How To Make A Bedroom Shabby Chic

Shabby chic design originated in Europe during the 1600s – but is still popular today around the globe.

Especially popular currently are elaborately carved wooden tables, chairs, and chests with distressed white painted surfaces. The surfaces of older items often have multiple layers of paint that are visible in places where the top layer has worn through.

Shabby chic chandeliers may have a candlelight fixture or two that are missing.


Bedding and linens in the shabby chic design mode feature lush satin, silk, cotton, and lace fabrics and decoration. Many people are intrigued by and delighted with the casual, worn qualities of this style mode’s aging elegance.

The charm and mystique of this mix of old and new fashion elements have made shabby chic a major stylistic influence in contemporary interior decor.

We’ll go through a few design ideas below, but Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashwell is definitely a good place to start if your priorities are style and quality.



Attractive Shabby Chic Bedding for a Vintage Bedroom

Some examples of popular and appealing shabby chic bedding, designed for a vintage bedroom, and that are currently available, include the following:


Shabby Chic Misty Rose Comforter Set

The Misty Rose set from Shabby Chic, which is made of 100% cotton fabric, features classic shabby chic styling. It also includes a pair of elegant pillow shams with soft ruffled borders.

The luxurious floral pattern in pink tones mixed with sage greens and pale blues contributes to the overall appealing shabby chic fashion mode. The comforter is reversible (reverses to the same), as are the matching shams.

The fabric of this plush bedding set will not pill, fade or streak with use. It maintains its stylish, classy appearance while providing the look and ambiance of sheer elegance and beauty.

At the same time, the fabric will last for regular, long-term use. It offers practical upkeep while giving your bedroom a delightful air of extravagance.

Since shabby chic style is based on the idea of casual and comfortable elegance, this style of bedding encourages relaxation and restful leisure. You can enjoy sleeping or relaxing like a queen amid the shabby-vintage luxury of this charming decor.


The Cherry Blossom Quilt & Sham Set

For a lighter weight feel, we really like the Shabby Chic Cherry Blossom Quilt Set.

This fashionable quilt set features pink tones mixed with sage greens and pale blues on a clean white background, with an edge-to-edge pink flange. It includes two matching pillow shams to complete the look.

The cherry blossom print is quintessentially shabby chic!

The light, refreshing floral fabric pattern of small cherry blossoms reminds us of French country decor. Mixed with modern farmhouse style, this attractive bedding set is definitely shabby chic in design.

Its romantic elegance and casual comfort are just the stylistic mix that is needed for charming vintage-contemporary fashion. 



The Farmhouse by Rachel Ashwell Savannah Dusk Duvet Set

The Farmhouse Savannah Dusk Duvet Set enlivens a bedroom with vintage charm and modern accents. The classic beauty of the rich pink rose pattern on a background of deep blue cotton is outstanding.

This elegant bedding set includes a shabby chic duvet cover and a pair of lavish matching pillow shams. 

This highly fashionable duvet cover (also available as a comforter set) exhibits the true essence of shabby chic decor – while technically being farmhouse style.

This bedding set’s cotton fabric offers superior softness and comfort. Its large-print fresh pastoral floral design is charming and eye-catching. 

This set is too dark to be considered “shabby chic”. It actually belongs to the Farmhouse style of decor. But the dusty and faded florals, as well as the pink ruffled flange offer just enough shabby allure to make it shabby chic-ish.

The petite pink floral bouquet design offers timeless style – which in essence is what shabby chic is all about!




Shabby Chic Fifi Tufted Ottoman

The Fifi Ottoman from Shabby Chic offers functional beauty – and can be customized using seven different fabrics.

Measuring 27″ W x 21″ D x 18″ H, this ottoman is small enough to be used as an ottoman, but also just large enough to qualify as a bedroom bench as well.


Shown above is the “Manor Floral Sage” design – which blends a pastel aqua, with a lovely, yet faded floral bouquet. There are 6 other designs to choose from, but this one – in our opinion – is the clear winner.



About Shabby Chic Decor

Shabby chic is a style of interior design focused on elegant items with a slightly aged appearance. These items of decor are either vintage pieces and fabrics, or they are recently made items created to look antique.

This charming style originated in the French-country style, which favors rich neutral or pastel colors, glass-pane cabinetry, and stylishly carved wooden furniture.

Shabby chic style developed during the reign of King Louis XIV in 17th century France. Some of the most famous examples of authentic shabby chic decor can be seen in the ornate interiors of the Palace of Versailles.

This style was also used frequently for interior decor during the Victorian period in England and in countries throughout Europe.

The shabby chic mode of interior design and decor continues to increase in popularity today. More homeowners and apartment dwellers are discovering its causal charm and welcoming comfort.

One great benefit of this style of decor is that it mixes easily with other stylistic modes. Vintage-chic furnishings and accessories complement rooms designed in traditional classic, farmhouse, country-cottage, minimalist, industrial, or sleek contemporary styles.

You can maintain the dominant design mode of your bedroom, whether it is ultra-modern or simple vintage in style. Once you understand the innate charm and influence of shabby chic decor, you can easily balance the effects of mixing fashions.

By combining decor modes and focusing on your favorite stylistic accents, you can create a unique decor fashion of your own.

Of course, you will want to include some dynamic yet comfortable shabby chic elements as major players in the design and color scheme of your room. It seems we all have now come to realize the true value of vintage-chic style.

The relaxed elegance of modern shabby chic fashion and decor has become a contemporary lifestyle necessity.

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