8 Ways to Brighten Up Your Bedroom For Spring


The spring and summer months are a great time to introduce some fresh energy into your bedroom. While we spend at least a third of our day in the bedroom, it often gets the least of our attention.

For one reason or another, we treat our bedroom as a “staging area” for the rest of the day. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Freshening up the energy in your bedroom can have some fairly positive effects on your life – including your own personal energy and happiness.

If you’re on a budget, don’t worry – most of the tips below won’t even cost you any money.

Here then are 7 tips, sourced from Feng Shui experts, professional interior decorators, and energy gurus to brighten up your bedroom, and hopefully reinvigorate your life!



1.) Move things around

Nothing freshens up your environment quite like shaking things up. Think of it as a new haircut for your bedroom!

Start with your bed, and go from there – that will make things much easier. With the major piece out of the way, the rest of your bedroom furniture can be moved accordingly.



If you’re into Feng Shui, follow these tips for the best energy:

  • Place your mattress as far away from the door as possible
  • Place your mattress so that your head is facing the door
  • Use sheets and other bedding that is made of natural fibers
  • Place nightstands on both sides of the mattress
  • Make your bed accessible from either side



2.) Add some color

Change the drapes and curtains, add some new decorative pillows, or replace older furniture with new ones.

New colors, especially in a room featuring an overly neutral color palette will really create the feeling of new scenery.

For Feng Shui purposes, you can maximize your energy by using the appropriate colors for your Feng Shui element.

Just follow this simple guide:

  • Earth: Light yellow,  or tan
  • For wood: Green or brown
  • Water: Blue or black
  • Fire: Red, dark yellow, orange, or pink
  • Metal: White, or gray

A quick note about the fire element: Purple is also a color associated with the element of fire; however the color purple can be over-stimulating, and can keep you up when used in abundance. Avoid purple in your bedroom is possible.



3.) Remove electronics – especially if you don’t use them

Do you feel calm and relaxed at the beach? Do you sleep much easier when on a beach vacation?

That is because the beach has an abundance of negative ions. Water, sunlight, and air combine to form negative ions. All three elements are in abundance at the beach, or even during a rainy day.

Unfortunately, the inside of our homes are shielded away from natural elements, and as a result, are lacking in negative ions. This is why you’ll see air purifiers that come with a negative ion setting.

To make matters worse, electronic devices give off positive ions, further increasing the imbalance. Do you ever feel refreshed just by taking a walk outside, or by simply opening up all of the windows? This is because you’re exposing yourself to more negative ions!


To make your room more relaxing, and sleep-inducing, ditch all unnecessary electronics, like a TV, computer, laptop, etc.

If you’re in the habit of charging your phone at night, make a conscious effort to get your device fully charged by nighttime, so you can get rid of the charging cable as well. Every little bit helps.

It might take a few days to adjust, but you’ll never go back. I promise!



4.) Add some more pictures

Add more pictures of whatever makes you happy. How about some more pictures of your kids? Maybe a wedding photo, or your honeymoon? Or maybe just some random pictures of a sunset on a beach, or your favorite tropical island.


Add some pictures that either evoke feelings of love, remind you of great memories, or are just simply eye candy. Either way, new pictures can add both color and additional Feng Shui elements.

Do you need more metal? Then use a metal frame. Do you need more wood? Use a wooden frame.



5.) Change up your bedding

Your bed is most likely the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom. Changing up your bedding will probably make a bigger difference than anything else on this list. Whereas changing the position of your bed was like a haircut; new bedding is like a new hairstyle.

The easiest and quickest way to accomplish this is to replace your duvet cover (and matching shams if you have any).


If you can afford to do so, especially if you don’t have any issues with allergies, consider replacing anything synthetic with natural fibers.

Replace microfiber sheets with cotton or linen. Throw out old polyester pillows and comforters, and buy new down or feather-filled replacements. Not only do natural fibers feel better – but they’re also Feng Shui friendly.



6.) Have your floors professionally cleaned

When was the last time you had your carpeting or hard floors cleaned? For most of us, the answer to that question is “it’s been a while”.

If you’re putting in all of this work to freshen up your bedroom, it would be foolish to ignore the floor. If your carpet is dull and dingy, or if your hardwood floors have lost their luster – call a professional!



Older carpeting, besides being dirty, is probably a host to bacteria, dust, dust mites, allergens, etc. Cleaning them out can improve their look, and your health as well.

If you’re worried about the cost – don’t be. It will typically cost around $50-$75 to professionally clean the carpets in an average bedroom.



7.) Add some scent

We’ve addressed the visual elements of your bedroom. Now let’s add some scent! Do you have any essential oils in your medicine cabinet? If you do, bring them out!


spraying essential oils in bedroom


Essential oils (actual oils, not fragrances), can brighten up your bedroom during the day with their natural aromas, and help you fall asleep much easier at night. Oils like lavender and chamomile specifically have a calming and relaxing feeling.

Try combining essential oils if you already have them into a spray bottle, or purchase something like the RELAX Aromatherapy Mist from Eunoia Naturals.



You don’t need much – just a few sprays throughout the day. For sleeping purposes – try a few sprays on your pillows, several hours before you go to bed.



8.) Spring cleaning

Start by addressing each item in your bedroom (and closet), and decide whether it makes you happy or not. If it does – great, it can stay. If it doesn’t, then it’s probably time for it to go.

Simply cleaning out the clutter will free you up from old and negative energy. We all seem to horde on to old belongings. Maybe it’s clothing that you received as a gift, but never wear. Or maybe a pair of shoes that are uncomfortable.

Take the time to inspect everything in your room. You’ll be surprised by how much junk and clutter you’ll get rid of – and how much space you’ll create for new items that bring you happiness.

For the best possible energy – donate whatever is useful from your pile of clutter.



Final thoughts

You don’t necessarily need to do everything on this list. Even one or two changes can make a difference. And if this seems like a “big project”, then take your time. Spread it out over a weekend, or a month. Either way, brightening up your bedroom will definitely brighten up your life!

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