets the standards that we use to compare other pillows.


The fill

Like most down alternative pillows, this one does contain polyester. The filling is actually a rayon (derived from bamboo) and polyester blend.

Why rayon?

Every material used for pillow stuffing has its pros and cons. By blending filling materials, we can enjoy the best of both.


A woman sleeping on a Sable pillow

Rayon, for instance, provides a silkier, softer feel than polyester. It also does not hold on to heat (more about this below), as polyester does.

Polyester, on the other hand, is much more wear-resistant and provides the pillow with a better structure. Polyester is also more springy than Rayon and helps the pillow bounce back to its original shape.


Initial use

When you first receive this set of pillows, they will arrive shrink-wrapped. You’ll need to provide them with a few hours to decompress once you take them out of the package.

Once they have regained their original form, give them a fluff, and you’re ready to start customizing.


Two Sable pillows packaged in a box for shipping


To speed up the decompression process, you can also throw them in the dryer (on low) for about 10 minutes or so. That should about be enough. 

Give them a quick fluffing if needed, and start adjusting.


Care instructions

These Sable pillows are machine washable and dryable. Machine wash like you would another pillow, and tumble dry them on the low setting.

Do not iron these pillows as extreme heat can destroy the fill inside.


A Sable pillow about to be washed



FDA status

These pillows are registered with the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device. This doesn’t mean that these pillows will outperform other pillows, but it doesn’t hurt to have them FDA registered either.


The outer cover

The zippered outer cover is made of 100% cotton, with blue piping. These pillows do not include a pillowcase, so you’ll have to provide your own.

the outer cover of a Sable adjustable pillow

The outer cover features a wavy stitch pattern.


Cooling properties

The fluffy inner fill is partly composed of Rayon from bamboo. Besides offering the fill a silky soft feel, the rayon also provides cooling properties as well.

Rayon does not hold on to heat, so the pillow stays cool – which is an important feature for fussy sleepers!



Mass-produced pillows hold a single shape and size. While they please most people, they just aren’t perfect for everyone – particularly if you’re picky about your pillow.

The Sable adjustable pillow is a great option for fussy sleepers. By removing the inner fill, you can customize the height and loft of the pillow to suit your own individual needs.

It’s like a tailor-made pillow, just for you!

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